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The Hockey News Ultimate Fantasy Pool Guide 2018-19

The Hockey News is an iconic, authoritative and trusted voice of hockey. It was founded in 1947 and grew to become known as The Bible of Hockey. Once a tabloid newspaper, it has evolved into a multi-platform brand that goes deeper and broader than anyone in the industry. The Hockey News publishes regular editions plus its special editions that include the Yearbook, Ultimate Pool Guide and Money and Power.

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before you place that hockey bet

NEW BETTING legislation in the United States will have little effect on fantasy sports. How do we know? Canadians have lived with government-operated sports betting for decades now and fantasy sports are stronger than ever north of the border. And while Americans may have been legally shut out of hockey betting, they know all their football point spreads for a reason and still love to play their fantasy sports. They’re two completely different types of wagering. Sports betting is gambling on whether a team wins or loses, while the challenge of fantasy sports involves how players within those teams perform. Fantasy sports requires more intricate knowledge, provides more social interaction, is more about our own performance as a fictitious team manager against a group of friends, and involves the pride of virtual…

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instant impact

THE PREVAILING belief when it came to Vancouver top prospect Elias Pettersson was that he needed some serious bulking up before he could cross the pond and land a full-time gig with the Canucks. His toughest critics said his slight frame – he’s 6-foot-2 and listed at a generous 160 pounds – would be a hindrance when competing against men in Sweden’s top flight and, eventually, in the AHL and NHL. He was projected to need at least two development years before he’d earn a spot with the Canucks. It’s safe to say the hand-wringing about Pettersson’s size was all for naught. Not only did Pettersson succeed in his rookie campaign in the SHL, he took the circuit by storm with deft playmaking and an underestimated scoring touch. Despite missing eight games…

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can these gems do it again?

DISCOVERING SURPRISE STARS IN fantasy leagues – hello, William Karlsson – gives GMs a fun high. But the same players who bring joy as out-of-nowhere success stories bring stress in the next year’s draft. This time, they won’t come cheap. Karlsson was undrafted in almost every pool and ended up a top-20 fantasy player in 2017-18. Are you willing to spend a top-20 pick on him this year? Problems like these keep poolies up at night. Which unexpected stories should we trust going into 2018-19? DUSTIN BROWN LOS ANGELES KINGS A career-high 61 points at 33 after five years of fewer than 30 points? Brown’s game opened up under coach John Stevens, but age alone tells us he’s going to decline even if last year’s output was legitimate. VERDICT: BUYER BEWARE MARC-ANDRE FLEURY VEGAS GOLDEN…

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the hockey news mock draft

BIGGER IS BETTER whenit comes to mock drafts. With that in mind, we decided to double the size of the THN Mock Draft this year, with the hopes of shedding more light on who to pick in the later rounds. After all, that’s where most fantasy pools are won. We opted for a 10-team draft going 20 rounds. Every team had to pick two goalies – two points for a win, one for a shutout – and (at least) four defensemen. The intent here is to provide poolies with a case study on how their draft might unfold. Some highlights: MCDAVID NO. 1: To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Connor McDavid went first. He’s the only player projected to reach the 100-point plateau – we’ve got him down for 114. Tampa Bay’s Nikita…

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these guys are playing for keeps

IMAGINE HAVING THAT ONE chance to make bank if you perform better than you ever have at your job. That’s a contract year for a soon-to-be UFA – and money is an incentive like no other. That’s why you have players such as John Carlson exploding last season by leading all blueliners in points and having a monster playoff for Washington. His pay doubled from $4 million per season to $8 million after re-signing with the Capitals. There are a lot of big-name pending UFAs in 2019 and they’re going to get monster deals. And if they have a career season like Carlson? They’ll virtually be able to fill in a blank cheque. If they perform like never before, you’ll want them on your fantasy team. (We omitted Erik Karlsson as…

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ultimate guide skaters

THE HOCKEY NEWS PROVIDES projections and characteristics for 270 top-scoring NHL skaters in 2018-19. The bios include forwards forecasted for 38 or more points and defensemen expected to notch 30-plus points. Pool players in deep leagues can also check out the projection charts on team pages, which go as low as five points, and the player-forecast checklist section starting on page 132. RISING STAR: Identifies young players whose production is on a marked upward trajectory. UFA IN 2019: These players are unrestricted free agents in 2019 and have incentive to perform better. ICE-TIME WORKHORSE: Skaters expected to log a lot of ice time in comparison to the league norm. POWER-PLAY ACE: A projected regular on the team’s first power play unit. BANG FOR THE BUCK: These players provide better statistics than reflected by their 2018-19…