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The Hockey News has been providing the most comprehensive coverage of the world of hockey since 1947. THN is published 18 times a year, including 14 regular issues and four special issues – such as Future Watch, Draft Preview, Yearbook, the #1 selling hockey annual in North America.

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san jose’s double rainbow

DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. BUT do defensemen? That’s one of the sizzling questions we’re examining in this issue as we start 2018-19. Specifically, do the San Jose Sharks suddenly become the team to beat now that they’ve got the dynamic duo of Erik Karlsson and Brent Burns? Senior writer Matt Larkin ponders this wondrous double rainbow and what it all means in a feature beginning on pg. 28.Because there are so many variables, it’s unreasonable to review other great 1-2 ‘D’ punches in NHL history and expect a meaningful trend to emerge. Still, it’s fun. And it’s what we do – give you nuggets of minutiae that you can impress your friends or maybe woo the partner of your dreams with.As you work on that coupling, here are some crazy-good NHL…

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we’ve pressed the refresh button

Dear readers,Relaunching a website in 90 days is a little like going to the dentist. You do it because you feel you have to.That’s the position we found ourselves in this summer, when we opted to trade up for a new and improved version of It was a huge undertaking, but one I felt we had to prioritize based on the feedback I received from The Hockey News’ staff and other users. It was long overdue.It was important to us to enter the new hockey season with a fresh vibe, and we pushed the reset button on our new site on Oct. 1. In addition to a streamlined, modern look and a better user experience, we’ve added a few other bells and whistles. For starters, you’ll find episodes of…

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thn poll


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pot, painkillers and pucks

AS AN OLD, MUMBLY guy once said, the times, they are a changin.’ And while hockey has always been conservative in its culture, the topic of drugs in the sport is getting more complex as the years go on. Changes to laws regarding marijuana use are putting that notion in the spotlight.Recreational use of marijuana is now legal in nine American states, plus D.C., featuring seven NHL franchises: Anaheim, Boston, Colorado, Los Angeles, San Jose, Vegas and Washington. On Oct. 17, the drug will also be legal for all adults in Canada, adding seven more teams to that list. According to a couple of recently retired NHLers, usage among players is already pretty common, with their estimates ranging from 20 to 40 percent partaking in the herb. “If Gary Bettman…

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treasures from the hall

(STEVE POIRIER/HOCKEY HALL OF FAME)MORE THAN 100 YEARS ago, a few dozen hockey men came together at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa and created the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association, which is the forerunner to today’s Hockey Canada. These men were the trustees of the Allan Cup, awarded to the top amateur hockey team in Canada. Since the Stanley Cup evolved into an award given to the top professional team, the Allan Cup was created in 1909 to honor amateur players and teams. But an association was required to make sure things moved along smoothly. So Claude Robinson pitched the CAHA to trustee members and a group evolved to govern amateur hockey in the country.The original minute book is a formal record of the organization being established. So why is such…

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behind the mask

ANTOINE BIBEAU | SAN JOSE SHARKSBibeau’s new lid has an on-the-nose theme in the Steven Spielberg film Jaws, and artist Sylvie Poitras blows away expectations with beautifully rendered re-creations of the main characters: Roy Scheider’s police chief Martin Brody, Robert Shaw’s shark hunter Quint and Richard Dreyfuss’ oceanographer Matt Hooper, depicted on the left. On the right: the titular shark and the San Jose shark.(Mask by Sylvie Poitras/ ■…