The Neuropsychotherapist November 2017

The Neuropsychotherapist is the quintessential publication bridging the gap between science and the practice of psychotherapy for mental health professionals.

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from the editor

Welcome to my first issue of The Neuropsychotherapist as part of the editorial team. As Managing Editor, I’m keen to build on the fine work of Matthew Dahlitz and his team in bringing you fascinating, valuable, and even controversial news and ideas in the field. Matthew continues as the Editor-in-Chief and driving creative force behind the magazine. I’m fortunate to be involved in this exciting project. I will certainly continue to contribute, as you’ll see in my article that explores some of the neurobiochemical memory-encoding processes that prepare us for future experiences. This month Dr. Charles Raison discusses the protective nature of affective experiences like depression, and why we’ve held on to these affective states over evolutionary time – as an alert to the nature of our current experience. He discusses…

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NOVEMBER 02-04 1st Annual Mayo Clinic Advances and Innovations in Complex Neuroscience Patient Care: Brain and Spine 2017 Sedona, USA The modern care of patients who suffer from challenging clinical neuroscience problems requires a multidisciplinary team. This course provides neuroscience care team members the latest advances and innovations in complex brain, spinal and peripheral nerve disorders including brain and skull base tumors, neurovascular diseases including complex arteriovenous malformations, spinal disorders including scoliosis, acute stroke and other exciting and important neuroscience frontiers. https://ce.mayo.edu/ neurology-and-neurologic-surgery/ content/1 https://ce.mayo.edu/neurology-and-neurologic-surgery/content/1st-annual-mayo-clinic-advances-and-innovations-complex-neuroscience-patient-care-brain-and https://ce.mayo.edu/neurology-and-neurologic-surgery/content/1st-annual-mayo-clinic-advances-and-innovations-complex-neuroscience-patient-care-brain-and st-annual-mayo-clinic-advances-and-innovations-complexneuroscience-patient-care-brain-and 10-11 Australian Clinical Psychology Association 8th Annual National Conference Adelaide, Australia The Adelaide Convention Centre is within walking distance of the Botanical Gardens, restaurants, new laneway bars and cafes, galleries, museums, and the Rundle Mall shopping precinct. Adelaide offers an ideal destination for delegates wishing to combine this excellent professional development…

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welcome richard hill

I am delighted to welcome Richard Hill as our Managing Editor of The Neuropsychotherapist. Richard is a dynamic, experienced and extremely knowledgeable clinician with a deep understanding of brain science, and I’m thrilled he has agreed to take up this position. I have been privileged to have worked with Richard for many years and I am delighted that he is joining our team. He will bring many exciting things to The Neuropsychotherapist, not the least of which will be his positive energy and boundless enthusiasm for neuroscience to inform psychotherapy. Apart from his new role as our Managing Editor, Richard is a practising psychotherapist and counsellor, author, educator and professional supervisor. He has three Master’s degrees—MA in Social Ecology, MEd in Social Ecology, and MBMSc (Master in Brain and Mind Sciences)…

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the psychotherapist’s essential guide to the brain

The Psychotherapist’s Essential Guide to the Brain is a 147-page, full-colour illustrated guide for psychotherapists describing the most relevant brain science for today’s mental health professionals. Taken from the best of the series published in The Neuropsychotherapist, and completely revised, this book represents an easy to read guide for anyone working in the mental health arena. “This book presents a thorough and clear introduction to the neuroscience that’s essential to today’s psychotherapist. Matt Dahlitz has done so much withThe Neuropsychotherapist journal and this book takes a next step. It is an excellent resource. It truly is exactly what it says on the cover and provides engaging discussion on the pathology of oft-encountered disorders and their brain basis together with insights into how awareness of the neuroscience underpinning effective therapy can guide…

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what is pandas/pans?

When my middle son, Sammy, was twelve years old he was suddenly struck with an increasingly bizarre series of behaviors, just before the start of sixth grade. He was diagnosed first with obsessive-compulsive disorder, next Tourette’s, and then I was told that he might be in and out of hospitals for the rest of his life. He went from totally normal to completely dysfunctional in the space of weeks while doctors shook their heads and prescribed increasing doses of psychotropic medications that never helped. Confined to our home by the severity of his illness, his world shrank to a couch in our den. Month after month passed as I struggled to come to terms with the illness that had come out of nowhere. I kept asking doctors to explain what…

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prepared, ready and able: how we biologically prepare ourselves for future experience

You come home from a long day of work and as you wander past the kitchen you see the refrigerator and the next thing you know, you have opened the fridge door and you are extracting a selection of tasty treats. How did that happen? Did you think it through; make a plan; execute a finely crafted prefrontal cortex organised program? Or did it just happen, without much thought, as if on automatic pilot? Although it may have been because of a consciously created plan, it most likely happened in response to a complex set of biochemical responses and stimuli that were set up inside your cellular structure long before this particular evening or perhaps this month or even this year. Therapists witness many behaviours as we encounter and engage with…