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The Picture

Issue 1925

The Picture is an Australian men’s magazine aimed at the average bloke. It’s full of local stories, nude women, puzzles, prizes and jokes.

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r 2-d-smoo

WOMEN – can’t live with ‘em, why not get a robot? That’s the question Jenna’s millions of men around the world, and Toowoomba, send ask themselves every day. Aussie champion Geoff did more than ask it – he answered it. And by that we mean he ordered himself a state-of-the-art $3000 sex doll he calls Emma. They are now in a happy and committed relationship. Geoff, how did this relationship come about? “I found her on a website.” What do you like about her? “She has deep learning so you can talk to her as if she is a real person which means you can have a relationship with her.” What advantages does she have over a human woman? “She is always there for me day or night.” How is your sex life with her? “We have a great sex…

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love her & leah

WE SOMETIMES wonder, back when Leah Francis was around two-years old, if she ever dreamed of being in the magazine that was just being launched on the world. Probably not. But it doesn’t hurt to ask. Even though she probably wasn’t up-to-date on the Australian men’s publishing scene, growing up in Southampton, England, at that early age. Still, don’t die wondering eh. Leah Francis, when you were a mere tot of two, did you dream of one day being in the pages of the then soon-to-be-launched, now unfortunately soon-to-die much-loved men’s “hobby” magazine THE PICTURE? “No.” Moving right along, how will you remember the good times, the beautiful times, you had working for us over the years? “I’ve had an absolute blast and I’ll be reminiscing about all the crazy moments and shoots till…

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wobbly world

SAN FRANCISCO! California girl Erin Avery starred in the 2009 soft porno Boobs And Brews, which featured two of our favourite things in the whole world. Can you guess what they are, readers? UKRAINE! Maxine is Latvian. No country punches above its weight in producing babes more than Latvia. Out of one million Latvian woman, almost 900,000 are stunners. And the rest aren’t bad either. CROATIA! Haddie loves to get fruity on a picnic. The Italian model chucks a blanket down and gets stuck into some melon, and somehow she always ends up with ants in her pants. LAS VEGAS! After five years in the jizz biz, Olivia Austin knows her double-E cup NORBETS need time out to relax, so she takes them for a swim whenever she has a day off from being fucked silly. ST PETERSBURG! Whenever…

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news flash

THE BROWN EYES FOLLOW YOU NUDE photographer bloke Spencer Tunick has been up to his old tricks again, this time getting 60 volunteer nudies to pose for a snap up in FNQ. Spencer, who often snaps hundreds of fat ‘n’ flabby amateurs standing around in Sydney, Paris or New York, got a bunch on a beach on the Whitsundays for the latest in his on-going series, “Lots of nude people standing around” which has been going on for fucken years now. PARTY PIGS DON’T you hate it when drug pigs HOG your stash? And it’s it even worse when they’re real pigs, like wild boars with big gnarly tusks and they’ll take your leg off soon as look at you. That was the situation facing both cops and drug peddlers when the latter…

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plough time!

FUCK the farmer wanting a wife – any farmer will be beating the women off with a shitty stick if he gets himself one of these COCK-EXTENDING TRACTORS. The JCB Fastrac is what James Bond would drive if he drove a tractor. You can just imagine the MOIST PANTIES that’d be chucked at Bondy through the driver’s side window as he gunned it into the drive-thru bottle-o at the casino in Monte Carlo. Pommy thrillseeker Guy Martin was the man entrusted to get this piece of prime leg-opening agricultural equipment up to 217.57 kays at the Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire, England, to set a new world record for tractor-fanging. Guy already held speed records for snow-sleds, soapbox racer and Wall-of-Death, so world’s fastest tractor was just another notch on his gun. And he ain’t…

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advance australia bare!

WHEN cops raided a brothel in Changchun, southern China, a punter decided he’d rather not HANG AROUND to be arrested and sent to prison. So, leaving his clothes behind, he made a BOLT for the stairs and up to the roof of the building, his cockhead bobbing like some CEREMONIAL DRAGON as he dashed for the nearest ledge. He then climbed over, his balls swinging like a pair of ORIENTAL LANTERNS in the afternoon breeze as he gingerly shimmied down a drainpipe and VANISHED into the EMMA, 26 CRONULLA, NSW “Reverse cowgirl is really exciting.” TIFFANY STAR, 21 BRISBANE, QLD “My phone is filled with photos of naked women. I think they’re gorgeous.” SASSY, 20 CENTRAL COAST, NSW “I’ve got a really high sex drive and the kind of guys I’m into are tall, muscular and tattooed.” ANGELINA DEE, 28 PERTH, WA “I love…