Transworld Motocross

Transworld Motocross

March 2019

TransWorld Motocross is the world’s largest motocross magazine. We deliver an extremely high quality printed publication on a monthly basis. This beautiful package delivers the best photo and editorial coverage in the industry. Our website is the epicenter for the Motocross world to check out their favorite riders, companies, and events from across the globe.

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bigger & better things

Since launching TransWorld Motocross in 2000, we’ve made many lifelong friends. One of those is Ryan Beat, a 12-time Amateur National Motocross Champion who raced Supercross and motocross at the highest levels while also helping as one of our magazine’s lead test riders. Sadly, his days as a professional motocrosser ended when he broke the navicular bone in his wrist in 2010, but while he was suffering through the nine-month recovery time, another door opened to allow him to continue racing. “While I was on the couch healing up from surgery, I got a call from a family friend who was into off-road UTV racing,” Beat said. “They asked if I wanted to try it out and I jumped at the chance.” Beat finished third in his first race and won…

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twmx race series racer of the month

BJ Burns Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA Classes Raced: +30 Pro Sponsors: Chaparral Motorsports, Steven Geary, Shift, Emig Grips, enzo racing, MX University, Hinson, ProTaper, Maxima Brian “BJ” Burns is a former professional racer who now shares his knowledge with students that he coaches through his company, MX University. With additional experience as a professional mechanic, Burns has plenty to offer the racers that rely on him for guidance. We first became aware of MX University when South African Bradley Lionnet—one of Burns’ longest-running students—swept every pro moto at our inaugural TransAm National in 2015. Recently, Burns showed up to do a little racing of his own and proved to be dominant in the +30 Pro class. We asked Burns what he thinks makes a good motocross coach, as we’ve known many blazingly fast riders who…

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product report

SLIPSHOT STARTING DEVICE Price: $500 Developed by longtime motocross racer and funny-car race team clutch specialist Charlie Pausina, the Slipshot is a small hydraulic damper that controls the rate at which the clutch is allowed to engage at the start of a race. Mounted down near your engine at the clutch actuation arm, the unit is activated by a handlebar-mounted lever on the starting line after you pull in your clutch lever and click your bike into gear. When activated, the shaft inside the Slipshot unit extends and rests against the clutch actuation lever. In theory, you can hold the bike wide open and simply dump the clutch lever when the gate drops, and the Slipshot will do the rest by controlling the clutch engagement down at the arm. Once the clutch…

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the price of performance

It’s a great time to be alive if you’re a motocross rider looking to purchase a brand-new motorcycle. With companies building bikes that are literally race ready as delivered, it’s gotten even more exciting with companies bringing their specialty models to the top of their lines. Most recently, Honda joined in on the party to make a bold statement with their 2019 CRF450RWE model released in 2018. This “Works Edition” model hit the market with some enticing additions like their hand-ported cylinder, Yoshimura mufflers, titanium nitride-coated lower fork legs and shock shaft with revalved suspension, Team Honda HRC look, and much more. Originally we had planned to build our own stock 2019 CRF450R test bike to a similar spec that would compete head-to-head with the WE and compare price points.…

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editor’s letter

Have you ever noticed that no one is ever watching when you pull off something excellent on the track, but everyone sees when you fall or do something embarrassing? This was exactly what happened at the most recent A Day In The Dirt Grand Prix, a Thanksgiving weekend race that is one of my favorite events of the year. I’d actually missed the previous couple ADITD after a consecutive run that spanned well over a decade. After my daughters graduated high school and stopped playing soccer, I had sold our family motorhome and didn’t miss all the hassles of loading, unloading, parking, and cleaning the camper. At the same time, though, the allure of ADITD without the fun of camping out with my buddies just wasn’t the same, and hence,…

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meet colby raha

Less than five years ago, Colby Raha was happily swinging a hammer and working at a construction site when he decided to save up enough money to buy a dirt bike and start riding again. This proved to be the best decision he could have ever made and sparked the beginning of his rags-to-riches story. Sure, Colby may not be filthy rich yet, but he’s currently riding his blacked-out KX450 all over the globe and holds the world record for quarterpipe big air. Raha’s refreshing style is a mix of Crusty Demons of Dirt-era inspired rawness combined with a BMX influence that displays flow and technical skills. He’s also having more fun than just about anyone else while staying on an upward trajectory and pursuing new opportunities. Raha is blue…