Transworld Motocross July 2018

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i denne udgave

4 min
editor’s letter

It seems as if I write something like this every so often (usually after being inspired by a big crash), but safety is an important subject that needs to be addressed constantly. Don’t skimp when it comes to your protective gear! Let’s not kid ourselves—riding and racing dirt bikes is dangerous. Convincing yourself that “good enough” is sufficient when choosing protective gear could be the worst mistake of your life. Granted, a high price tag does not guarantee the best protection available, but let’s be real: technology and premium materials don’t come cheap. Spending near $10,000 on a brand-new dirt bike and then saving a few bucks on the helmet you buy to protect your brain is not only foolish, it can be outright dangerous. A decade ago, a new helmet manufacturer…

6 min
luke renzland

Every now and then, a small race team and a very talented rider will come out ahead of the top factory-supported efforts and their superstar talent. Those instances will make the rider and their supporters feel that all of their efforts over the years, even through the most challenging times and uncertain circumstances, were all worthwhile. That was the case for Luke Renzland and the Traders Racing team at the 2018 Indianapolis Supercross, where Renzland outran the combined grids of the 250 East and West Coast regions for a third-place finish, the best-ever result for both himself and his independent team. During their champagne-soaked moment on the podium, the group of Northeasterners seemed more thrilled than anyone else in the Lucas Oil Stadium that evening, and with that one result,…

2 min
twmx race series racer of the month

Jon Mitcheff is no stranger to the racetrack, but it wasn’t until recently that we’ve begun to see him lining up behind the starting gate himself. With six AMA National and Supercross Championships to his credit with racers Ryan Villopoto and Ivan Tedesco, “Throttle” is one of the most successful mechanics in the sport, and he’s been lining up with the TWMX Race Series on a pretty regular basis lately. “I didn’t start racing until I was older, maybe 19,” Mitcheff said. “My parents never let me ride motorcycles, so I was more about baseball and traditional sports. When I did start riding and racing I became friends with Dan Rambert [now at factory Yamaha], and that’s in a roundabout way how I came to work for Mitch Payton and…

2 min
pinned up

THE MODEL If you’ve ever gotten a flat tire at Milestone MX Park, our local track in Riverside, California, chances are you’ve noticed the good-looking girl in the white tank top who can change a tire in a few minutes flat. Alyssa Moreno has been working at MX Pro Parts since she was a senior in high school. “Changing a tire is a lot more technique than strength. I always say that if you’re fighting it, you’re doing something wrong,” Moreno said. “You can’t count out strength, though, because that’s what helps you get the best leverage.” Moreno is also a full-time college student pursuing a nursing degree. “Math has always been my favorite subject, but blood and guts fascinate me,” Moreno said. “Working at a dirt bike track, I get to…

2 min
remember … the jt racing v2000?

In the early days of motocross, chest protectors were little more than thin foam padding with a few raised plastic panels to protect against impact. Most were worn beneath your jersey, and some even had shoulder cups like football or hockey pads. One thing they all had in common, though, was that they gave you a hulking appearance. In 1983, JT Racing introduced the V2000, an all-plastic chest protector that was radically different than anything the sport had seen. Utilizing a clamshell design that slipped over the rider’s head, the V2000’s most distinguishing factors were its rigid back panel that protected the rider’s spine and its winged shoulder protection that was designed to displace the impact from a crash through the front and rear panels of the protector. “The V2000 was…

5 min
trail tested

The Giant Trance is a familiar bike for us, as we’ve tested a couple in the past and one of our staffers even owns one. Placed smack-dab in the middle of Giant’s MTB lineup as an aggressive trail bike, it boasts 150mm and 140mm of suspension travel front and rear. Not as stiff and efficient at climbing as a cross-country bike, but not as heavy and aggressive as a long-travel enduro bike, the Trance is just what Goldilocks would have pedaled if she were an avid mountain bike enthusiast. The Trance is available in several different builds, from an affordable $2,350 aluminum version, all the way up to an $8,160 carbon fiber high-end model. We chose to test the $5,100 Advanced 1, which has a carbon fiber frame and a…