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Travel Africa April-June 2019

The only international magazine dedicated to exploring Africa's diverse attractions, national parks, wildlife, culture and history. Travel Africa draws on some of the world's top photographers, writers and experts to create an inspiring and practical resource for anyone interested in the world's most exciting continent.

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In terms of global travel, a relatively high proportion of people visit cities on their holidays: New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, Venice, Sydney and Dubai are among those that instantly come to mind, but the list is long. Of course, these great cities have much to offer: dramatic skylines, famous monuments, prestigious museums and galleries, bound together by myriad restaurants, nightlife and a vibrant arts scene. Often there is an intrinsic character about them, an energy, a deep sense of history or a bold statement of grandeur. There’s enough to appeal to our wide range of interests to make them destinations in their own right, rather than places to pass through en route elsewhere. It strikes me that Africa has very few cities you would visit solely. Most of us transit through…

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travel africa

travelafricamag.com safariplanner.co.uk facebook.com/TA.magazines @Travelafricamag travelafricamagazine Tel +44 (0)1844 278883 Editorial editor@travelafricamag.com Advertising editor@travelafricamag.com Subscriptions editor@travelafricamag.com ABOUT Travel Africa aims to inspire, inform and help people wanting to visit Africa. We’re passionate about the wide diversity of attractions, culture and wildlife that make this the world’s most exciting continent. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or an experienced safari-goer we aim to give informed advice and suggestions to help you plan your trip, and hope to introduce you to new and unusual places you might not have considered, while giving greater insight to those that are more familiar. As an independent publisher, we aim to pull together diverse content and opinion from the best writers, photographers and experts that is not easily accessible elsewhere. CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE Laura Birtles, Philip Briggs, Amelia Brown, Phil Clisby, Shelley Cox, Adele Cutler, Graeme Green, Carrie Hampton, Iain…

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1 IAIN HARRIS Cape Town, p28 “I have lived in different parts of Cape Town since I was 11, and have been exposed to many different ways of experiencing and engaging with the city. In 2005 I started Coffeebeans Routes, seeking to use tourism as a canvas for stories. We started experimenting with music tours, taking people to visit musicians in their homes. Nobody was asking for this kind of experience, but we figured that if these interesting opportunities were available, people would eventually find them. Our Cape Town Jazz Safari is now one of the most popular cultural experiences in the country. Coffeebeans grew to find ways to tell many different stories, and the city has a neverending supply.” 2 AMELIA BROWN Amazing spaces, p106 “I find telling stories about design in Africa endlessly…

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travel photographer of the year

“I walked through the savannah with the Maasai. I took this photo when we were surrounded by ten lions stalking through the dry grass.” If you’re in London this April and in need of some travel inspiration, head along to London Bridge City, across the Thames from the Tower of London, where the winning images from the 2018 Travel Photographer of the Year awards are on display in a free-to-view outdoor exhibition until April 30. The 16th edition of the global competition saw amateur and professional photographers from 142 countries submit over 22,000 images. Unsurprisingly, Africa was well represented among the winning categories. Here we showcase a few of our favourites. Entries for the 2019 competition open on April 11, at www.tpoty.com…

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Africatheride “I wanted to do something a little bit different for my gap year,” explains 19-year-old Jack O’Shea, who is currently cycling 8000km from Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya to the Cape of Good Hope, in support of Explorers Against Extinction and Kitale School Uganda. In doing so, he will become the youngest person to ride such a distance unsupported in Africa. Jack is the first recipient of the Explorers Against Extinction Young Explorer bursary and mentor programme, a new initiative to offer support to young people passionate about exploration and conservation. If all goes according to plan, Jack will arrive in the Cape at the end of July. Hats off to the young man. That’s an impressive feat! INTO THE CONGO FORESTS <22> TO FOLLOW HIS PROGRESS AND DONATE, VISIT AFRICATHERIDE.COM…