Triathlete May/June 2021

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finding your place

When I first got ready to start this Editor’s Note, I was going to make fun of the Boulder tri scene. I was going to tell you how I think it’s overrated and I don’t “get” it. I was going to poke fun of the weirdly terrible bike paths and the perpetual poor air quality. I was going to laugh at all the YouTube videos always being filmed everywhere you workout—as if the entire town is just a backdrop for social media. But then the day I started writing, a man with a gun walked into a grocery store here in town and shot 10 people. And then it didn’t feel like I wanted to make fun of Boulder anymore. It isn’t a backdrop for anything; it’s actual people’s lives. Endurance sports…

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fitter and faster

Critique My Fit Using email fit feedback and three video angles, expert fitter Jon Blyer gives our members fit recommendations, along with tips for all readers to use. Training Plans Whether you’re tackling your first sprint as a new triathlete or you’re gunning for a Kona-qualifying Ironman PR, we’ve got a free training plan to fit your needs. ACTIVE PASS How They Did It We talk to pros after their big breakthrough performances, learn about their story, and then dive into the specific workouts that got them there. Can Technology Save Cyclists From Drivers? The latest in our Endurance Geeks series, we take an in-depth look at the research trying to improve cyclist safety on the road. Twitter Poll @TriathleteMag What makes a good tri town great? 24.8% Open spaces 15.6% Social opportunities 15.6% Nearby races 44% Great weather LET’S CONNECT! Join the conversation at Facebook.com/TriathleteMagazine Follow us…

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sam holness’ superpower

One day, during a bike workout, Sam Holness got doored. The now 28-year-old triathlete had finished loop three of seven, circling the park near his home in London, when the door of a parked car swung open and knocked him over. A passing cyclist helped him up, and Sam got back on his bike. But the crash broke his routine. Without giving it much thought, he started back at zero. Instead of 50 miles that day, he rode 70. Sam may look like every other dedicated, tri-diehard, clocking 20-hour weeks and overdoing it on his bike miles, but he’s not. He’s autistic. When he crashes in his favorite video game, Mario Kart, he says he starts over. So that’s exactly what he did that day on the bike. He simply started the…

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jess learmonth

Most triathletes know Jess Learmonth from the controversial finish at the 2019 Olympic qualifying race in Tokyo, where she crossed the line holding hands with British teammate (and friend) Georgia Taylor-Brown for a joint first place. The gesture—meant to symbolize the often overlooked team effort that goes into becoming an Olympic-caliber athlete—ultimately led to their disqualification, as World Triathlon (formerly the International Triathlon Union) has a rule that states participants can't "finish in a contrived tie situation where there is no effort to separate the finish times." Learmonth says she doesn’t regret the move, and Great Britain eventually named both athletes to its 2020 Olympic team anyway. The controversy ultimately morphed into nothing more than an interesting bit of triathlon trivia; for Learmonth, it’s just another twist in an already-unusual story.…

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is triathlon ready for the ncaa?

If everything goes according to plan, USA Triathlon expects to have 40 universities signed on with varsity women’s triathlon programs by this fall. That’ll be over two years ahead of the deadline they needed to meet, and will put triathlon on track to be the newest NCAA championship sport. Of course, nothing in the last year has gone according to plan. At the University of San Francisco, the brand new Division I tri team had just come off their first season in the fall of 2019. “It was uncharted everything,” said coach Gina Kehr, of the amount of work it took just to get started and hit the requirements for school sports sponsorship. “Our team performed really well just for getting it off the ground.” And they were hoping to build…

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take the plunge

THE SPOT: LA JOLLA COVE, LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA THE DRAW: There’s a reason triathletes and marathon swimmers have been flocking to the waters along this glittering gem of craggy coastline only a 20-minute drive from downtown San Diego. Part of the 6,000-acre La Jolla Ecological Preserve that runs from Scripps Park to the cove, a swim here all but promises peeks of underwater wildlife, like sea lions, sea turtles, seals, whales, dolphins and plenty of fish. Plus, with temperatures hovering around 68 degrees F from July to October, it’s a refreshing spot to swim throughout the summer and fall (although it’s not unusual to see hearty swimmers here year-round). DIVE IN: Several swim and tri groups regularly meet at La Jolla Cove, including Tri Club San Diego (triclubsandiego.org) and La Jolla Cove…