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Nov/Dec 2020

VERANDA is a forum for the very best in living well. Always gracious, and never pretentious, we keep readers abreast of the finest in design, decorating, luxury travel, and more, inspiring them with beauty and elegance. VERANDA is both an ideas showcase and a deeply pleasurable escape, a place where homes feel as good as they look.

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artisans & crafts

NOVEMBER + DECEMBER 2020 MODERN GLASSBLOWING, MARBLED FABRICS, THE RISE OF BESPOKE WALLPAPERS & MORE UPHOLSTERY MAGNIFICENT STITCHES Step into Grant Trick’s wondrous workroom (and wild leap of faith) IT’S CINEMATIC: Having left New York’s fashion industry and moved to San Francisco, Grant Trick was on a walk when he spotted a sign that read “Tricky Studio.” “My name was practically on the sign,” he says. “I had to go in!” What he found was an upholstery business, and he asked for work. “They hired me,” he recounts, “to pull staples and sweep the floors.” But what Trick got with that job (besides $7.50 an hour) was intimate exposure to master upholsterers and the techniques of their undervalued, artistic trade. Trick fell in love with soft goods’ amalgam of tailoring and engineering, absorbing every arcane…

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turning up the heat

VESSEL OR SCULPTURE? Andy Paiko offers no easy answers. Consider his Bell Jar and Reliquary series, where the expressiveness of vessels made by sculpting molten glass with air trump what they might contain. Though pandemic-era restrictions have kept him close to his studio—“making everything from Christmas balls at $40 each to massive chandeliers for international restaurants”—when travel normalizes, he will again turn his attention to the future of his 2,100-year-old craft. Creating sustainable practices on the legendary island of Murano, Italy, is among his priorities, as well as better connecting the glassmaking centers of the world—including his own Pacific Northwest, where he’s considered central to a glass-craft renaissance. And there’s no question about that. The 1960s Called… …and their colored-glass collections are all grown up, showing off highly nuanced shades and sculptural…

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power couple

It’s a marriage of two American institutions: the performance fabric brand Sunbrella and Jack Lenor Larsen, the venerable designer, author, and collector. Drawing on his seven decades of pioneering design, the new Larsen Performance Collection offers a veritable tour of textile’s classic motifs—floral, palm, stripes, basketry, jacquard, and damask—in modern tones that feel as timeless as the man himself.…

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build a better bedroom

With so many daily distractions, downshifting into sleep mode seems tougher than ever. If your bedroom isn't set up to soothe, it's hard to get the quality rest you crave. But, thanks to a few design-driven choices, you can get more shut-eye. “An ideal bedroom provides an environment for rest, positivity, and relaxation,” says interior designer Natalie Kraiem. From going all-in on a Stearns & Foster mattress to ditching the screens, here are four easy ways to make your space more serene. THE REST IS EASY Follow these simple principles to prep your room for maximum zzz's. 1 INVEST IN A QUALITY MATTRESS When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, “the mattress is the most important element,” says Kraiem. “My key recommendation is to source one from a company with a good,…

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the spirit of salzburg

IT BEGINS WHEN YOU FLY over Salzburg, Austria: the magic. You see the Alps in the background, tips covered in snow, and you look down upon the rolling hills and swear you see people cutting down their Christmas trees below you, milling about. Christmas emerges from the landscape, whether real or dreamed. It’s magical flying. And it’s a magic that reaches me in the sky: From long-ago holidays in Germany at my grandmother’s house and my design school days in Munich (where I collected hundreds of Art Nouveau cast-iron Christmas-tree stands) to my enduring fascination with European Christmas markets. All three bring me to this great market pilgrimage—Salzburg—and its twinkling, lively heart: the Christkindlmarkt. A rite of winter life here since the late 15th century, the annual market calls from the…

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miles redd’s magical forest

THERE’S A GRACEFUL 1920s GEORGIAN-style brick house in Greenwich, Connecticut, where the trees are always bursting with summery foliage. Indoors. To walk through the home’s limestone-trimmed front door is to step into a woodland fantasia, punctuated by romantic garden statuary and neoclassical follies. The idyllic panorama spans the walls of the entrance hall and envelops the serpentine main staircase, the verdant canopy soaring up to the second-floor landing and giving new meaning to the phrase “lush life.” The profusion of greenery, courtesy of a customprinted wallpaper by Iksel, was installed by designer Miles Redd, never one to shy away from a theatrical flourish. Riffing on a rotating cast of decorating legends, Redd is a master of his own brand of cheeky traditionalism, leavening formality with whimsy to keep things fresh. It’s…