April 2020

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united we speak

TOWARD THE END OF LAST YEAR, all the editors in chief of Vogue from around the world gathered to discuss joining forces and to consider what we could achieve if we worked en masse. Our first initiative was the setting out of our Vogue Values, a commitment to stand behind crucial principles—respect, inclusivity, transparency, diversity, and sustainability. But, of course, as with everything in life today, words need to be matched by deeds. The coming together of so many editors inspired an idea for this April’s cover story, which celebrates global beauty in all its infinite varieties. The Vogue editors nominated 28 models from around the world who they felt truly represented their country, and the young women we celebrate here do just that—as much by their grace and their strength…

4 min.

ANNA WINTOUR Editor in Chief Fashion Director VIRGINIA SMITH Executive Editor TAYLOR ANTRIM Editor, Vogue.com STUART EMMRICH International Editor at Large HAMISH BOWLES Fashion News Director MARK HOLGATE Style Director CAMILLA NICKERSON FASHION/ACCESSORIES Sustainability Editor TONNE GOODMAN Executive Fashion Director, Vogue.com RICKIE DE SOLE Director, Fashion Development ALEXANDRA MICHLER Jewelry Director GRACE GIVENS Accessories Director WILLOW LINDLEY Bookings Director FELICITY WEBB Bookings Manager MORGAN SENESI Editors ALEXANDRA GURVITCH, MADELINE SWANSON Menswear Editor MICHAEL PHILOUZE Market Editor RACHEL BESSER Associate Market Editors NAOMI ELIZEE, MADELINE HARPER FASS Market Assistants MADISON BARKER, CHARLOTTE DIAMOND, CIARRA LORREN ZATORSKI FASHION NEWS Fashion News Director CHIOMA NNADI Director, Vogue Runway NICOLE PHELPS Fashion News and Emerging Platforms Editor STEFF YOTKA Archive Editor LAIRD BORRELLI-PERSSON Senior Fashion News Writers BROOKE BOBB, EMILY FARRA, JANELLE OKWODU, LIANA SATENSTEIN Fashion News Writer RACHEL HAHN Fashion and Style Writer CHRISTIAN ALLAIRE BEAUTY Beauty Director CELIA ELLENBERG Contributing Beauty…

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bearing witness

Once the queen’s head is severed, he walks away. A sharp pang of appetite reminds him that it is time for a second breakfast, or perhaps an early dinner. The morning’s circumstances are new, and there are no rules to guide us. The witnesses, who have knelt for the passing of the soul, stand up and put on their hats. Under the hats, their faces are stunned. But then he turns back, to say a word of thanks to the executioner. The man has performed his office with style; and though the king is paying him well, it is important to reward good service with encouragement, as well as a purse. Having once been a poor man, he knows this from experience. The small body lies on the scaffold where it has…

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7406 franklin avenue

In 1968, Connie Wald, a Beverly Hills hostess who befriended me when I first arrived in Los Angeles, introduced me to John Gregory and Joan Dunne at one of her dinner parties. That was the beginning of my long friendship with them. Although some of the same people whom I met at Connie’s dinners would also be at the Dunnes’ parties, the mood was less predictable and less conservative. I no longer had to pretend to be fascinated, and I could talk about the Vietnam War as much as I liked. I noticed that Joan did not like to be introduced as Joan Didion but as Joan Dunne, which was not difficult for me to do, as I thought of her as Joan Dunne. When I once introduced her as…

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fine print

FASHION “I think Debo would have had this in Chatsworth,” says Erdem Moralioglu sweepingly in his Shoreditch studio, as he walks me through his new collaboration with British wallpaper house de Gournay. “I think she would go for the pale duck-egg blue—perhaps with a Lucian Freud overhanging.” The London-based designer with a penchant for romanticism and a talent for storytelling is now bringing a new narrative to de Gournay with his own hand-painted wallpaper and an accompanying capsule collection of 11 pieces inspired by the wallpaper design. This is a fashion-meets-interiors union as symbiotic as it is exquisite: de Gournay’s reputation for creating what is essentially couture for the home rests largely on its fantastical, hand-painted chinoiserie wallpaper panels, which were the starting point for Moralioglu’s collection. While chinoiserie was employed by the wealthy…

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bad romance

TALENT “I think Sally Rooney had a similar feeling to me, which was like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening,’” says Daisy Edgar-Jones. At a smart café in North London, the 21-year-old actor is discussing—and, it seems, still processing—her star billing in the BBC and Hulu adaptation of Rooney’s best-selling novel Normal People. “When we were making it, we didn’t even register that people were actually going to see it,” she says, settling into a sunny window seat. In the nearly two years since its publication, Normal People has generated a fandom with the passion of Potterheads, Trekkies, or Marvelites—only with more New Yorker tote bags. The novel tells the story of a turbulent love affair between the rich, smart Marianne (played in the adaptation by Edgar-Jones) and the equally smart but…