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In this issue… September/October 2021 Enjoy articles on… The hidden jewels of the Caribbean. Our guide to the wide array of heritage sites and cities that await beyond the beaches. We go beyond Uganda’s gorillas to find hidden valleys, isolated rural communities and wildlife good-news-stories. 15 epic walking trails. These diverse treks will show you rare wildlife, unique cultures and immense scenery worthy of your perspiration. Uncovering Thailand’s ancient secrets by rail. We go on a magical history tour of the ancient capitals of Ayutthaya, Sukhothai and Chiang Mai. Meet the New Big Five of wildlife photography and find out how travel can help these endangered animals. PLUS… Dispatches: Armenia British Break: Shropshire Hidden USA: Tennessee Music Trail Indigenous culture: San Blas Islands, Panama WanderSleeps: Tokyo Off-the-grid: Vigan, The Philippines Dream Sleep: Cristalino Lodge, the Amazon Double Bill: Segovia & Salamanca First 24 Hours in… Charleston, USA World food: Cambodia

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Ten years ago I was all set to visit the extraordinary island of Socotra but events in Yemen scotched those plans and my trip was called off. So, I was rather jealous of publishing legend Hilary Bradt when she told me she was heading there (p68) to fulfil a four-decade long dream. Of course, the world was pretty much our oyster back in 2010 with wars and political unrest about the only reason why you wouldn’t travel somewhere. Now, we’re at the mercy of a virus and deciding where to go can be a lottery. It makes planning this magazine a challenge, but we know from your feedback that you still love to research and dream. So on page 52 we have a Where to Go When that are ideas IF you…

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David Andrews Viewfinder How do you judge an image’s quality? Whether the photographer hangs it at home is a good barometer. You can not only see freelance amateur photographer David’s justly garlanded image for Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020 on p12, but also on his own wall. Where will you first visit once restrictions lift? “I’d love to go to Iceland in the winter to capture the Northern Lights.” Maggie Sherrit Writing comp winner Maggie’s travel addiction began in the 1970s when she hitch-hiked from Edinburgh to Languedoc to find work in the vineyards – she now prefers to use train travel and home-exchanging. Her entry to our travel writing competition (p26) found her in Granada, Spain, requiring the kindness of strangers. Where will you first visit once restrictions lift? “Home-exchanging in Amsterdam and Antwerp.“ Gareth Clark Where to go,…

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UK’s best winter walks Great in summer, even better with a layer of frost. From breezy beaches to dazzling waterfalls, these scenic walks are perfect for an invigorating winter stroll... www.wanderlust.co.uk/WinterWalks 12 northern lights experiences in Norway Where to eat, sleep, drink and what to do when you head into Norway’s north for a glimpse of the aurora. www.wanderlust.co.uk/Twisper African safaris for anyone Whether you’re travelling on a budget or in luxury, or whether it’s your first or third time in Africa, we’ve listed the best safaris to suit every traveller. www.wanderlust.co.uk/AfricanSafari Unforgettable journeys quiz Whether by plane, train or automobile, the journey often matters more than the destination. So how many of these expeditions have you ticked off? www.wanderlust.co.uk/JourneysQuiz 6 fun facts about... sloths Here’s a few things you didn’t know about these slow-moving cute critters, including their…

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Wanderlust aims to inform and inspire all your travel adventures. We strive to bring you the most trusted and reliable information in the world. That’s why we are always upfront about whether our writers have travelled independently or with a tour company. When a tour operator has been used, we always try to use those who’ve scored a minimum satisfaction rating of 85% from readers in our annual awards and we never guarantee positive coverage. Responsible, conscious and sustainable travel is at the heart of everything we do.…

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“When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, some build windmills.”Chinese Proverb The world turns... Herringfleet Mill, Suffolk Photographer: David Andrews The rising sun washes the frosted Suffolk flats with its warm salutations, as Herringfleet Mill – actually a 19th-century water pump – seemingly waves back at it. We’re going to be making the most of the British winter’s brittle beauty over the next few months – we may not get much of a choice in it – so it’s heartening to remember that there’s so many vistas to enjoy, with one sure to be near you. Giving us a visual aid on that front are the winners of 2020’s Landscape Photographer of the Year, from which this image was shortlisted. After all, a fresh local perspective could help brighten up your…

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Star letter Lasting memories My partner’s father – David Speers – had been battling against cancer for the past six years and, unfortunately, the consultants recently told him that he had a short time to live. During his last few days with us, he took great pleasure in recounting some of the wonderful adventures he had, and while reading your latest magazine he was able to reminisce about two trips in particular – one to Uzbekistan and the Silk Road; the other, quite contrastingly, to the Wye Valley. It was a special time and brought his amazing wife Janey, my partner and I great comfort. For this, and all the other pleasure you’ve been able to bring to him during the many years of his subscription to Wanderlust, I want to say thank…