Wanderlust September - October 2021

In this issue… September/October 2021 Enjoy articles on… The hidden jewels of the Caribbean. Our guide to the wide array of heritage sites and cities that await beyond the beaches. We go beyond Uganda’s gorillas to find hidden valleys, isolated rural communities and wildlife good-news-stories. 15 epic walking trails. These diverse treks will show you rare wildlife, unique cultures and immense scenery worthy of your perspiration. Uncovering Thailand’s ancient secrets by rail. We go on a magical history tour of the ancient capitals of Ayutthaya, Sukhothai and Chiang Mai. Meet the New Big Five of wildlife photography and find out how travel can help these endangered animals. PLUS… Dispatches: Armenia British Break: Shropshire Hidden USA: Tennessee Music Trail Indigenous culture: San Blas Islands, Panama WanderSleeps: Tokyo Off-the-grid: Vigan, The Philippines Dream Sleep: Cristalino Lodge, the Amazon Double Bill: Segovia & Salamanca First 24 Hours in… Charleston, USA World food: Cambodia

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As a traveller, I never expected a government-mandated colour scheme would become critical to choosing where I can go. Now, with the green-amber-red traffic-light system, the UK has joined many countries in dividing the world’s nations into three colours. Curiously, there are governments choosing black, white, grey, even blue in their effort to tone-translate ‘go’, ‘don’t go’ and – I guess – ‘maybe go’. At the time of writing, the designation of France as ‘amber plus’ is a shining example of just how bizarre and confusing the system has become. Here at Wanderlust, we always try to show our destinations’ true colours; indeed, we’ve ended up working with a much broader palette. Let’s take Uganda (p64) as an example: It currently features on the UK’s red list but if we could…

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travel safe

Travel during the pandemic is challenging, as is editorial coverage of destinations. While our expert writers strive to provide the most accurate information available, things can change on a daily basis. Please do double-check all practical information regarding your trips before making any bookings. Now, more than ever, we encourage you to book your journeys through reputable tour operators that can reliably help when plans have to change. We list a number of outstanding trip options on our Trip Finder tool, which you can access on wanderlust.co.uk/ trip-finder…

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NICK RAY World Food: Cambodia The prolific guidebook writer, film location manager and ecotourism consultant gives us a taste of Cambodia on p32. Which animal would be in your New Big 5? “The mountain gorillas of the Virungas. Working on an East Africa guidebook, I was fortunate enough to encounter them in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo between 1999 and 2006 and they are wonderful, complex creatures.” DR. GLADYS KALEMA-ZIKUSOKA The New Big 5 Project The founder and CEO of Conservation Through Public Health – helping people and animals co-exist in protected areas of Africa – explains the importance of this new conservation project on p152 . Which animal would be in your New Big 5? “The mountain gorilla. There are only 1,063 left in the world. We need to continue taking action to protect these great apes.” EDDI FIEGEL Double…

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Lighting up Down Under, Vivid Sydney festival lights installations, Sydney, Australia Sydney Harbour commands visitors’ attention at the best of times, with its iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. However, the Vivid Sydney creative festival shines a whole new light on the area – quite literally – with its harbour-side after-dark illuminations transforming the buildings into an imagination-firing wonderland. Perhaps the best way to take in the spectacle’s scale is by boat; the ferries are also decked out in lights. But the installations are just one part of this annual event, which has been rescheduled to run 17 September-9 October 2021, due to COVID-19. Live bands and DJs take over secret and unconventional spaces, while there are also public talks, workshops and forums to facilitate creative ideas. While restrictions this year…

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your letters

Greek getaway Kalimera! Fantastic to see Andros featured in the Greek Islands article (July/August 2021 issue). I’ve been going every year since 1998. I love it! Even though my country count is 47, including some crazy places like North Korea, Andros is where my heart is. The main thing that attracted me was that it’s very Greek, not an English pub in sight. I’ve taken many friends there over the years and they’ve all loved it for this reason, as well as the scenery, culture, food and simply everything about it. So I was horrified to see in your article that the island’s nickname is ‘Little England’. I’ve never heard this before. I understand the reason – shipping dynasties based in London – but thankfully it isn’t remotely like England. This is…

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“We have so many ancient sites in the UK. Bryn Celli Ddu, Anglesey, and the Merry Maidens of Boleigh in Cornwall are some I have visited.”@dcrowe1974 ”If you’re heading to Hastings try to take in gorgeous Rye: steep cobblestones; old, tiny houses; cream teas, fish restaurants; a dungeon, castle and lovely church; sweeping views across Romney Marsh.” Liz Cleere “Fitting to be reading this on route to Cornwall: '5 best surfing experiences around the world', as the Olympics opens with a new surfing category. Thanks for the brilliant wanderlustmag round-up” @missemmathomas [On Wanderlust, issue 215] “I’m loving the new look. It feels like a very decadent read!“ Sarah Manuel…