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Hands up if your bra doesn’t fit you that well or could do with an upgrade? Yep, thought so! This week, the team has put together a guide (p56) to help you find a bra that’s right for you. Out with the faded, slightly grey undies and in with the crisp, new lingerie, ladies! And the best part? You don’t need to schlep around the shops getting dressed and undressed (over and over again) because they are all shoppable directly from the page, in the comfort of your living room. It really is that easy. So, if you haven’t given it a go yet, take a quick look at what you need to do on the next page enjoy a new shopping experience.Happyretailtherapy! Hannah Fernando, Editor…

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try a new scent this summer

Summer brings a sense of happiness and renewed hope as temperatures rise and we can spend more time outside. This mood shift calls for a beauty celebration too. Just as you might swap darker make-up shades for bright pops of colour, how about upgrading your perfume wardrobe, too? There’s nothing lovelier than treating yourself to a new fragrance at any time of year, but with increased heat, smell is heightened, so there’s even more reason to indulge in a new scent. Ghost’s brand new eau de parfum, Orb of Night, is the perfect summer buy. With top notes of mandarin, cherry, almond and bergamot, it smells sweet at first, settling into a deeper fragrance with base notes of caramel, sandalwood and delicate white musk. It’s a must-have treat.…

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how to boost your sex life

Stress. Menopause. COVID-19. There could be lots of reasons that your sex life has taken a back seat recently. The good news? It’s usual for your libido to change from time to time – and it’s easy to get it back, too. ‘After all, there is no “normal” when it comes to how often couples should have sex,’ says Oloni, sex and relationship guru from lovehoney.co.uk. But if you feel that things have dipped for you, there are some easy changes to help you to get back on track. Here’s how… Hydrate the right way While diet drinks may be better for our waistlines, they can cause problems in the bedroom. ‘The artificial sweeteners used in diet drinks lower serotonin levels,’ says Mel Kirkpatrick from health specialist Testogen. ‘And low serotonin levels…

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testosterone replacement

Testosterone is currently only given as part of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). A blood test is not required to start treatment but it can be useful or used as a way to monitor the response to treatment. Currently testosterone is not licensed for use in HRT in the UK, however doctors can and do prescribe them safely, generally as a cream or a gel which is rubbed into clean, dry skin. It can take eight to 12 weeks to see an effect, but if there is no improvement after six months you will be advised to stop. If it works, though, there is no enforced stopping point. Studies have shown that women taking testosterone are more likely to report a benefit to their libido, improved arousal and ability to reach orgasm…

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10 of the best bras

Best for: bigger boobs Curvy Kate Victory Balcony Bra, £33, sizes 30D-44G, curvykate.com Curvy Kate has a great range for busts sized D-K, with tailor-made features designed to support bigger boobs. The Victory provides natural lift, with adjustable straps, a four-part seamed cup and sturdy underwire. There’s no padding, but the cups have a smooth shape that works well beneath dresses and T-shirts. Best for: boosting your bust Boux Avenue Mollie Plunge Bra, £26, sizes 28A-44G, bouxavenue.com Boux Avenue’s bestselling bra, the removable padding in sizes A-DD will appeal to those with a smaller bust, while the plunging, supportive shape has made it the most popular bra for sizes DD+ too. Full-coverage cups will boost your confidence, creating a full, rounded shape beneath clothes. Best for: smaller busts Skims Fits Everybody Crossover Bralette, £35, sizes xxs-4x, skims.com This…

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sugar vs fat: which is worse for your health?

This issue has been hotly debated for decades, so I thought it was about time I waded in to investigate. By health, I mean obesity risks, as well as the threat of diseases, such as cardiovascular syndrome, cancers, diabetes etc. By sugar, I mean sugar in its broken-down form – so it could have started life as wholegrain oats or as a chocolate digestive. But, by the time it reaches our blood stream, it has been changed into glucose. Glucose is transported to our cells (by insulin) to use for energy, not just moving around, but for the body’s processes to function. But if we eat a lot of sugar and we’re not very active that surplus glucose goes into fat cells. The more sugar we eat, the more insulin we produce,…