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Woolworths TASTE March 2019

Woolworths TASTE is a multi-award-winning magazine, with an annual frequency of 11 issues, which is produced by New Media Publishing as a flagship brand for South African retailer, Woolworths. Innovative in design and content, it presents more than 50 delicious recipes in each issue in an exquisitely photographed yet accessible way, showcasing the variety of top-quality food products offered by Woolworths alongside the abundant creativity within the South African food industry. Woolworths TASTE consistently offers credible, easy-to-use dining-in solutions and creative entertaining ideas, and also shares new developments in the culinary world, keeping readers informed about food trends and personalities. For more visit taste.co.za

South Africa
New Media Publishing
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how i learned to cook

PEOPLE WHO SAY they “can’t cook” make me suspicious. Have they just never learned how? Or are they claiming they can’t because they live with someone who does the cooking? Or because they are addicted to Uber Eats? But, if not being able to choose a few seasonal ingredients, follow a recipe and focus on the promise of something delicious is a real thing, then I feel sorry for people who can’t cook. When I moved out of home I couldn’t cook anything. My mother was a great cook, but I’d never shown much interest in food, except in an abstract way. Food was something that sounded magical in Famous Five stories – picnics in the heather with ginger beer and boiled eggs. But then, in my first year at university, I…

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the team says:

“I’m not good at cooking protein. I’m fine with making a curry or a roast, but the thought of pan-frying a chicken breast terrifies me. It’s something I’m only learning to get right now!” – Amy Ebedes “Fish is my nemesis. When I fry it the skin always sticks to the pan. I’m going to have to follow Abigail’s instructions on page 70.” – Liesl Nicholson “Pastry! How do you know when you’ve overworked it? It happens so quickly! My secret? Woolies’ readymade pastry.” – Lynda Ingham-Brown “Baking! I’m still scarred from baking scones in my Home Economics exam when I was 13. I was so nervous I burnt them and dropped them on the floor – and I still had to plate them.” – Michelle Coburn “Baking bread – and baking in general!…

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winning letter

On the eighth of the month, I knew I would only be paid on the 52nd of January, so I grabbed a copy of TASTE on while stocking up on my avoon-toast staple. I was hooked by the “new easy” headline – and a promise on how to eat well and spend less (bingo!). Pork and tacos five ways saw me through the rest of the month and so did the rest of my December money. Thanks, TASTE! Janu-worry wasn’t one at all. – Casey De Menezes THE WRITER OF THIS MONTH’S WINNING LETTER TAKES HOME a hamper from Vermont VerGin worth R1 140, plus a R500 Woolworths gift card. Congratulations, Casey! Vermont VerGin’s non-alcoholic, sugar-free “virgin gin” is distilled on an organically certified farm on the fynbos-covered slopes of the Overberg.…

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spotted on instagram

* Woolworths products featured are subject to availability and may not be available at all stores. All prices include VAT and were correct at the time of going to press. Offers available while stocks last. Not all products and ingredients featured are available from Woolworths. While all precautions have been taken to ensure the accuracy of information, neither the publisher and editor, nor New Media Publishing, can be held liable for any inaccuracies, injuries or damages that may arise.…

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WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER Beaching 24% Braaiing 27% Picnicking 14% Sundowning 25% Other 9% We are firm believers that improving your cooking skills leads to happiness. What’s on your list? Whether it’s perfecting that pavlova or expanding your recipe repertoire, TASTE will help you achieve your goals. Visit taste.co.za/recipe-guides to browse all recipes now. If you need some advice and support along the way, visit taste.co.za/community-questions to ask our experts. @ WWTaste ASK QUESTIONS AND SHARE YOUR ADVICE AT TASTE.CO.ZA/COMMUNITY-QUESTIONS . EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT… What happens in the TASTE kitchen, stays in the TASTE kitchen … unless you’re watching TASTETube. Head to taste.co.za/TASTETube to watch TASTE cooks and special guests in action every week. STAY CONNECTED! Have you signed up for our free weekly newsletter? Get weekly supper suggestions, droolworthy videos and exclusive online competitions…

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have your say!

WE ASKED: What is your absolute favourite kitchen utensil? The item that you miss so desperately when you cook in another kitchen that you take it on holiday with you? YOU ANSWERED: My spatula. I can’t waste so therefore it is an amazing and most useful utensil – @lena.mill My single-cup plastic French press. You put it directly onto a mug and simply pour and wait four minutes. The world is safer when I’ve had my coffee. – @aletta_lintvelt My Microplane. I’ll be buried with it I’m so attached to it. – @jess_spiro My wooden spoon for stirring curries and stews. – @tasneem_hinze…