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Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Yachting World is world's leading international yachting magazine. From ocean racing and blue water cruising to the most glamorous super-yachts, Yachting World has the very best in nautical writing and stunning photography, with up-to-the-minute technical reports, race analysis, new boat tests and much more.

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yachting world

(Christophe Favreau/PPL/GGR)KEEPING IT SIMPLEIs deep ocean sailing in a steady, heavily built, slow boat inherently safer than in a light, fast, modern design? Mike Golding, who we welcome aboard this month as a new columnist, thinks not. You can read his well-reasoned arguments on page 26.His conclusion is that, by virtue of its low speeds, the Golden Globe Race is one of the toughest for decades. Having participated in – and helped to advance – the rapid acceleration of ocean racing speeds and records, Mike should know. He has done six circumnavigations, four of them non-stop. One of these was to break the record for a circumnavigation of the world in the upwind, westabout direction, in a yacht designed to be sailed by 14 people. He has seen it from…

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pacific adventure

Swimming ashore from a Pacific anchorage. This is Gunboat 48 Falcor on a passage from Tahiti to Hawaii made by a crew including photographer Amory Ross and snowboarder Travis Rice. The crew were in search for some of the best, most remote surf, and were also taking samples of ocean water to be tested for the presence of microplastics. They discovered that 73% of the samples collected contained microscopic particles of plastic.During the voyage, the crew also shot an independent short film, Lines to Hawaii, which you can watch on Vimeo. ■…

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tactical challenge

Light breeze takes the fleet racing at Panerai British Classic Week in July out of the eastern Solent, towards the forts. In the foreground, chasing the leaders, is the 7 Metre cruiser-racer Zaleda, built in 1965.Some 50 yachts took part in the regatta, based in Cowes, in perfect summer weather. The overall winner of the six-race series was Spirit 52 Flight of Ufford, helmed by her owner and builder, Sean McMillan, founder of Spirit Yachts.“Nowhere else in the world is racing more challenging. You have to negotiate strong tides, a busy shipping channel and conflicting currents. It’s exhilarating racing,” he says. ■…

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jury rudder finish

the Blue Jacket 40 Bailiwick safe and sound alongside in Bermudaone of Bailiwick’s wheels was removed to make space to fit and ‘ride’ the emergency tillerIn a noteworthy feat of seamanship, a crew competing in the Newport Bermuda Race in June completed the final 100 miles of the race under a self-built jury rudder after the yacht’s carbon rudder post broke and the blade came away.Carol Tobian was at the helm of the Blue Jacket 40 Bailiwick late at night in 20-knot reaching conditions when she suddenly lost steerage. The boat was sailing at 8-9 knots with double-reefed mainsail and jib, and when the rudder post broke the yacht spun out of control. Skipper Roger Echols reports hearing a loud bang as it broke.He immediately went below to check and…

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on the wind

Sleek machineClassic-styled sports motorboats are getting a new lease of life as superyacht tenders – and you can see why. This sublime machine is the Titian Tender, 10.5m of craftsmanship in wood epoxy by Cornish company Cockwells – a muscle craft with twin 320hp engines.50 years of Southampton ShowFrom 14-23 September, TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show celebrates its golden anniversary with over 100 new yachts and products. For the first show in 1969 the army supplied the small pontoon, there were just a handful of boats and tickets cost three shillings (15p).(onEdition)Women making historyWhile the Volvo Race created the bigger noise about creating opportunities for women in professional sailing, the Clipper Race has quietly been making history. As we went to press, Nikki Henderson (right) and Wendy Tuck (left) were vying…

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lessons learned

Bailiwick’s skipper, Roger Echols, is now looking at a different arrangement for a replacement rudder, including a stainless steel stock. But he says he is proud that his crew succeeded in their only goal after the rudder failure: to arrive safely under their own efforts.“I was never concerned about the boat,” he says. “Within a minute or so, I knew we were fine and floating beautifully.”Jury rig tipsEchols is keen to share some of the lessons he and his crew learned from the experience. Here are his thoughts:■ Carry large hose clamps and U-bolts. Bailiwick didn’t have these and they would have speeded up the process■ The jury rudder would not have been possible without an electric drill to prepare attachment points for lashings and screwdrivers.■ Carry plenty of screwdrivers.…