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You has a simple recipe for success – spoil your readers and give them exactly what they want. It’s part of everyday life for more than 2 million English-speaking South Africans, filled with excellent articles which interest, inform and touch readers. There are human dramas, medical and scientific discoveries, general interest news, consumer issues, fashion and glamour. And don’t forget the interesting fiction, sport, motoring news, craftwork, recipes, home and school projects, crosswords and exciting competitions. It’s an irresistible combination, and everything is presented in a well-finished, colourful magazine.

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you salads

YOU editorial director: Charlene Rolls Creative director and brand extensions editor: Mari van der Berg YOU food editor: Carmen Niehaus Lifestyle editor: Petro-Anne Vlok Recipe development: Waleed Alexander, Esther Malan, Carmen Niehaus, Carmen Petersen Styling: Brita du Plessis, Jacques Erasmus, Mari-Louis Guy, Sonja Jordt, Esther Malan, Carmen Niehaus, Bernice van der Merwe Photographers: David Briers, Misha Jordaan, Megan Miller, Jacques Stander Designer: Mari van der Berg Copy editors: Joan van Zyl, Alfie Steyn Picture researcher: Martinique Clayton Reproduction: Jéan Koegelenberg Production: Jacques du Plooy (manager), Kurt Ohlson Office manager: Vanessa Holies PRINTED BY NOVUS PRINT SOLUTIONS, A DIVISION OF NOVUS HOLDINGS Printed by A division of Novus Holdings All rights reserved. No section of this booklet may be reproduced without written permission from YOU. Tel 021-406-2115. All queries email projects@you.co.za Published by Media24 Lifestyle Publishing manager: Edwina Lyners Category manager: Armand Kasselman Commercial manager: Bea van der Vyver 011-217-3049 Advertising sales:…

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green salad with herb pesto, apples, avocado and bacon

SERVES 6 Preparation time 20 min Cooking time 5 min INGREDIENTS HERB PESTO ◗ 20g fresh coriander◗ 15g fresh parsley◗ 2 garlic cloves, sliced◗ 10g fresh ginger, peeled and sliced◗ 2 red chillies, seeded and sliced◗ 180ml (¾c) toasted sunflower seeds◗ juice of 1 lemon – about 45ml (3T)◗ grated zest of 2 lemons◗ 10g fresh mint, stems removed◗ 125ml (½c) olive oil◗ pinch of salt SALAD ◗ 1 Cos lettuce, cut into wedges (don’t remove the stem)◗ 2-3 green apples, thinly sliced◗ 1 avocado, cubed TO SERVE ◗ 4 bacon rashers, grilled◗ 1 celery stalk, julienned◗ large handful of toasted walnuts or almonds 1 Herb pesto Put the coriander, parsley, garlic, ginger and chillies in a food processor and chop finely. 2 Add the sunflower seeds, lemon juice, zest and mint leaves and process until the sunflower seeds are roughly chopped. 3 Add…

1 min.
romantic pink salad

SERVES 6-8 Preparation time 10-15 min INGREDIENTS DRESSING ◗ 125g strawberries, cut in chunks◗ 15-20ml (3-4t) castor sugar◗ 30-45ml (2-3T) berry vinegar◗ 60ml (¼c) olive oil◗ 60ml (¼c) berry juice SALAD ◗ mixed young salad leaves (including beetroot leaves)◗ 250g strawberries, pomegranate arils and red figs◗ 1 avocado, cut into strips◗ bunch of radishes, sliced◗ bunch of red spring onions, trimmed◗ handful of walnuts or pistachio nuts◗ 50g Black Forest or Parma ham◗ blue cheese, crumbled (optional)◗ 2-3 seed tortillas 1 Dressing Purée the strawberries and sugar in a food processor until smooth. Add the rest of the dressing ingredients and process until smooth. Chill until needed. 2 Salad Arrange the salad leaves on a large salad platter or board, top with the fruit, avocado, radishes and spring onions and pour the dressing over. 3 Sprinkle the nuts over and…

1 min.
fig and pecan salad

SERVES 4 Preparation time 10 min INGREDIENTS DRESSING ◗ 20ml (4t) chopped garlic chives◗ 250ml (1c) plain yoghurt◗ 25ml (5t) fresh cream◗ salt and pepper SALAD ◗ 200g mixed salad greens and herbs such as mustard cress, basil and watercress◗ 100g blue cheese, such as Gorgonzola, broken into pieces◗ 50ml roughly chopped pecan nuts◗ 1 large avocado, sliced◗ 6 fresh figs, quartered 1 Dressing Mix the ingredients and set aside. 2 Salad Rinse the salad greens and herbs under cold running water and gently pat dry. Arrange in a serving bowl or on a platter. 3 Arrange the blue cheese, nuts, avocado slices and fig quarters on top, pour the dressing over and serve. COLLIN DU PLESSIS, McGREGOR, WESTERN CAPE…

1 min.
red pickle salad with cabbage, strawberries and radishes

SERVES 6 Preparation time 20 min Standing time 1 hour Cooking time 10 min INGREDIENTS PICKLING LIQUID ◗ 200ml rice vinegar◗ 60ml (¼c) water◗ 100ml sugar◗ 1 star anise◗ small piece of fresh ginger◗ 1 chilli PICKLE ◗ 125g fresh strawberries◗ 60g radishes, thinly sliced◗ 1 red onion, thinly sliced SALAD ◗ ½ red cabbage, finely shredded◗ 2-3 nectarines or red plums, halved or cut into wedges◗ 250g fresh strawberries◗ 4-5 radishes◗ 125g goat’s milk cheese, sliced (optional) TO SERVE ◗ ½ cucumber, cut into ribbons using a vegetable peeler◗ handful of pecan nuts, toasted (optional)◗ handful of red onion sprouts 1 Pickling liquid Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat to boiling point, stirring until all the sugar has dissolved. 2 Pickle Put the ingredients in a bowl and pour the pickling liquid over. Leave to stand for 1 hour or until completely cooled. 3…

1 min.
white salad with pears

SERVES 6 Preparation time 20 min Cooking time 30 min INGREDIENTS DRESSING ◗ juice of 1 lemon◗ 5ml (1t) grated lemon zest◗ 5ml (1t) crushed garlic◗ 80ml (⅓c) olive oil◗ 30ml (2T) honey◗ pinch of salt SALAD ◗ ½ cauliflower, broken into florets◗ salt◗ olive oil◗ butter◗ 250g assorted white mushrooms, sliced if large and whole if small◗ lemon juice◗ 3 pears, thinly sliced TO FINISH ◗ 230g cream cheese, rolled into balls then rolled in chopped fresh parsley to coat◗ toasted almond flakes◗ onion sprouts Preheat the oven to 200°C. Grease a baking sheet with olive oil. 1 Dressing Mix the ingredients in a jar and shake well. 2 Salad Arrange the cauliflower on the baking sheet, season with salt, sprinkle a little oil over and roast until just done and still firm. Set aside to cool. 3 Heat a generous amount of butter…