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You South Africa 21-Feb-19

You has a simple recipe for success – spoil your readers and give them exactly what they want. It’s part of everyday life for more than 2 million English-speaking South Africans, filled with excellent articles which interest, inform and touch readers. There are human dramas, medical and scientific discoveries, general interest news, consumer issues, fashion and glamour. And don’t forget the interesting fiction, sport, motoring news, craftwork, recipes, home and school projects, crosswords and exciting competitions. It’s an irresistible combination, and everything is presented in a well-finished, colourful magazine.

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IT’S TOO early in the year to be stressed already, a colleague commented recently. We’ve barely seen the end of Januworry and we’re already desperately looking forward to the next holiday and a few days’ rest. I must admit I sometimes struggle to switch off and when there are many things that need to be done with only so much time in the day, the first thing to go is downtime. The irony is that taking time out to exercise or make healthy meals will allow me to cope with all the demands so much better yet it’s usually right down at the bottom of my to-do list! I’d love to hear from you if you’ve managed to find quick, easy ways to unwind or de-stress or to take small time-outs – the…

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winning letter

CELEBRATE THE ONES YOU LOVE I RECENTLY overheard two young men chatting in a coffee shop. They were complaining about the commercialisation of not only Valentine’s Day but also Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Their complaints gave me much food for thought. There’s more to this than meets the eye. These are days for all of us to appreciate the people who enhance our lives. Without a shadow of doubt, money talks, but life’s too short to let the opportunities slip through your fingers to show love and appreciation to friends, colleagues and especially loved ones. It’s only a few days a year set aside to celebrate love and happiness. Let’s grab these opportunities to show our appreciation on these special days. Some say, “But every day should be Valentine’s Day or Mother’s…

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FRIENDLY VICTORIA Since speculation regarding Victoria Beckham keeps featuring in your magazine (YOU, 31 January), you may be interested to hear of my cousin Alison’s interaction with her. She received an MBE at the same time as Victoria, and my aunt went along as a guest. While Alison was waiting, Victoria came up to her and simply said, “Hello, I’m Victoria. What is your category?” They chatted and Victoria, who looked rather stressed, confessed that she’d barely made it in time as it was such a mission getting her family organised. After the awards my aunt said David came up to Victoria and gave her a really loving congratulatory hug. CLAERWEN, EMAIL CHRISTIANS? I DON’T THINK SO I read your article on the Watson family (YOU, 31 January) and can’t understand how people who profess such…

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a bumpy ride

Why does Meghan show off her stomach by constantly putting her hands on it, wearing high heels and generally pushing it in our faces that she’s pregnant (YOU, 7 February). It’s not the English way of conducting yourself, especially in royal circles. It’s so American and however much she tries, she’ll never ever come close to Kate or Diana. And, boy, can she spend money on clothes! I read that in January this year she spent £40 000 (about R700 000). That’s more than many people make in a year. Kate recycles her clothes and is the epitome of elegance. P BALDWIN, EMAIL To all the critics of the Duchess of Sussex, let her be. Pregnancy is a beautiful and awesome experience for most women. Meghan can touch her bulging bump as often…

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in brief

I’m sick and tired of hearing about how rich people reuse their expensive clothes and how wonderful that makes them. We all do it. What’s the big deal? UNIMPRESSED, SMS How can the SABC allow two nature programmes – Safari Live on SABC3 and 50/50 on SABC2 – to overlap? Whoever is responsible for such bad planning should be fired. ED CROCKER, EMAIL After a zillion attempts I’ve just won the Blockbuster crossword dictionary! Never give up. Thanks, YOU. MOXIE, SMS These crazy twins, Debs and Carol from Durbs, love their YOU magazines so much they’re even willing to read them with their broken glasses so they don’t miss out! DEBBIE GRUVE, EMAIL The article on adult braces (YOU, 31 January) made me think back to when my teenage son had braces for protruding teeth. He suffered them…

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so many flavours!

Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure with YOU Food around the World (R48), on sale now. It’s packed with all sorts of delicious dishes – Argentina’s matambre (steak roulade), Moroccan beef tagine with olives and peas, Greek ravani (coconut tart), Japanese chicken tempura, Mexican flan and so much more. It’s the perfect recipe magazine to help you plan an impressive dinner party or a special treat for the family. Get your copy in stores or at youstore.co.za or contact Johan Terblanche on 021-406-4962 or at johan.terblanche@media24.com to place an order.…