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Drum English

Drum English 5/14/2020

In the 1950's, DRUM was a pioneer of black journalism bringing together courageous investigative journalism and cutting-edge photojournalism for Africa. But DRUM isn't just about history. South Africa has changed a lot in the last 50 years, and DRUM has kept pace with these changes. Today it is a thoroughly modern magazine in touch with its readers. Our recipe for success is simple but effective: we give our readers what they want.

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phone a fan

Covid-19 cases are increasing daily and feel-good moments are becoming fewer and fewer. We’re a sports-loving nation, so wouldn’t it be nice if South African sports clubs could reach out to fans? It would be nice to see a coach, captain or star player calling those who are vulnerable in these trying times, just to cheer them up. A little gesture from our sports heroes would go a long way to strengthen the mental health of fans in these trying times. FARAI DIZA, FOURWAYS THE WINNING LETTER RECEIVES R300. Letters should be about 100 words. Write to us at PO Box 653284, Benmore 2010, email us at letters@drum.co.za or SMS short letters to 36489. Start with the word DRUMLETTERS. Each SMS costs R1.…

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help those in need

IT’S hard for many middle-class South Africans to truly understand what it’s like to be hungry. For people living below the poverty line the words “I’m starving” mean something completely different compared to what it means to someone who just skipped lunch that day. But this lockdown has opened the eyes of many living in the suburbs – for the first time they’re seeing people who are really starving. On page 12 we look at how people can apply for food parcels. If you know of someone who can benefit, please share it with them so they can get nutritious food. Now more than ever we need to help one another. If you can donate to organisations helping those in need, turn to page 14. Until next week,THE DRUM TEAM HAUNTING FEAR The article “The new…

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your opinions

Veteran actress Sophie Lichaba is back on the small screen in Lockdown after taking some time off. DRUM readers shared their thoughts on her return. God bless you, Sophie. You stood up for your life and fought a good fight.NOBUHLE NDLOVU She is recovering well. I am so proud of her.SHYLEEN MATIURE God loves you, Sophie. Live long, my sis.ROSEMARY FIANDA We will always love you, Queen.DALIXOLO MUZI Proud of you, Sophie.LYDIA MAMAKE MNGOMEZULU She is looking very good!THEMBI NAIZINA CHIGADA I have big love for this woman!BONGIE BONGIWE…

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new from drum!

DRUM BEST RECIPES: BUDGET COOKING Who says you can’t have steak on a budget? The recipes in this collection are easy on the purse and big on flavour. Some meals can also be made in 30 minutes or less. There’s also cooking advice as well as budget tips such as how to best use affordable meat cuts and freezing leftovers. DRUM WORD SEARCH The third issue of DRUM Word Search offers fun for the entire family. There’s a great mix of themes to enjoy such as celebrities, desserts, islands and more! There’s also a section for kids with topics ranging from birthday fun to opposites. Get your copy of these magazines in stores now or order from Johan Terblanche on 021-406-4962 or johan.terblanche@media24.com DRUM PUZZLES Here it is, the answer to your lockdown woes – DRUM…

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‘my happiness comes first’

‘I don’t want to look back on my life and have regrets’ SHE wasn’t looking for love. Since splitting from her previous partner, she poured all her energy into music, deepening her spirituality and being a good mother to her four kids. Meeting someone special was the last thing on Letoya Makhene’s mind – so she was just as surprised as the rest of Mzansi when she did just that at a birthday party she attended with her father. “I truly never saw this coming,” she tells DRUM, giggling like a schoolgirl. In an exclusive interview, Letoya (35) is letting us in on her romance with Lebo Keswa (44). Her love life has been the talk of the town since she confirmed on social media that she’s found love again in the arms a…

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keep your distance!

HANDSHAKES, hugs, high-fives and even elbow-bumps are starting to feel like greetings from an alien culture, as face masks and social distancing become the new normal due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Along with regular hand-washing, social distancing is considered one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The virus isn’t airborne, so it can be spread only by contact between people – by touching an infected person, an object or surface they’ve touched or if they’ve coughed or sneezed near you. The government lockdown was aimed at slowing the spread of the virus, but so many South Africans are still out and about as if there’s nothing going on. ‘To weather this pandemic, we need one another’ Yet experts are clear: keep your distance. We look at why it’s important. ‘IT’S…