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Drum English 5/28/2020

In the 1950's, DRUM was a pioneer of black journalism bringing together courageous investigative journalism and cutting-edge photojournalism for Africa. But DRUM isn't just about history. South Africa has changed a lot in the last 50 years, and DRUM has kept pace with these changes. Today it is a thoroughly modern magazine in touch with its readers. Our recipe for success is simple but effective: we give our readers what they want.

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relax, it’s not a contest

I HAVE come across beautiful and inspirational posts about how productive people have become during the lockdown. Some are learning new skills, some bonding with family members, some working on their bodies, some starting online businesses… the list is endless. However, I also feel those without the ability or the strength to do these things should not be pressured. There are people belittling those who “aren’t doing anything”. Remember, this period can also be used for relaxation, to recover holistically and to take a breather. At the end of the day, this is not a productivity contest. CONSTANCE SILINDA, EMAIL THE WINNING LETTER RECEIVES R300. Letters should be about 100 words. Write to us at PO Box 653284, Benmore 2010, email us at letters@drum.co.za or SMS short letters to 36489. Start with the word DRUMLETTERS. Each SMS…

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there is help

IT’S hard to think straight when you’re stressed out and unable to figure out which way to turn. When the wolf is at the door, your kids are crying and your spirits feel as if they’ve plunged to the lowest level they can go. If you’ve lost your job, it’s hard to think of what to do, especially when it’s something that feels complicated like going to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). That’s why we’ve done a comprehensive story showing you exactly what you need to do, where to go and how to get UIF. And if you’ve lost your job as a result of Covid-19 and the lockdown, there’s a special fund from which your employer must draw to pay you. Have a look on page 14 for everything you need to…

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your opinions

Some people feel social media is their special platform to interfere in other people’s affairs, to disrespect people and generally to be rude. It would help if people started focusing on their own messy lives instead of wanting to control others’. AYANDA MLAMBO Some people are ashamed of their mothers. I admire Somizi for showing his love for her. ZIBUYILE ZWIDEE That’s the biggest problem with people these days – if you have a problem, deal with me, don’t come at my family. MOHLABI MONAKALALI Some people are so senseless. I love Somizi and the love he has for his mom. I think these people who say bad things probably can’t do anything nice for the women who gave birth to them. SALLY MAHLANGU This person clearly doesn’t respect the parents who gave birth to them. God will…

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new from drum!

DRUM BEST RECIPES: BUDGET COOKING Who says you can’t have steak on a budget? The recipes in this collection are easy on the purse and big on flavour. Some meals can also be made in 30 minutes or less. There’s also cooking advice as well as budget tips such as how to best use affordable meat cuts and freezing leftovers. DRUM WORD SEARCH The third issue of DRUM Word Search offers fun for the entire family. There’s a great mix of themes to enjoy such as celebrities, desserts, islands and more! There’s also a section for kids with topics ranging from birthday fun to opposites. Get your copy of these magazines in stores now or order from Johan Terblanche on 021-406-4962 or johan.terblanche@media24.com DRUM PUZZLES Here it is, the answer to your lockdown woes – DRUM…

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‘this is his child!’

‘He was happy to have a son, he even named him’ MULTIPLE hits, check. Making history at the BET Awards, check. Being considered a talent and a succes, check. There’s no doubt Jabulani “Sjava” Makhubo made waves last year, racking up one accolade after the other. But the artist’s personal life is now dominating headlines far more than the trap music that put him on the map. In a shock reveal, Sjava’s mom, tired of all the talk around her son’s love life, took to the stage during one of his concerts late last year to reveal the musician – who had secretly been dating Lady Zamar – had a makoti. Then recently, Lady Zamar dropped a bombshell: Sjava had allegedly raped her while they were a couple. Now, a young woman claims Sjava is the…

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locked in with my abuser

THE hairs on the back of Duduzile Baloyi’s* neck stood up when the start of the national lockdown was announced. She knew she would be trapped at home with her husband – her abuser – for at least three weeks, unable to leave. Then those three weeks stretched out into one month, then two. It became a nightmare for Duduzile and others like her. Since the lockdown began on 27 March, the government’s Gender-Based Violence Command Centre (GBVCC) received more than 120 000 calls to its national helpline – double the usual volume. Duduzile (35), who has two children, started thinking of divorcing her husband of 15 years in the weeks before the lockdown. Now she fears for her life. They tried therapy and were separated for several months. He moved back into their house…