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Drum English 7/2/2020

In the 1950's, DRUM was a pioneer of black journalism bringing together courageous investigative journalism and cutting-edge photojournalism for Africa. But DRUM isn't just about history. South Africa has changed a lot in the last 50 years, and DRUM has kept pace with these changes. Today it is a thoroughly modern magazine in touch with its readers. Our recipe for success is simple but effective: we give our readers what they want.

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don’t stop moving

A LOT of the health problems we experience are caused by our lack of exercise. When I say exercise, I do not only mean hitting the gym or buying expensive equipment. Simply taking a walk around your yard, playing ball or throwing a few punches in the air is all it takes – anything to break a sweat can help improve your health. Many people are unaware that physical activity, no matter how small, is vital. Physical activity can reduce stress and muscle tension and can help alleviate all sorts of ailments we encounter as we grow older. CONSTANCE SILINDA, EMAIL THE WINNING LETTER RECEIVES R300. Letters should be about 100 words. Write to us at PO Box 653284, Benmore 2010, email us at letters@drum.co.za or SMS short letters to 36489. Start with the word DRUMLETTERS.…

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ed’s note

TIME TO TAKE ACTION LET 2020 be the year when the fight against gender-based violence finally gets taken seriously by our government. Let it be the year when the same energy that was used to tackle Covid-19 is shown to fight the scourge killing our mothers, daughters, wives and sisters. Let it be the time when we get tangible answers to our question: when is enough going to be enough? Let now be a period when all the talk that started when Uyinene Mrwetyana died a brutal death last year be turned into action. Let us not face more months without a plan to make this country safe for women and children. Let 2020 finally be the time when we can breathe and feel safe. Until next week,THE DRUM TEAM We would love to hear your thoughts…

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your opinions

SK Khoza has come out in defence of The Queen producers Connie and Shona Ferguson who denied claims they unfairly dismissed actors from the Mzansi Magic hit show. DRUM readers weighed in too. SK is not the only one singing the Fergusons’ praises. Diamond Mabuza is doing the same. Siyanda didn’t complain about being fired, instead she was grateful for the opportunity they gave her. MAMOLEFE CASENDRA MAIMANE We have to acknowledge that behind the name Ferguson there is a production team and board members who make decisions too. So I think SK Khoza is right, the Fergusons are not to blame for the firing of people. RELOADED DINEO His time is coming. One day the Fergusons will be telling him not to report to work, and I will wait patiently for that day. PATIENCE MOHALE I…

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new from drum!

DRUM BEST RECIPES: BUDGET COOKING Who says you can’t have steak on a budget? The recipes in this collection are easy on the purse and big on flavour. Some meals can also be made in just 30 minutes or less. There’s also cooking advice as well as budget tips such as how to best use affordable meat cuts and freezing leftovers. DRUM WORD SEARCH The third issue of DRUM Word Search offers fun for the entire family. There’s a great mix of themes to enjoy such as celebrities, desserts, islands and more! There’s also a section for kids with topics ranging from birthday fun to fun with opposites. Get your copy of these magazines in stores now or order from Johan Terblanche on 021-406-4962 or johan.terblanche@media24.com SAY GOODBYE TO LOCKDOWN BOREDOM Here it is, the…

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a virtual reign

FOR weeks the phrase ran in a loop in her mind: what now? Holed up in her Manhattan apartment, Zozibini Tunzi was flooded with sadness and feelings of impending doom. It was early March in New York and the “city that never sleeps” was shrouded in a silent blanket of snow. The once teeming streets were eerily empty, resembling something from a post-apocalyptic movie as New Yorkers hunkered down in their homes. Zozi had been crowned Miss Universe just three months before and the world was supposed to be her oyster. But in the blink of an eye, all the dreams that had come true hung in the balance, in danger of being destroyed by a virus that had all but brought the globe to a halt. “I didn’t immediately realise what the full…

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from one mom to another…

IF ANYONE knows what the family of Tshegofatso Pule are going through, it’s the mother of 19-year-old Uyinene Mrwetyana, the University of Cape Town student murdered by a post office worker in Cape Town last year. Uyinene’s death sparked nationwide protests as people demanded an end to gender-based violence but, as eight-months-pregnant Tshegofatso’s horror killing has proved, we have a long way to go. Nomangwane Mrwetyana, Uyinene’s mother, has written a letter to Tshegofatso’s aunt, Priscilla Giwu, who took Tshego in when her mother died 11 years ago. Despair and grief prevail now, Nomangwane says, and those who loved Tshegofatso will never be the same again. But the precious memories of your beautiful child are something no one can ever take away from you, she adds. Dear Mama Giwu, THE past few weeks have been profoundly…