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Easy Garden Projects

Easy Garden Projects

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Easy Garden Projects helps readers create and maintain beautiful gardens and outdoor living spaces. This special issue is packed with more than 40 do-it-yourself, budget-friendly projects for both the newbie gardener as well as the veteran green thumb. This issue is packed with projects and makeovers that can be done in a weekend or even in an afternoon—no matter the size of your pocketbook.

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editor’s note

Just look online and you’ll find hundreds of projects for your garden or patio. But directions may be questionable or shoddy, and the projects might take days and multiple trips to the hardware store to complete. That’s where the fresh ideas in our Easy Garden Projects magazine come in handy. We provide detailed material lists, step-by-step directions, and practical hints to help ensure success. Plus, in a time-pressed world, the majority of these projects can be completed in a few hours. So whether you tackle DIY endeavors for fun or beauty, to solve a problem, or for the sheer challenge, we invite you to get outside and outfit your space with one or more of these 50- plus handcrafted items. We’ll help you get the biggest impact for your efforts.…

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show us your garden

TIPS FOR MAKING A GOOD ENTRY • Send photos from only the one best season in your garden. • Take your photos on a slightly cloudy day, or in the morning or evening. • Show us the whole garden—don’t send close-ups of flowers. • Limit your photos to the best ones—it’s not necessary to send more than 20 photos. GUIDELINES Only amateur gardeners are eligible for awards; participants cannot earn their living from gardening, landscaping, or interior design. Gardens that have received other national gardening honors or awards, or have been featured in a national magazine, are ineligible. Please retain an original copy of your complete entry for your records; materials will not be returned. Images from entries may be shared online. WHAT TO SEND Send us your name, address, email, and telephone number, as well as color…

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chimney tile planters

HOT POPS OF COLOR Add instant vibrancy to your yard or garden with spray-painted chimney liner containers. The 71/2- to 8-inch-diameter terra-cotta cylinders (found at building supply stores) fit neatly around plastic nursery pots and create an eye-catching look when grouped together. Use the liners as sleeves for a changing display. To prevent soil from washing out of the containers during watering, cut landscape fabric to fit the liners, above, and secure it to the bottoms with caulk or construction adhesive. If planting directly into a terra-cotta liner, position the container in its permanent home before planting as it will be a bit heavy to move. PROJECT: JUSTIN W. HANCOCK WORDS: HOLLY D’ANNA PHOTOS: PETE KRUMHARDT…

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crate planters

BOX LUNCH Prepped for planting, wood boxes hold soil, withstand watering, and last for more than one growing season. These stained-and-sealed crate planters host bumper crops of lettuce and kale. Station your crate of edibles in a sunny spot right outside your door to make it easy to poke the soil daily, checking for moisture. Water it when it feels dry. Try planting greens, herbs, or a crop of flowers such as pansies, alyssum, or marigolds for bright boxes of cheer. MATERIALS • Paintbrush • Linseed oil • Wine crate • Stain-sealant product • Drill and bits • 2 wine corks • 1¼-inch wood screws • ¾-inch wood screws • Supamoss lining material • Organic potting mix and seeds or seedlings • Micro-irrigation kit STEP 1 With a paintbrush, apply linseed oil on the crate’s interior and let dry; apply a second coat for a…

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tattooed pots

PATTERNED POTS Customizing a plain container adds the color and appeal of special effects. Layers of paint supply even more texture to our grooved resin pot. Choose paint in several hues (we used light gray, dark gray, and black). The secret to the crackly finish is white crafts glue that’s extra-easy to apply when thinned with a splash of water. Use doilies to stamp on patterns. Two coats of spar urethane protect the painted finishes from moisture. DECK PLANTER A stamped-on paisley pattern dresses up a sleek metal planter perched on a porch railing. Planted with herbs, spring greens, and edible flowers, ours holds its colorful and delicious display within easy reach. To get this look, apply exterior enamel paint to a foam stamp using a small brush or sponge, then press the…

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hypertufa planter

HYPERTUFA To make a planter that mimics hewn stone, handcraft your own using an artificial stone product called hypertufa. Made of a few simple ingredients, hypertufa planters are lightweight yet durable and make perfect little container gardens. Make several and group them at different heights. You can also make birdbaths, steppingstones, spheres, and other garden accents using hypertufa. MATERIALS • Wheelbarrow or large plastic tub • Rubber gloves • Face mask • Portland cement • Perlite or vermiculite • Sphagnum peat moss • Polypropylene fiber (available online or building supply retailers) • Mold of your choice • Sheet plastic or plastic garbage bags • Dowels • Knife or chisel • Wire brush STEP 1 In a wheelbarrow or tub, while wearing rubber gloves and a face mask, mix 2 parts portland cement, 3 parts perlite or vermiculite, 3 parts sphagnum peat moss (sift or break up…