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December 2019

EcoBalance Lifestyle Magazine will be focusing on bringing balance back into our everyday lives through articles and features that encourage making the right choices within our environment. We aim to give informative, inspiring yet honest articles that are making a difference to the environment. The magazine will feature products and advertising that have a strong environmentally friendly, green focus or are bio-degradable (easily broken down) and practice sustainability values.

South Africa
Eco Balance Lifestyle Magazine (Pty) Ltd
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publisher’s note

Dear Readers Welcome to our launch issue of EcoBalance Lifestyle, a magazine that is all about finding balance whilst living in harmony with the environment. We are committed to giving you well balanced articles and content that is relevant, informative and accessible to all – whether you are just starting your sustainable living journey or are an experienced and dedicated eco-conscious citizen. This has been an 18-month journey which all started with an idea from my twin sister, which crystallised while on a shared trip to Bali in 2018. You may ask “why did it take a visit to another country to get that “Ahaa” moment?” Somehow being in a more relaxed environment and seeing the spectacular beauty all around me made me see beyond the beauty without a filter. We hired a scooter…

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Kerry-Ann Scrase is a freelance journalist and copywriter. She has been writing and working in the media for more than 25 years. She has experience in everything from covering news to feature writing, trade journalism and public relations. Kerry-Ann likes to think of herself as a wordsmith – someone who takes words and moulds them in order to create whatever is needed – be it articles, press material, scripts and presentations, speeches, copy for brochures or training manuals. She is passionate about the environment and trying to live a cleaner, less wasteful life and by her actions influence those around her. Melanie Walker, high-flying adventure girl now come a little more down to earth, is the author of the definitive guide on getting your garden into shape, “Garden Style”, a previous Gardening…

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make recycling a lifestyle

Separating household and office waste is the first – and most practical – way of contributing to a more sustainable future. “With a little bit of thought and a few extra bins or containers, South Africans can change their rubbish to recycling ratio significantly,” asserts Anele Sololo, general manager of the South African paper recycling association RecyclePaperZA. Paper is a great start for everyone as paper is probably one of the easiest items to recycle. Sololo adds that separation-at-source is the key to better, more efficient recycling process and this does not have to start and stop in the kitchen. A variety of household paper products - especially packaging commonly found in the bathroom, office or right at your front door - can be recycled into new paper products. The next step…

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know your recycling symbols

This is the universal recycling symbol which essentially indicates that a product is capable of being recycled provided it is collected and channelled into the appropriate recycling programme whether it be for paper, plastic, glass or tin. Sometimes this symbol is used with a percentage figure in the middle to explain that the packaging contains x% of recycled material. The Green Dot does not necessarily mean that the packaging is recyclable, will be recycled or has been recycled. It is a symbol used on packaging in some countries and signifies that the producer has made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging (mostly in Europe, but this symbol may be seen on imported to South Africa). This symbol or variations of this symbol encourage one to recycle the glass…

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what’s in a word?

Recycling VS. Recylable VS. Upcycling Recyclable products are items which can be collected and re-manufactured into new products after they’ve been used. The original product does not necessarily contain recycled materials and only benefits the environment if recycled correctly after use. Recyclability is affected by a number of factors: firstly, the availability of recycling programmes i.e. are the majority of people able to access drop-off recycling facilities or are their curbside recycling programmes? Secondly, once dropped off are the items correctly sorted to ensure that they can be reprocessed successfully. It is important to remember that just because a product is made from recycled materials does not automatically mean it is recyclable. Recycled content also does not guarantee improved overall environmental benefits. Some recycling processes use a lot of water and produce just…

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the refillery a plastic-free grocery store

The concept is simple: buy what you need with their ‘weigh and pay’ policy, meaning there is less or no wastage. The store has a lovely feeling with big glass jars and containers filled with the freshest quality ingredients – many of which are locally sourced. There is plenty of friendly hands-on assistance for first time shoppers who may be unsure of how the concept works and owner Samantha Moleta is always ready for a friendly chat. When I met Samantha she was more than happy to share the inspiration and passion behind how The Refillery started. Who are Sam and Dom? Co-founders of The Refillery. Husband and wife team, mum and dad to two little hurricanes. Springbok supporter vs. All Blacks supporter and lovers of the sea. Do you live a zero-waste lifestyle? As much…