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November 2020

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MARVEL’S BLACK PANTHER wasn’t just a great superhero film, it was also a revolutionary movie that forever changed Hollywood. The man behind the mask was Chadwick Boseman – the first Black man to headline an MCU feature – and while he’ll be best remembered as King T’Challa in Black Panther and the final two Avengers movies, there was so much more to the talented actor. He gave audiences nuanced performances in flicks as varied as 42 (portraying groundbreaking baseball star Jackie Robinson), Get On Up (the mercurial James Brown), Marshall (lawyer and civil rights activist Thurgood Marshall) and Da 5 Bloods (an inspirational Vietnam War soldier). His unexpected death from colon cancer on August 28 at age 43 was a tragedy for his family, friends and film-lovers around the world.…

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HERE’S TO HELEN It was ironic just after I read your review of the Helen Reddy biopic (October Empire) that I learned about her passing. I greatly enjoyed the film and, in retrospect, I consider it a wonderful tribute to an iconic singer and women’s rights trailblazer. ANDREA, MELBOURNE, VIC WHERE ARE THE BLU-RAYS? After reading Shaun’s comments about the Blu-ray backlash (‘Comment’, September), I have to agree. Most stores are reducing their Blu-ray stock…they seem to be on the way out. It’s getting harder to find independent titles, on download or physical copies. We movie fanatics demand a change. DREW, ATHERTON QLD WE WANT MORE FANS LIKE… (PART 2) I first came across Empire in March 2005 as a 15-year-old with Chewbacca on the front (issue #48). The big bold red letters of Empire splashed at…

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letter of the month

WE WANT MORE FANS LIKE… (PART 1) I’m an aspiring director/screenwriter obsessed with everything film. A few months back I found out about Empire and now I can’t get enough. The interviews, the reviews and the other talk about all things film is entertaining for days. The posters now cover my walls (sorry, family photos). Might I suggest you do an issue on Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation film studio responsible for Oscar-winning Spirited Away and more. I can’t believe you’ve never done an issue about them! PAZ, VIA EMAIL We’re huge fans of Spirited Away, so thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see what we can do. And we appreciate for your enthusiastic support of the mag.…

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no./1 why george clooney went back to space

THE LAST TIME George Clooney went to space, it didn’t go so well for him. In Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, he ended up floating into an endless void; earlier in Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris, he found himself in a metaphysical one. But somehow, despite all that, he’s been tempted back. For his seventh film behind the camera, Clooney adapts the acclaimed 2016 novel Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton, which imagines a mysterious mass-extinction event in the near-future, told from two perspectives: those of Augustine (played in the film by Clooney), a grizzled astronomer stranded at an Arctic observatory; and Sully (played by Felicity Jones), an astronaut whose ship is stranded in space when Mission Control stop responding. Speaking from his home in Los Angeles, while putting finishing touches to the film,…

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no./2 the pandemic blockbuster has landed

“THERE’S A LITTLE bit of Romeo And Juliet about it, actually,” writer-director Adam Mason laughs, describing his upcoming Michael Bay-produced thriller Songbird. Where Shakespeare’s timeless romance divided its characters into Montagues and Capulets, however, Mason’s film separates its star-crossed lovers a different way — by immunity to COVID-19. Nine months after the start of the coronavirus crisis, there’s a wave of movies now emerging that embrace and acknowledge our new normal, and Songbird aims to be among the first. “It’s set in a world where LA has been under lockdown for 200 weeks,” he explains. “There’s a slight proportion of the population who have immunity to the virus, and they’re forced to carry out essential services to keep society functioning. Our hero is a bike courier who delivers packages, and…

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no./3 close encounter

COVID-19 DIDN’T AFFECT the making of Australian short film Abduction, but it messed up director Paul Komadina’s plans to attend the overseas festivals screening it. “We were finished by the time COVID started, but it affected the festivals themselves,” he told Empire. “Atlanta Film Festival was the first one we got into and it was going to be our world premiere, but it was delayed to September, so it became our second festival. We had plane tickets booked but COVID and lockdown happened, so we weren’t able to go.” The same thing happened with the North Bend Film Fest in Washington, which morphed into online festival Nightstream in October. It was an unanticipated bump in the road for Komadina and his film, which deals with the serious subjects of date rape and victim…