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November 2020

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editor's note

Hope and Storytelling WE KEEP OURSELVES GOING WITH STORIES, and every mind is a treasure house of legends. Here is one: Once upon a time, in Venezuela, a beautiful woman was widowed far too young. She was left with a young daughter, and her family decreed she marry a rich man she did not love. The widow stuffed her jewelry into a carpetbag, gathered her girl into her arms, and escaped the cruel arrangement on horseback. She fled to New York and into the arms of her girlhood love, a poor scholar. They settled down together, and she soon had two more children. But their happiness was brief; the scholar died during a great pandemic. A widow again but still a proud beauty, she found another suitor. Her third lover was the…

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the must list

№ 1 THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 MOVIES AARON SORKIN HAS LABORED for years to tell a sensational slice of 20th-century history: the trial of seven famed antiwar activists for inciting a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention (an eighth was removed from the case). The West Wing creator wasn’t about to let our own tumultuous current moment stop him from releasing his film version of those events before the presidential election. “We would have hung a sheet in the parking lot and projected it against that,” says the writer-director. Thankfully, Netflix came to the rescue, so you can watch it from your couch on Oct. 16. Q+A AARON SORKIN What’s your history with Chicago 7? / I was asked over to [producer] Steven Spielberg’s house and he said he really wanted to…

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barack before obama

IN 2004, BARACK OBAMA was an Illinois state senator with a very big dream, and David Katz was a recently graduated photographer with a very big camera. This holiday (and election) season, their partnership comes to the page in Barack Before Obama, Katz’s collection of snaps taken during Obama’s historic run for the U.S. Senate and, eventually, the presidency. As official campaign photographer—and predecessor to the famed Pete Souza—he took more than 90,000 photos, many of which showcase the Obama family before they were First. Here, three never-before-seen shots from the collection. —SEIJA RANKIN PUBLISHER ECCO DATE DEC. 1 THE BARBERSHOP “Obama had been getting his hair cut at the same barbershop on the South Side of Chicago since the late 1990s,” writes Katz of this shot at the Hyde Park Hair Salon. Throughout…

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3 questions for riz ahmed in sound of metal

1 You play a recovering heroin addict and punk drummer who begins to rapidly lose his hearing. Did the role offer a head start for coping with pandemic isolation? It was strangely prescient—a character chasing all these things until an unexpected health crisis lands him in a purgatory, forced to reassess what really matters.… That’s what everyone’s been going through! I was forced to confront a version of that to play Ruben—how I might define myself through performing. But I still have a ton of digging to do. 2 You learned to sign dialogue and also improvised some scenes. How’s your ASL holding up? All skills get rusty, and I feel like my ASL kind of sucks right now! I love languages. I spent hours a day for about seven months…

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winston duke in nine days

ALLOW WINSTON DUKE TO EXPLAIN WHAT MANY DIZZIED, dazzled viewers who wandered out of the Sundance premiere of Nine Days this past January could not: the plot, in 25 words or less. “I say it’s the story of a man tasked with a job in the afterlife to interview spirits for the opportunity to be born,” he tells EW. It’s also, after several years of stealing scenes in films as varied as Black Panther, Us, and Spenser Confidential, his first definitive starring role; there’s almost no scene during its two-hour-plus run time that his character—a quiet, sweater-vested enigma named Will—is not on screen. (Though you will undoubtedly recognize several aspiring souls who pass through his desert waystation, including Zazie Beetz, Bill Skarsgård, and Tony Hale). As the man who ultimately decides…

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chloé zhao of nomadland

THIS INTIMATE DRAMA centers on a displaced wanderer, Fern (Frances McDormand), who travels the country by van. From the director of The Rider and Marvel’s upcoming epic Eternals, it was the hottest title of the fall festival circuit, with Chloé Zhao, 38, winning Venice’s prestigious Golden Lion. In addition to Frances McDormand, you cast actual nomads to play themselves. How did you tell their stories? It’s a very similar process as in my previous films: Sit down with them and get to know them. Hearing their stories, there might be elements where I go, “Oh, I think I could naturally incorporate that into the film.” Then on the day, they would have a script as a blueprint, and they would change things to how they would say it. They’re very good…