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act now, before it hurts

WANT TO SEE change coming to a major industry? Just watch a little kid in front of a TV. I did it earlier this summer. My 4-year-old son and I were on a JetBlue flight, and he started flipping around the in-seat TV channels. This was a foreign experience for him; we cut the cord at home, so he’s grown up with apps like PBS Kids. Now he had dozens of live channels at his fingertips, and he landed on Nickelodeon, which was also foreign to him. SpongeBob SquarePants was on, and he was hooked. Riveted. Giggly! (Although he thought SpongeBob was made of cheese.) Then a commercial break began. “What is this?” he asked. I explained it was a series of ads. “I don’t want them,” he said. I said that nobody…

6 min.
no meetings. no planning. go!

What do you do for a second act, when your first act literally changed an industry? That was the question facing makeup powerhouse Bobbi Brown, whose simple line of lipsticks blossomed into the billion-dollar company Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She left it in 2016 with no plans for what to do next; all she knew was that she was done with corporate life. (The company had been acquired decades earlier by Estée Lauder.) “It wasn’t freeing,” she says. “It was like, Oh, shit; now what?” But she’s since found an answer—expanding into new territories with a supplements line for Walmart (Evolution_18), an editorial site (justBOBBI), and a boutique hotel (The George), all of which launched this spring. She also has a new podcast (Long Story Short) and a film and photo…

3 min.
3 ways innovative paper packaging can give your business an edge

Packaging design is an opportunity, one that often gets overlooked in the day-to-day crush of running a business. Smart brands understand that beyond protecting the products, exceptional packaging can also create an unboxing experience that can delight customers. “In our age of consumerism and anxiety, any sense of luxury or personal differentiation is a big deal,” says Isis Shiffer, the founder of Spitfire Industry, a New York City-based industrial design consultancy. Packaging can also communicate your company’s values, whether that’s a commitment to a seamless user experience, sustainability, or a focus on health. Wellness brands, for example, often use undyed simple prints and plain, unvarnished corrugated cardboard, an aesthetic that conveys simplicity and transparency. Below, Shiffer shares tips for harnessing the innovative applications of paper to create packaging that gives your product…

5 min.
charity or company?

Kenton Lee was traveling through Nairobi when he had, as he says jokingly, “the only idea I’ve ever had.” He saw an orphan girl’s shoes that were way too small; someone had cut off the front so her toes could stick through. “Right there, I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice if there were shoes that could grow?” Then he went home to Boise, Idaho, developed a shoe that expands five sizes, and founded the nonprofit Because International—which today, 12 years later, has distributed more than 250,000 pairs worldwide. And somewhere along the way, an unexpected thing happened. American parents started asking to buy his expandable shoes for their growing kids. He saw the value of it: If he sold shoes, he might not have to do as many fund-raising dinners and…

3 min.
never be closing

ABC. Always be closing.” Everyone in sales has heard that line. The rest of the world probably knows it from the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross, where Alec Baldwin’s character treats it as gospel. It’s taken as truth in the sales world. But here’s the thing: It’s completely wrong. In fact, the “always be closing” approach to sales is the enemy of persuasion. It may have worked in the past, but today’s low-trust world demands an entirely different approach. The basic presumption behind that infamous saying is that everything a person says or does in the course of persuading someone should be aimed purely at getting to yes. It’s about aggressively pushing your audience to make the decision you want them to make, whether it’s in their interest or not. It’s about…

2 min.
creating a new concept

Nicci Levy knew that women are willing to pay to look their best. She was a Botox sales rep in Beverly Hills, after all—and business was booming. But then she spotted a bigger opportunity. “People were spending thousands of dollars on these injections, but the experience was like going to the doctor to get a flu shot,” she says. Levy envisioned a business that would do for Botox what Drybar did for blowouts, creating an experience that customers crave as much as the service they’re paying for. But… how could she build it? It would take her years—but in 2016, she finally opened the doors to what she calls her “aesthetics bar,” named Alchemy 43, in Beverly Hills. With investor backing, she’s since opened three more Los Angeles locations and…