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American Art Collector August 2018

Previewing upcoming art exhibitions from coast to coast, American Art Collector is a unique monthly magazine specially designed to bring living representational artists, galleries and active art collectors together in one place.

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Whether it be in print or in the digital world, one thing we’ve learned over all the years of doing a magazine geared toward art collectors is that content is king. Above anything else, the magazine that endures is the one that is able to come up with smart, well-written, unique and informative content issue after issue.To me, this is why collectors keep turning to American Art Collector to aid them on their collecting journey. Obviously, our gallery previews keep people alert as to what is coming on the market each month from the best galleries in the industry, but also our columns and art insights also help keep collectors abreast as to what is happening in the wider art market in the United States.We are also quite proud of…

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art news

Tavares Strachan, Who Deserves Aquamarine, Black, and Gold (FLAG), 2005-06, hand sewn cotton, 36 x 55. (Courtesy of Liz and Jonathan Goldman.)IndicatorsStorm King Art Center will present a collection of works from 17 artists exploring the impacts of climate change through cultural, scientific and aesthetic perspectives. Indicators: Artists on Climate Change will incorporate indoor and outdoor installations that detail the effects on our biological world and humanity. The show runs through November 11.Anna Valdez, Deer Skull with Blue Vase, 2017, oil on canvas, 42 x 40. (Courtesy the artist and Hashimoto Contemporary.)The BeyondCrystal Bridges Museum of American Art will host an exhibition dedicated to Georgia O’Keeffe and 21 other artists. The Beyond: Georgia O’Keeffe & Contemporary Art uses O’Keeffe’s impact on nature-inspired art to provide a touchstone for the next…

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art show calendar

JUL 2018(Courtesy Art Aspen.)27 ASPEN, COASPEN ICE GARDENArt AspenThis boutique-style fair features approximately 30 art galleries, showcasing work from 1950 to present. Nestled against Ajax Mountain, it provides the ideal environment for collectors, art patrons and VIPs to mingle and experience a dynamic marketplace of important art.www.art-aspen.comThrough July 29AUG 20182 SARATOGA SPRINGS, NYSARATOGA SPRINGS CITY CENTERREVEAL International Contemporary Art FairThe premiere of REVEAL will encompass works from artists of all stages, with a special focus on bringing fine art to the community of Saratoga Springs. Art panels and lectures will be held while fine art from various cultural backgrounds is on view.www.revealartfair.comThrough August 5SEATTLE, WACENTURYLINK FIELD EVENT CENTERSeattle Art FairThe Seattle Art Fair brings together the Pacific Northwest’s strong collector base as well as local, national and international galleries to…

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adam miller: diana and actaeon

Developed in the early Flemish technique, Diana and Actaeon, a new work by Adam Miller, tells the myth of a young hunter, Actaeon, and friends who have spent the day hunting game in the mountains around Thebes. “As the sun heats up they decide to end their hunt and approach a shaded and pleasant spring. This is the spring of the virgin goddess Diana,” says Miller. “She is naked and bathing with her [are] the nymphs of the spring. Actaeon approaches and sees the goddess naked. This is forbidden to mortal eyes, and in revenge she turns him into a stag. His dogs, no longer recognizing him, turn and devour him.” ■…

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interview with parker day

2 Transform (Jinyi Mu), archival inkjet prints, ed. of 3 plus 2 artist proofs, 24 x 36Parker Interviews Parker: A truly (self) reflective interviewParker Day has quickly become a good friend, a source of motivation and inspiration, as well as a fountain of raw positivity, ingenuity and gumption. When Day’s work hit the scene several years back it took the contemporary photography world by storm. People didn’t know what had hit them. Day has been shooting since she was just a child but really seemed to come into her own within the last several years.She found her niche amongst photographing and capturing the freaks and larger-than-life people and personalities that have entered her life, in one way or another. When I say “freaks” I mean people like her, people like…

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artistic connections

1 Crowds gather at the 2017 Seattle Art Fair. Courtesy Seattle Art Fair.2 Michael C. Spafford, COATLICUE (black, white and grey), oil on canvas with collage, 55 x 40. Courtesy Greg Kucera Gallery.3 Joan Nelson, Untitled, acrylic, ink, spray paint, marker, pencil and mascara on paper, 15¾ x 15½. Courtesy Adams and Ollman.The Pacific Northwest arts community is put on a international spotlight as the Seattle Art Fair, produced by Vulcan Arts + Entertainment and Art Market Productions, returns for its fourth edition at CenturyLink Field Event Center. The show, highlighting some of the best in contemporary and modern art, includes dealer booths, lectures and innovative public programming.Philadelphia Contemporary’s Nato Thompson will curate this year’s program of events for the first time in his role as the fair’s artistic director.…