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long shots

Another season was winding down, and a west wind found me at the top of the dunes, bathed in a chilly golden light. Winter mooring stakes dotted the harbor, and every last boat had been pulled. Nighty-night. I had come for the light and for the clear, sharp sky and the possibility of a fish — that was enough at this late stage of the season. My plan was to fish a handmade wooden plug until dark, maybe later if there were fish around. The one-of-a-kind lure was carved from a Norway maple that grew behind our family house, which we had owned for 65 years. For reasons I can’t recall, the tree was named after me, the way families sometimes give pet names to rocks, streams and boats. It was…

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Maryland-based photographer Jay Fleming focuses on the fish, wildlife, cultures and landscapes of Chesapeake Bay. His first book, Working the Water, documents the Bay’s seafood industry. Jay spent eight days aboard a scallop boat to shoot the photos for “High Seas Shucking.” Pat Ford is a retired Miami lawyer, award-winning fishing photographer and angler who has held two dozen world records during decades of fishing. Pat wrote and photographed “Nothing Like It,” about fly-fishing for blue marlin, and his photos accompany “The Secret Ways of Snook.” Pam Houston is the author of six books, including Deep Creek: Finding Hope In the High Country and Cowboys Are My Weakness. She teaches and mentors writers at University of California-Davis, the Institute of American Indian Arts and through the nonprofit she co-founded, Writing By Writers.…

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SUBSCRIBE TO ANGLERS JOURNAL Call (800) 877-5207 or visit anglersjournal.com. Subscriptions are $29 for one year (four issues: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Please send letters and comments to Anglers Journal, 10 Bokum Road, Essex, CT 06426, or email wsisson@aimmedia.com. SPECIAL PLACES Bill Sisson’s happily dazzling editorial in the Fall issue brought back memories of camping rough in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia when I was young [Between Fish, “Happily Dazzled”]. Thanks for the 15-minute escape into sweet reverie from a whirlwind deadline-driven week. I read it twice, then a third time, reveling in the evocative prose. I’m setting it to the side of my desk in case I need another medicinal dose. Jim Rhodes Anglers Journal just showed up, and I read Bill Sisson’s editorial. He tells a marvelous story. I always want to…

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sailfish alley

Before heading out for a fishing trip, most anglers monitor the weather closely, hoping for calm seas and light winds. The same cannot be said for those who target winter sailfish in Florida. These anglers pray for blustery cold fronts with winds cranking out of the north-northwest and a drop in temperature that will have you donning extra layers underneath your bibs and rain boots. Whoever says it never gets cold in Florida is dead wrong. Windswept spray on a 45-degree day will send a shiver down anyone’s spine. And when it does get cold, a switch flips and the sailfish action heats up. The Atlantic sailfish is not a true offshore billfish like its white and blue marlin cousins. This wily creature prefers to hunt on near-shore reef edges as it…

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teaching the teacher

Shayne Langford shows up at my house at 7 a.m. in his aging Toyota pickup on a sunny August morning wearing quick-dry pants, a long-sleeved sun shirt, a 4UR Ranch truckers’ cap sun-bleached to no color at all and stuck with eight bright flies, and polarized sunglasses that probably represent some reasonable percentage of his net worth. “It’s windy already,” he says, “but maybe down in the canyon we’ll be a little more protected. I’m just hoping we get in there while something’s still hatching, before the sun’s right overhead.” I’ve got half of my body in the closet looking for my water shoes. Somewhere here is a legitimate fishing shirt, with mesh and the button-down flap in the back, but finding that is an even bigger longshot. “Rain jacket, Clif bars,…

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feliz año nuevo

Diego greets me at the small airport in Neuquén, Argentina. He looks at my overpacked suitcase — almost too heavy for me to lift — and my hefty carry-on. “I am your guide, Diego,” he says. “Wait here. I get the truck.” He looks unhappy. Right now, the other guides at the ranch are fishing the Limay River with their guests. Diego will have spent his morning driving two-plus hours to pick me up, his new client, a girl with too much luggage. Of course he’s unhappy. We head southwest over high desert. It is New Year’s Day. I made a promise to myself long ago that I would always fly-fish on the first day of the year — not as a resolution, but because I thought this would somehow set…