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Anglers Journal celebrates the best writing, photography, illustration, design and sporting art on the topic of fishing. Come join some of the most prolific fishing editors and writers in the industry for the best angling experience on the water.

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never enough

Fall is the hungriest season. Migrations are in full swing, and creatures by the score are on the move and feeding intensely — from the 11 sanderlings scurrying up and down the steep beach face as I walk with surf rod in hand, to shoals of fish trailed by hundreds of gulls just a few miles off shore. Fishing this time of year is oft en feast or famine. When it’s good, it can be crazy good. Can you have too much of a good thing? I fished obsessively through my 30s and 40s; looking back, if I suffered one sin, it wasn’t greed or pride or envy. My fishing partners and I didn’t covet the fishing boats or catches of others. We were satisfied with our little boats and lives. My…

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Karl Anderson has won awards for his writing and video work, including a Telly for the film Stu Apte’s Quest for Giant Tarpon, and has guest-hosted a number of national fishing television programs. When he’s not fishing, he captains several boats, including 63- and 72-foot Merritts. A member of The Billfish Foundation and International Game Fish Association, Karl writes about a 51-year-old Merritt 42 in “A Long Run.” Monte Burke is the author of the New York Times bestseller Saban, a biography of University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban. His other books include 4th & Goal, which won an Axiom Award, and Sowbelly: The Obsessive Quest for the World Record Largemouth Bass. A contributing editor at Forbes, Garden & Gun and The Drake, Monte writes about legendary tarpon fisherman…

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OUR MISSION Anglers Journal is not your run-of-the-mill fishing mag. We created this publication for that special band of enthusiasts who feel most alive when they are on the water. This award-winning quarterly features gorgeous photography, great writing, art, adventure, commentary and more. Let us remind you why you first got hooked so deeply by this special world. Let Anglers Journal take you home. SUBSCRIBE Subscriptions are $29 for four issues (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Call (800) 877-5207 anglersjournal.com Editorial offices: Anglers Journal 10 Bokum Road Essex, CT 06426 wsisson@aimmedia.com…

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Call (800) 877-5207 or visit anglersjournal.com. Subscriptions are $29 for one year (four issues: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Please send letters and comments to Anglers Journal, 10 Bokum Road, Essex, CT 06426, or email wsisson@aimmedia.com. A PICTURE IS WORTH … I am enamored with Anglers Journal. It is, quite simply, the best. I think of this image I took a few years ago when I look at the beautiful photography in every issue. It was taken at dawn, during autumn, just north of Port Aransas, Texas, while tossing out a line with a live shrimp on the end. Pure bliss and the awe of Mother Nature. Christopher Brundage San Antonio, Texas NEVER ENOUGH I’m new to your magazine, and I absolutely love it. The quality is outstanding. Having worked for Capt. Al Anderson (“Skippy”) for…

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the armchair angler

Early Love and Brook Trout By James Prosek The Lyons Press This fall, return to James Prosek’s coming-of-age rendition set in the entangled world of woods, water and affection. The “Audubon of Trout,” as Prosek is known, leads readers through the tenderness of mentorship, first kisses, first fish, first kills and first friends in Early Love and Brook Trout. Paired with Prosek’s world-renowned paintings, the text’s layout is reminiscent of a children’s book. Illustrations occupy entire pages, and the font is plus-sized, eliciting an air of innocence that fades like a brook trout’s red belly after minutes out of the water. Prosek catalogs his intimate relationships — with rivers and with women — with reverence and humility, understanding his shortcomings and recognizing the riffled beauty he still must find. For those of us in…

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striper moon

I was 17 and on my way to pick up a date for a high school dance when I caught a glimpse of a rising moon on a cool September evening. Bright and fat as a peach, it stirred me. I rushed home, grabbed the keys to Dad’s boat and headed out in search of striped bass. In my delirium, I forgot my date. True story. It was, after all, a striper moon. The incident inspired my oldest brother to create a collage of images clipped from magazines. On a beach in the foreground stood a beautiful woman glancing longingly out to sea. Far in the distance was a figure fishing from a small Boston Whaler like my father’s. The caption read, “Oh well … I guess he’d rather chase bass.” One…