Bicycling August 2017

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LAST SUMMER, AFTER YEAR SO FSCHEMING, I spent three days riding in the SWISS ALPS I haven’t thought about climbing the same way since it became more about savoring than suffering … but more on that another time I hope you’ll plot your next b ike getaway after checking out the adventures in this issueYours doesn’t have to be as epic as pedaling from coast to coast (P.45)orEXPLORING COLOMBIA’S HIDDEN CLIMBS(P.54).But DO IT It’ll change the way you think about riding—maybe even about life // Speaking of … on page34we define life as “ That little thing we schedule a round riding.”(Ami right?) It’s one of 52 elements on “THE PPERIODOC TABLE OF CCYCLING,”one of my favorite stories we’ve ever done Get it as a stunning 18x24-inch poster (with bonus elements!)or as…

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the thing that changed it all

SKIPPING LUNCH INSIGHTS, IDEAS, AND INSPIRATION FROM ALL KINDS OF RIDERS People think there’s a lot to doing a wheelie, but it’s just balance. I used to practice on my way to and from high school on Governors Island in New York City, and during lunch instead of eating. Now I can wheelie 1½ miles from Brooklyn to Manhattan with one hand. It took me a little bit to learn it one-handed because I was scared—I’m not the type of guy who likes to fall. One day I went to a field and let go with my left hand, and the bike stayed up. Every time my front wheel goes in the air, it feels like it’s just me and the road and no one can stop me. I used to weigh…

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38 reasons to go ga-ga for the tour de france

TDF 2017 JULY 1-23 NO.01With shorter stages, fewer summit finishes,and two short time trials, it will be harder for Chris Froome to dominate the race from start to finish, so this year’s Tour could be the most unpredictable (and therefore most exciting) we’ve seen in years.—Whit Yost NUMBER 02 ’CAUSE THIS GUY THINKS YOU SHOULD WATCH. Pro racer Taylor Phinney of Cannondale-Drapac, as told to Whit Yost I have really fond memories of chasing the race with my dad [two-time stage winner, Davis Phinney] when I was a teenager. I rode a lot of the climbs before the race came through and felt the energy of all the people partying on the side of the road. I was like, ‘This is sick! I definitely want to do this!’ And I always loved watching it in the…

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five places you have to ride before they change forever

1 HIGHWAY 1 , CARMEL-BY-THESEA TO CAMBRIA , CALIFORNIA This 100-mile stretch of California State Route 1 might be the most dramatic coastline road in the country. Dozens of climbs and hairpin turns pass by centerfolds of crashing surf, thousand-foot cliffs, and oldgrowth redwoods. HOW IT'S CHANGING Average temperatures in the Sierra Nevada mountains—home to snowpack that provides 60 percent of the state’s water—may rise 10 degrees by the end of the century, increasing the risk of wildfires, drought, and severe flooding (drought conditions hamper the soil's ability to absorb water). Last year, a wildfire burned more than 132,000 acres south of Carmelby- the-Sea, due in part to years of drought. Then, this past winter, Big Sur had its wettest rainy season in more than a century. In February, heavy rain caused a…

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no hills, no problem!

UP! HELL YEAH,I ’LLCLIMB THAT! My friends and I regularly ride what we call the Tour de Garage, bombing through downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on weekends before the midmorning brunch traffic hits. Music blasts from a portable speaker, echoing off concrete as we corkscrew up seven stories, constantly climbing out of the saddle. At the top, the sunrise paints the skyline a majestic orange. We scream down, hitting county-road speeds, turning tight around the pylons. A dozen garages later, our Strava maps look like doodles, and our heart rate charts resemble mountain ranges. We’ve climbed more than 700 feet in 13 miles. Security guards sometimes eject our group of middle-aged cyclists, and occasionally we wipe out around turns. But this is the type of ride where you laugh all the way around…

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i bathe in a river and don’t give a shit

SICK BRAG: I RODE MY BIKE ACROSS THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES. IT ALL STARTED when I saw an Instagram post from Search and State, a cycling apparel company based in New York City. The caption said, “If you’ve always wanted to ride across the US, now is your time. Join us.” The selfsupported, cross-country bike tour was called the Search Brigade and was designed in a relay style—different ride leaders would plan and lead segments. Anyone could join at any time, for however long they wanted. Perfect for an inexperienced newb to touring, like me. The invitation scared the hell out of me, and when I get that feeling about something, I know I’m probably going to do it. The ride started from New York City in a week, so I…