Bicycling Issue 2 2019

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inside knowledge

TAHRA CHATARD, RIDER, WHAT I WISH I’D KNOWN WHEN I STARTED RIDING, P.30 Buy a quality crank. It’ll make your ride feel smoother and certainly more enjoyable. I use the SRAM Omnium and Sugino 75, both of which are affordably priced. ALISE WILLOUGHBY RIDER, WHAT I WISH I’D KNOWN WHEN I STARTED RIDING, P.28 During my workouts, I use Klean Hydration because I get all of the electrolytes and good stuff without the strong flavor or sugars of other sports drinks that can upset your stomach during the ride. ALLEN LIM, PH.D., RIDER, WHAT I WISH I’D KNOWN WHEN I STARTED RIDING, P.35 If you’re scared, slow down. We’ll wait. We’re not animals… ANDREW PRUITT RIDER, WHAT I WISH I’D KNOWN WHEN I STARTED RIDING, P.31 If you are over 50, the research…

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the selection

The last time I got better on a bike was when I decided I would never get any better at riding anymore, that my best days as a cyclist were behind me. I’d gotten divorced, and moved to a new city, and fallen in love again, and had a longer commute to work and a new dog in my life that needed walking in the mornings and evenings instead of just getting let out into the woods, and in that same year I changed up my job (working with Runner’s World and other brands as well as still getting to hang in there with the supremely cool talented staff of BICYCLING) and I had to be in New York a lot more and, look, you know exactly what happened: Instead of…

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what we're riding

MATT JACOBS TEST EDITOR / RIDES FASTER WHEN BEER IS AT THE DESTINATION 1 / Oakley Radar EV Path $190 I feel like my vision is more focused, and when on the trail everything seems more vibrant, thanks to the Prizm lens. Plus, I barely notice I’m wearing them. 2 / Deity Compound Pedals $50 I love these light, thin pedals because I can get a few seasons out of a pair and they’re equally great on flowy jump trails and gnarly downhill runs. 3 / Club Ride Shaka Flannel $90 A lot of my rides end up at a bar. The Shaka flannel is made of a moisture-wicking fabric, with vented underarms to keep me cool while riding, and thanks to the flannel pattern and collar, looking smart when I’m off the trail. 4 /…

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the ultimate 10-minute cross-training workouts for runners!

RUN STRONGER, FASTER — WITH FEWER INJURIES Runners who want to build speed and endurance need more than just intervals and long runs. They need strength, mobility, flexibility, and stability training. Adding this extra work to a runner’s busy schedule might sound like a tough task. But it’s not—thanks to 10-Minute Cross-Training for Runners DVD, which features five 10-minute post-run workouts. These workouts are excuse-proof: They require minimal time, space, and equipment. Yet the payoff is huge: increased running speed and endurance and reduced injury risk. Just cap off each run with one of these 10-minute routines, and you’ll become stronger and faster in just a few weeks.…

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the test zone

Unflinching on Gravel Over the past few months, we’ve been testing the hell out of gravel bikes—everything from the $850 Kona Rove to the ripping-fast Open U.P.P.E.R. Then we tried this one, the $15,585 custom titanium Evergreen XX “Scrambler” from Seven that rides even better than it looks. Whether or not this bike is worth the price is debatable. What’s not arguable is its performance. The Scrambler is smooth, unflinching, and capable of almost anything.—Matt Phillips, senior test editor Gore C5 Windstopper Women’s Trail Pants $200 As good as cycling tights are, some can leave you feeling cold and exposed on blustery days. A friend of mine rocks baggy shorts over his tights on trail rides—a style he calls, not endearingly, a “jacket over my ass.” That feels too cumbersome to me, so…

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how to get great braking power

DISC BRAKE MAINTENANCE MUST-HAVES 1 TOPEAK NANO TORQBAR DX / $80 When aligning your calipers or rotors, you’ll need a solid torque wrench to get the tension just right. This one does the trick. 2 JAGWIRE DISC BRAKE MULTI-TOOL / $42 Get four great disc brake tools in one: a rotor truing slot, brake pad/piston spreader, a bleed block, and a travel spacer. 3 JAGWIRE DISC BRAKE PADS / $11–$26 These pads are an affordable upgrade that can improve your braking experience—just be sure to pick ones made for your exact braking system, as there are no universal pads that work for all. 4 3M PRO GRADE PRECISION 220 GRIT FINE ADVANCED SANDING SHEETS / $5 FOR 4 There are plenty of good sandpaper options available, but this 220-grit paper from 3M is premium. This…