Bicycling Issue 4 2019

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inside knowledge

ELLIE CAREY, STRIDER, P.45 I love to do planks to make me stronger. I’ll even do them when watching movies or doing homework, or while I’m eating. I can usually hold a plank for three minutes at a time! ALSO: My favorite piece of gear is my Troy Lee Designs Youth SE4 Polyacry-lite helmet. It’s a bright neon green, so you can easily spot me on the track. DAN ROE, TERN GSD, P.84 If you want to make friends, ride an e-cargo bike. So many people stop to ask me questions about the Tern GSD I’ve been riding. As we part ways, I can see them picturing themselves pedaling away, unshackled from their dependence on cars. ALSO: Upgrade to a chain lock if you’re serious about the e-cargo lifestyle so you don’t hog…

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the selection

Because I reviewed it back in 2012 and because we capture all sorts of specs for the bikes we test, I must have at some point known the weight of my Pegoretti. But I couldn’t tell you today where that bike—the one you can see on page 66 in our story proclaiming a custom Responsorium to be one of the 10 Greatest Bikes Ever—tips the scale. I never cared. It never mattered to me. It never mattered to Dario, either. He told me once why he believed that—or at least he told me one of the reasons he believed that. There were, I know, many. The one we talked about that time was this: “How a bicycle feels to a rider cannot be quantified. But frame weight is easy to measure so…

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what we’re riding

MECHANIC AND LOGISTICIAN LOVES RIDING BIKES ALL DAY. LITERALLY. FOR 24 HOURS STRAIGHT 1 / Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX $35 It’s like having a full set of Allen keys without the size and bulk. It provides enough leverage to tighten nuts and bolts, and can access hard-toreach places. 2 / Chamois Butt’r Eurostyle $20 I’ve been using it as my chamois cream for as long as I can remember, with no saddle sores. There’s less greasy residue than with other creams, and it washes off of clothing and skin very easily. 3 / Backcountry Research Tülbag $16 I keep my Ratchet Rocket in there along with other essentials. It’s waterproof and has a Griptech rubberlike backing to prevent it from slipping out of my jersey pocket. 4 / Clifford the Trail Dog $275 adoption…

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it’s not the bike, it’s the man

Sport fans and spectators alike need not read any further. This is not for you. This is for those riders that truly live to ride; those riders that eat, drink and dream about going faster. And now, thanks to recent advances in sports nutrition, scientists have found a legal solution that can help riders like you achieve your dreams by boosting EPO production naturally. EPO stands for Erythropoietin, a hormone that gives blood a greater capacity for carrying oxygen. Doctors first used EPO to counter red blood cell loss that resulted from chemotherapy treatment in cancer patients. When synthetic EPO became available several decades ago, endurance athletes, especially cyclists, started using EPO to gain an advantage during training and races. The reason was simple: with more oxygen being delivered to muscles, performance…

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the test zone

Tester’s Notebook RockShox Reverb AXS Seatpost $800 •Cake to install—no cables, wires, or hoses •Nothing inside or against the frame—quiet •Big, remote paddle is easy to toggle in rough terrain •Short throw and light push, so it responds faster •It costs how much? •Up to 60 hours of riding time between recharges. Not bad. —Louis Mazzante COOLEST THING ON MY DESK Oakley DRT5 Helmet $200 Oakley’s new mountain bike helmet impresses with a ton of cool features, but the one we most wanted to test is its sunglass-retention system. Two tensioned clips grab the arms of your eyewear. We tried it with a dozen models, from $200 Oakley Radars to $39 Goodr sunnies. Here’s what we found: •Holds more securely than slipping arms into vent holes • Works with most sunglasses • Requires two-handed operation • Position on top of helmet leaves glasses vulnerable…

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road shorts

1. Length and fit vary. But generally, cycling shorts should feel compressive. A tighter fit reduces flapping and friction-induced saddle sores. 2. The fit around your legs is as important as it is around your waist. You don’t want shorts to slide around or be too constrictive. Want a stretchier fit? Look for wide leg grippers to hold them in place. 3. Bibs fit better, eliminate the gap between short and jersey, and are often more comfortable. Shorts are easier to drop for midride pee stops. 4. Check the fit by doing squats. You will feel any pinch points and get a good sense of how the material moves with your body.…