Bicycling Issue 6 2019

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inside knowledge

DAVID GUETTLER, HEY, BIKE SHOPS, P.80 My worst day on the bike was during a February ride in California. We rode down the Big Sur Coast through what was essentially a hurricane. Swirling, gusting headwinds that at one point blew us off the road. I learned to not eat a marijuana brownie for breakfast before rides like that. ALSO: My Spurcycle bell is my favorite piece of gear. It’s saved my ass many times and is a true musical instrument. Beautiful tone, which is great, because I have to hear it a lot. KATIE FOGEL, GO BANANAS, P.72 Try out a few different saddles before you buy one. They’ll all get uncomfortable after a few hours, but it shouldn’t be that bad. I learned this way too late in the game. ALSO: The…

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the selection

I had one jersey when I came to Bicycling in 1991. I had one bike, too, and one pair of shorts (not bibs, not back then), and one pair of shoes, one pair of gloves, one helmet. I had two water bottles. I rode in the same stuff every day, washing the jersey and shorts at night. I’d been at a job that I loved but that couldn’t fund things like a telephone or a bed. The little cycling gear I owned had come as hard-bought extravagances. Sometimes I wouldn’t get to washing the jersey, so I’d ride the next day in a T-shirt, and when I did that, I lied and told people the tee was a trick I used to make sure I would ride easy enough to really…

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what we’re riding

DAISY HERNANDEZ ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR, RIDING IN STYLE SINGE ’94 1 / Motobecane Le Champion CF Roadster $2,200 This is the bike that turned me into a cyclist, and the first one I’ve ever truly loved. It’s a badass carbon-fiber dream that slices through the air and offers a smooth ride with intuitive shifting. 2 / Giant Rev Comp MIPS $85 When I started riding, a quality helmet was one of the first things everyone told me I needed to have. This Rev Comp by Giant is easy to adjust, fits well, and looks good. Plus, I love the TransTextura Plus antimicrobial padding because it keeps odor at bay. 3 / Neutrogena Beach Defense Body Spray Sunscreen $14 I take few things as seriously as melanoma prevention. This sunscreen is easy to apply and…

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the test zone

CRASH TESTED These $20 ForceFlex shades are designed for toughness, so we put the ultra-flexible design through a series of increasingly rigorous real-world tests: BUTT IMPACT: Sat on them in back pocket, no damage MISSTEPS: Stepped on them, they bounced right back THROWN FROM YOUR FACE: We chucked them against our office walls, still good ROLLOVER COLLISION: Rode over them on a mountain bike, not even a scratch SKID CONTEST: After landing a bunny hop onto the frames, we finally bent the hinges and seriously scratched the lenses. —Dan Roe A METER-BY-METER ACCOUNT OF HOW WE TESTED THE 2,000-LUMEN LIGHT & MOTION SECA RACE AT OUR LOCAL TRAILS AFTER SUNDOWN 30 meters Lit up the forest enough that I could observe the angles of individual rocks along the trail and the wildlife through the trees. 100 meters Saw into…

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stealth cycling

Among the manufacturer claims we evaluated in our recent smart trainer test: “virtual silence.” Using a decibel meter, we recorded the latest Wahoo Kickr at 69 dB as Test Editor Bobby Lea rode at 15 mph—not silent, but about as loud as standing atop a Woodway treadmill set at jogging pace. Test editor and 3x Olympian Bobby Lea tried HVMN Ketones for a 100-mile bike race to see if it would make him faster. As a pro, I trained my body to burn fat at high intensities for as long as possible, saving my glycogen stores for when I really needed them. But I retired three years ago, and my metabolic efficiency isn’t what it used to be, so I tried HVMN Ketone Ester—natural, drinkable ketones—to save my glycogen stores until the…

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moisture-wicking test

We cut a strip from a Kitsbow Hilso tech tee and compared its moisture-wicking properties with that of a 100 percent polyester tee. Using the industry-standard vertical wicking test, we dipped both fabrics into an inch of water and recorded how long it took each to wick moisture skyward: After six minutes, the polyester tee couldn’t wick more than an inch, but the Hilso kept on wicking up to three inches above the H20—proof that it can coax moisture off your KITSBOW HILSO 1" ……….0:40 2" ……….2:10 3" ……….6:00 VS. PURE POLYESTER 1" ……….2:30 2" ……….N/A 3" ……….N/A…