Bicycling Issue 2 2020

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inside knowledge

JESSICA McWHIRT WINNING ISN’T EVERYTHING, P.26 It’s embarrassing, but I imagine Wonder Woman—how strong and powerful she is—and say to myself, I am strong. And when repeating I am strong gets old, I count my pedal strokes: 1…2…3... plus: I make this drink my friend Jared introduced me to: 1 serving Generation UCAN Performance Energy powder, 1 serving Bio-Steel Sports Hydration Mix, and 1 serving MCT oil. I drink a bottle of it before a race for the added energy. For long rides, I double the servings. FLOYD LANDIS CBD MOGUL, P.56 I wish I’d known before I started riding how many bugs would fly into my mouth. Close your mouth more often when you’re riding so you don’t eat a bug. also: I can definitely outride an unladen African swallow. The reason?…

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my bicycling life

BOBBY LEA TEST EDITOR SEARCHING FOR #DADWATTS SINCE SEPTEMBER ’19 PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1/Cannondale Scalpel Si Hi-Mod World Cup $11,000 I just upgraded the suspension to the new Lefty Ocho fork and a Fox DPS EVOL Factory shock. I love this lightweight XC ripper. 2/Mavic Open Pro Wheelset $390 It’s tough to beat these hoops. They’re silky smooth on the road, capable of riding rough gravel, cheap and easy to maintain, and will last forever. 3/Stihl Farm Boss Chainsaw $410 I’m finally building a trail system on my farm. This saw makes quick work of the stuff that’s too big for branch clippers and my skinny biker arms. ONE RIDER WHO INSPIRES ME Cycling caught my attention in the late ’80s, and my heroes were the stars of that era. Greg LeMond was my guy because he pushed boundaries, defied norms,…

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my bicycling life

JENNIFER SHERRY ASSOCIATE TEST DIRECTOR THERE BETTER BE MUSIC IN HEAVEN—AND, JIC, HELL TOO PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1/Rokform V4 Pro-Series Bike Mount $60 I’m confident my iPhone 8 won’t end up on the ground when it’s locked into the stemmounted Rokform. 2/Küat Sherpa 2.0 $498 So easy to operate, even my 12-year-old has no excuse to not load and unload bikes. 3/Buca Boot $125 This hard-shell box attaches to your rear rack; it can be locked when closed or ridden open to reveal nylon panniers. THE BEST THING ABOUT RIDING Having the freedom to make last-minute decisions about which way to turn, and never really knowing if the other way would have been the better choice. ALVIN AND THE BUCA BOOT Alvin is a 13-pound Chihuahua who was left in the road with a broken back (hit and run!) before…

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the selection

I’m starting to get those first fluttery intimations that I might be finding some form again, and it’s got me thinking about the last time I felt really fit on a bike. I had to look up the date—August 13, 2016—but I remember so much about that ride with so much clarity. I should tell you that as a training resource I am not much use. I haven’t formally trained for anything in almost two decades. I used to have coaches and plans and everything, but somewhere in there the demands of my life and my job got me to a place where I could not stomach the idea of a bicycle ride being another number to hit, another obligation, another performance goal. But I still loved feeling fit on a…

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is the road race bike as good as it gets—or can it be better?

IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED, THERE’S A LOT OF new and exciting stuff happening in the world of bicycles. Gravel bikes are redefining the drop-bar experience. Off-road touring bikes, or what I like to call super-gravel bikes, are becoming extremely capable of getting us off pavement and farther into the wild. E-bikes are evolving at such an astonishing rate, it’s hard to imagine life without them. And mountain bikes, whose geometry rules are in the midst of a major rewrite, keep getting longer, lower, and slacker. In almost every category, cycling equipment is evolving as brands continue to experiment with and improve the machine we love so much. Almost every category. There’s still one kind of bike that’s been virtually locked in amber for about 20 years: the halo of our sport,…

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put the brakes on weight creep to ride strong for life

CONFESSION: EARLY IN MY RIDING (AND writing) life, when people would lament that they were gaining weight despite the fact that they were still riding, training, and eating the same, I kind of didn’t believe them. I, like so many trainers at the time, believed the old saws that adults gain weight over time because they become more sedentary. Case closed. That’s just simply not true. Sure, life gets busy. Jobs, relationships, family, friends—all those obligations can put the squeeze on riding and training time. But even if you don’t change a thing, you change. You can ride, race, and train just as much, eat the same sunup to sundown, and still find your kits getting increasingly snug. Believe me, I know. And it’s not just you. In an informal online Bicycling poll asking,…