Bicycling Issue 3 2020

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stacy liddle

I love riding/racing gravel. Less cars, good bike handling skills, and an incredible cycling community. Reminds me of when I first started group riding. People have the openness to share their skills and help with mechanicals, and the camaraderie of helping each other get to the finish line. I’d tell someone to find a mountain or ’cross bike they’re really comfortable on and sign up for a supported ride. This would be a very low budget way to see how they like it, before they invest in all kinds of gear. ALSO: My favorite piece of cycling gear is a good-fitting pair of black shorts because they go with everything—probably my equivalent of the little black dress.…

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chris pino

My Dynaplug Racer has saved me on more than one occasion recently, but if I had to pick a favorite item, I’d go with a burrito-style handlebar bag. Perfect for an extra pair of gloves, wind jacket, and some snacks. There’s a ton of options out there, but they all do that same thing. I never leave home without it nowadays. ALSO: I went to Scotland on a “Vision Quest” last year with one of my best friends (mates) and got absolutely broken down by the late-autumn Scottish weather. It was everything I was looking for—and then some.…

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my bicycling life

TAYLOR ROJEK ASSOCIATE FEATURES EDITOR YES, I WOULD LIKE TO GET FOOD AFTER THE RIDE PRODUCT SI’M USING RIGHT NOW 1/Ex Officio BugsAway Woven Bandana $12 This bandana is infused with insect repellent to keep all those damn bugs out of my face. 2/Newkirk Wildflower Honey $17 for 24oz Coffee is overrated. What you need is tea with lemon and this amazing honey. 3/SportDOG Fieldtrainer 425x $165 This e-collar helps me remind my Norwegian Elkhound mix, Rosie, to come back after she runs off to chase deer. THE GREATEST RIDE OF MY LIFE Transylvania Epic. I didn’t think I could do a five-day race. I didn’t really WANT to do a five-day race, but a friend convinced me. It taught me that I can do superhard things—and that I don’t have to do superhard things to be the…

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the selection

Why do we love certain bikes more than others? Of all the bikes in this issue, the one I have the most time on is the Trek Domane SLR7 Disc. In his review on page 36, our lead tester on the Domane, Matt Phillips, makes a compelling case for why he judges it “the best drop-bar road bike from a mainstream brand you can buy right now.” About the only thing I’d add to Matt’s evaluation is that this Domane is so versatile I almost don’t want to classify it as a road bike—sometime over the winter, on a particularly cold and windy day, I ducked off the road onto a wooded singletrack for a fun 40 minutes on sharp sidehill exposures, steep dives and compression whoops, and some log overs—yet…

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i’m all for lower, longer, slacker mountain bikes, but let’s not take it too far!

AUTHOR MATT PHILLIPS FROM DURANGO, COLORADO CREDENTIALS HAS RIDDEN MORE THAN 1,000 BIKES IN HIS 20-YEAR CAREER (SOFA) FIRST MOUNTAIN BIKE 1987 (OR WAS IT ’88?) DIAMOND BACK ASC ENTEX FAVORITEMTB RIGHT NOW PIVOT SWITCH BLADE DUMBES TM TBT REND ON-THE-FLY GEOMETRY/TRAVELAD JUST BEST MT BTECH FOX LIVE VALV WHEEL SIZE PREFERENCE 29-INCH (AT THE MOMENT) BEST TRAIL VIEW TO POFF THE WORLD, WHISTLER, BC IN THE LAST issue, I used this space to bring to light the virtual standstill the roadrace bike’s evolution has come to—and in contrast celebrated all the new and exciting stuff happening in the rest of the bicycle world. I went on to point out that the geometry rules of the mountain bike are in the midst of a major rewrite, with “lower/longer/slacker” (LLS) being its hottest and most-evolving trend. Like a lot of trends, it’s…

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the get-fit-and-fast-in-a-hurry training plan

S#IT HAPPENS. ONE minute it’s November, and you have all the time in the world to get ready for those summertime rides and races. The next minute, you’re pedaling past daffodils wondering where the off-season went. Don’t panic. Unless you’re prepping for Le Tour this summer, you’ve still got plenty of time to ramp up your training and build speed and endurance, even on a tight time budget. Here’s exactly what to do to get into shape fast. STRESS THE SYSTEMS // Stress gets a bad rap, but in the right doses, it’s actually good for you. That’s what training is, after all: stress. It’s the practice of pushing your body past its current state and forcing it to adapt so those higher intensities become your new normal. Once you have a…