Bicycling Issue 6 2020

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inside knowledge

SHANNON LEIGH GEAR OF THE YEAR/GARAGE P. 40 When I was learning to ride as a kid, I could not figure out braking. We’d ride the Centennial Trail, and my mode for stopping was to just run into the blackberry bushes on the side of the trail. I’m glad I’ve figured out how to use brakes now! ALSO: The only thing that makes a bike great is if someone is having a blast on it! If you love riding your bike, your bike is great. DAISY HERNANDEZ GEAR OF THE YEAR/WEAR P. 50 You don’t have to have a race schedule, log hundreds of miles a week, or stick to a regimen to be considered a cyclist. Riding a bike because you love to and it brings you joy is enough. ALSO: I have a mantra I whisper…

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my bicycling life

SENIOR ART DIRECTOR RIDES OVER RACES PRODUCTS I’M USING RIGHT NOW 1 / Rapha Essentials Case $65 Fits a tube, two tire levers, CO2, a SWAT mini CO2 head, cash, and my old driver’s license with contact info taped to the back. 2 / Black Mettle Chamois Cream w/Activated Charcoal From $10 TMI: I used to suffer from bad saddle sores and hot spots. But not anymore. 3 / Silca HX-ONE Home Essential Kit $125 I feel like a pro tour mechanic using this—even though I watched the rear derailleur adjustment video on YouTube 20 times. BEST ADVICE I’VE RECEIVED Double-rinse your kits on laundry day; no one wants a foaming chamois. BEST POST RIDE SNACK Some rides I come home so cracked that I go right for the peanut butter jar and a big glass of iced tea. WHAT…

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my bicycling life

FOUNDER CIS TRAINING SYSTEMS, BICYCLING MEMBERSHIP COACH BROOKLYN, NY A Little Bit About Me My cycling and coaching philosophy dates back to 1993, when I worked as a diversity and inclusion exec in banking and finance. During that time, I achieved Cat 2 cycling status and an advanced-level black-belt degree and two brown belts in three martial arts disciplines. In 2009, I wanted to channel my entrepreneurial spirit and love for cycling into a more fulfilling career. So I pressed forward and created CIS Training Systems, a coaching service and cycling community. I discovered innovative ways of combining the science of cycling, the art of coaching, and the principles of leadership stressed in martial arts. I teach my clients to overcome mental obstacles to create more effective long-term training behaviors. Overall, my methodology…

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in a year when so much is changing, we’re changing the way we review products

At Bicycling, we believe that the right gear can transform the way you ride. The ideal tire tread, or roll of bar tape, or perfectly contoured saddle does more than meet your immediate needs; it reflects who you are as a cyclist and the type of rider you aspire to be (and that’s true whether you’re motivated by performance, style, comfort, or frugality). To help you find those outstanding products, we’ve built the largest and most experienced team of cycling test editors. They rigorously review hundreds of bikes and thousands of products each year. For this issue, we pulled from that testing to recommend—and celebrate—the 100 best products we’ve tried in 2020. It’s the largest Gear of the Year package we’ve ever created, stuffed with the clothing, components, bikes, and…

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how to do it

ADJUST TO COOLER RIDING WEATHER Lower temps mean your body needs a little more time to warm up when riding. To get your muscles ready, do an easy loop near your home. If you’re able, loop by your house or car early in the ride so you can shed any layers that seemed like a good idea before you started pedaling. If not, gear up with easy-to-shed layers such as light jackets or vests and arm or knee warmers. When it’s not super hot out, it feels less crucial to reach for your water bottle, but that’s a huge mistake. Make sure you’re still drinking around one bottle per hour, says Nanci Guest, R.D., sports nutrition expert—even if you don’t feel as thirsty as you did when it was 100 degrees, you…

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corner on a bike like the pros

BRAKE EARLY On descents or high-speed turns, start braking before the turn. “If you are turning and braking at the same time, you have a higher risk of losing traction,” Henderson says. You’ll also want to think about braking earlier than usual leading up to the turn when riding in wet conditions, even with disc brakes. “It’s not just the power of the brake, it’s keeping the tire in contact with the ground, and not sliding or skidding,” he adds. Use both front and rear brakes, and feather them lightly, rapidly alternating pressure and releasing. LOOK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO As you go through the turn, shift your gaze to where you want your bike to follow. This will help you maintain a smooth line and control where you exit the turn. MIND…