Bicycling January - February 2018

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join the ride

ONE THING I LOVE ABOUT RIDING BIKES: When you pu sh through something that ’s been holding you back, it’s crazy empowering. AND IT CASCADES INTO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, MAKING YOU FEEL GREAT ABOUT YOURSELF OFF THE BIKE. // To harness that potential, we packed this issue full of inspiration and advice to help you smash all kinds of limits in 2018. WANNA GET FASTER? Check out the success s tor ies (page 41) from readers who achie ved remarkable re sults from our wildly popular Maximum Overload training program. Hoping to finally nail that gnarly section of trail? Find out how one woman tamed her local nemesis in YOU GOT THIS! (PAGE 32). Ready to ditch the grind for a job that marries your passion with your…

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the thing that changed it all

I’m into eyebrow-raising rides, where people are like, “You did what?!” It started after graduating from college in 2007, when I asked my buddy, Sammy, if he was dumb enough to ride from Thousand Oaks [California] to Disneyland on our fixies—something like 80 miles. He surprisingly said yes. We had been riding for about six months, and we weren’t in shape. We wore cutoff jeans, T-shirts, and Vans. I was running 46x18 gearing, so the climbing was slow. I had never cramped like that in my life! But once we saw the sign for Disneyland, all the pain was gone—we had made this insane idea a reality. We were wrecked for days afterward, but it was an eye-opener to see how far a bike could take me and what I…

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dream job alert

U nless you’re one of the scant few who is paid to pedal a bike, you may view your job as a series of obstacles to your riding: the hours spent chained to a desk (or on your feet), the lack of safe bike parking, the spandex-phobic colleagues. ¶ But what if you didn’t have to put your bike life on hold during business hours? ¶ At these 25 companies, cyclists aren’t just tolerated, they’re rewarded—with perks ranging from free bike-share memberships to on-site spin studios to cash benefits for commuting on two wheels. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all: spending your days with like-minded coworkers who will roll with you at lunch (or even across the country), give you kudos on Strava, and at least pretend to listen enthusiastically…

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velocio x bicycling ultralight jersey

GET YOUR OWN! AVAILABLE IN MEN’S AND WOMEN’S SIZES ($149) AT SHOPBICYCLING.COM How do we choose our favorite things? Maybe we don’t. It’s often more of a subtle acknowledgment that a thing has worked a kind of magic over time until it becomes essential. I realized that the Velocio Ultralight jersey had become one of my favorites when I found myself washing it with a bar of soap in the sink of a tiny hotel room in a Swiss ski town so I could wear it the next day when I climbed the Col du Sanetsch. I chose it because I knew I’d forget I had it on as I made my way up the most challenging climb I’d ever attempted. I wanted to savor the experience without any wardrobe distractions. Perhaps that’s…

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born to roam

In 1951, Tenzin “Nam” Namdol’s ancestral home country of Tibet was usurped by the People’s Republic of China. After the Tibetan uprising against China’s Communist Party in 1959, thousands of Tibetans, including Namdol’s then-8-yearold mother, left the country to live in exile in other parts of the world. Namdol was born in India, and her family emigrated to the United States when she was 10. Since then, she’s devoted much of her time to speaking out about environmental and human rights issues—and she’s recently begun taking her message on the road by bike. In 2017, she was selected for cycling gear manufacturer Blackburn’s Ranger program, which provides riders with equipment and a bike in exchange for sharing their travel stories and providing product feedback. We caught up with Namdol while…

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you got this

WHAT SHE DID RIGHT GOT HELP The most powerful weapons against fear are information and a sense of control, says Jeff Wise, author of Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger. By gaining knowledge and skills, Patty armed herself with both. “I DREADED TRAFFIC.” THE CAR BEHIND ME GROWLED. An SUV ahead had just stopped and reversed to parallel park. I braked clumsily between the two, panicking. “I don’t have a seat belt—or an airbag. I’m gonna die!” At 43 years old, I was a novice, taking a new bike for a test ride from a Brooklyn, New York, shop. I had learned to ride as a kid in the suburbs, but then my family moved to the Bronx, where a prevailing fear of muggers and traffic meant that no one in the…