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best photos of the   tour de france

THE TOUR DE FRANCE IS the largest free sporting event in the world, watched live roadside by millions each year; the race is as much a part of French summer holidays as a picnic in the mountains or a trip to the beach. So it’s no surprise that many well-known photographers have worked in or around the Tour at some point in their careers. As sports go, cycling provides a photographer’s ideal scenario for reportage, social documentary, or street photography: It happens in real time, and in the public environment. And anywhere the road goes, the peloton follows. ¶ In my 2016 book, Magnum Cycling, I curated historic racing images from incredibly talented photographers. The following photos and captions from that book represent some of the most powerful moments in…

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nigel sylvester is gonna keep going bigger   and he doesn’t need your permission to do it

THE JUMP looks spontaneous, improvisational, like a wild existential leap, but in fact the trick was meticulously plotted and choreographed. Nigel Sylvester had scouted and schemed for weeks during the spring of 2013, riding the subway through Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, finally settling on the 145th Street Station, far uptown on the west side of Manhattan, at two in the morning, when no one was around to tell him no. In the published photo of the jump, the one that went viral on Instagram, Nigel looks immaculate, as if he were making a BMX tutorial. In flight over live subway tracks, he’s wearing a white knit cap and a red hoodie that sails out behind him like the tail of a subterranean bird of prey. His posture is relaxed, balanced, and…

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you said you liked adventure

Outside our shelter, rain came down in sheets and the surf thundered against the rocky cliff walls. Above the roar, our empty stomachs growled. I fantasized about bacon and eggs slathered in Reuben sandwiches and sushi, garnished with spaghetti and waffles. When you can’t have anything, you want everything. My girlfriend Kim and I were three weeks into a fat bike and packraft expedition in Southeast Alaska, a trip that we had planned would take two to three months, but we’d reached an unexpected dead end. This was our third late-July evening stuck on a remote beach along the Gulf of Alaska, stranded by weather and unable to advance, retreat, and most crucially, restock our supplies. To kill time and distract from our hunger, Kim and I napped in our two-person sleeping…

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3 pieces of gear that made it possible

SALSA BEARGREASE Designed for racing, the Beargrease was also ideal for our trip because it is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It’s nimble and capable of rolling over soft, loose, and uneven terrain. When the pushing and carrying begins, schlepping a stripped-down carbon fiber bike is a vast improvement over heavier steel or aluminum bikes. $1,999 to $4,699 ALPACKA SERIES PACKRAFT This whitewater packraft is available in multiple sizes, colors, and builds. It’s very light—versions range from five to eight pounds—and is made of durable nylon coated in urethane. We also used inflatable trailers to carry our bikes without interfering with paddling. $925 to $1,925 MOUNTAIN LAUREL DESIGNS 72-LITER ARK BACKPACK These packs enable us to carry everything on our backs while we’re hiking the bikes. They’re made with lightweight fabric, and are devoid of extraneous features…

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i was a keirin school dropout

KEIRIN CULTURE The many forms and subcultures that cycling splits into can be astounding—and sometimes confounding. One of the least known is the Japanese style of keirin, which has been around since 1948. Racers live in seclusion when not competing, and are bet on by spectators as if they were horses, complete with odds for payouts. Keirin is run at 47 velodromes around Japan, and it’s estimated that each year as much as $14 billion (in yen) can pass through the wagering system. Photographer Narayan Mahon became intrigued by keirin when he was a teenager, a young cycling fanatic leafing through old issues of VeloNews, where he came across photos of the sport. Some 20 years later, he developed the idea for a shoot as he planned a personal trip to Japan,…

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2018 editors’ choice mountain bikes

From XC bikes with dropper posts to 170mm enduro racers that fly uphill, bikes are evolving rapidly to meet the demands of riders who want to go bigger, faster, and farther. Compared to even last year’s options they are better—way better. No matter how you ride, it’s a glorious time to be a mountain biker. To choose this year’s Editors’ Choice mountain bikes, we checked out every awesome option available and narrowed the list to 50 of the best, based on previous test rides and our experience evaluating similar models. Then we put tons of miles on them. We took enduro bikes to lift-served parks, trail bikes on all-day excursions, and raced the hell out of XC bikes. Based on how well the bikes performed, the amount of stoke they evoked, and…