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CONFESSION TIME: I once wrote an entire story about how much I love washing my bike. These days my drivetrain suggests otherwise. In this issue, staffers and readers admit all kinds of secrets (“THERE, I SAID IT” PAGE 14) from flat-changing flubs to getting dropped to sometimes really, really, really not wanting to ride (yes, it happens to all of us). // The feature should make you LOL…and make you feel less alone: We’ve all got at least one embarrassing story. But it also reveals how cyclists sometimes get hung up on stuff that has little real consequence (enough already with the idea that sunglasses must be worn over helmet straps). Rigid, arbitrary “rules” like that ultimately make us less happy about being on a bike. LET IT GO, PEOPLE!…

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the thing that changed it all

I grew up watching the Tour de France and considered the Alps and Pyrenees hallowed ground, which influenced my decision to study in France my junior year of college in 2013. The reality of my French experience was less romantic: The roads and weather in Strasbourg were less Tour de France and more Tour of Flanders. I was homesick and rode alone a lot, doing heinous intervals. I lost the joy of cycling then. I actually dreamt about someone stealing my bike—I would have an excuse not to ride. But then I met cyclists from a local velo club. I made friends on long group rides, and as we chatted in the paceline my French improved. I started to look forward to riding as a connection to the community. Now,…

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there! i said it!

I STRUGGLE WITH FIXING FLATS, AND I’VE WORKED AT NOT ONE BUT TWO BIKE MAGAZINES.—Matt Bevilacqua, associate editor 50%* of you aren’t fully confident changing a flat in front of others 3 TIPS TO MAKE FLAT-FIXING EASIER 1 You’ll need two sturdy levers with a wide, thin “spoon” (the portion you slip under the bead) and a solid hook for the spokes. We like Pedro’s ($5 per pair). 2 Remove one side of tire from rim by placing levers six inches apart and prying bead over edge of rim. Hook one lever to a spoke and run other around loosened bead to completely pop it off rim. Drop other bead to center of rim channel. 3 To reinstall: Insert slightly inflated tube. Start at valve and work loose bead back over sidewall of rim with…

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confessions of a …

PRO MECHANIC “I usually don’t know who wins the races if it isn’t one of my athletes. I’m not proud of it.”—Brad Copeland, mechanic for Specialized Racing PRO RACER “I LOVE DECAF COFFEE.” —ELLEN NOBLE, TEAM ASPIRE RACING SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER “I once faked a flat to get out of a casual group ride because the pace was ridiculously fast for no good reason.”—@WattageCottage BIKE SHOP OWNER “We once installed a kickstand on a $5,000 carbon full-suspension mountain bike for a customer to make a sale.”—Jordan Salman, The Hub and Pisgah Tavern in Brevard, North Carolina CELEB RIDER “HARDEST PART OF CYCLING? Being brave/crazy/ stupid enough 2 wear spandex. The hills R the 2nd hardest part. Me & our awesome pilot Jeff.”—Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on Twitter, March 11, 2017 CELEB RIDER “I commute to the Live with Kelly and Ryan…

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hell yeah, i rock a mirror!

I WAS A PROFESSIONAL BIKE RACER FOR 10 years before I retired at the end of 2017, so I’ve done my share of long training rides. I’d been noticing that more and more drivers are paying attention to their phones instead of the road. And it feels like it’s getting worse. I’ve had side mirrors hit me, I’ve had cars slam the brakes right in front of me. My wife and I are expecting our first kid this March, so my priorities are shifting and I feel less inclined to take risks. Last year I stayed with a family in Austin, Texas, to train. The dad is in his 50s and rides with a mirror on his helmet. Mirrors of any kind are not something you find in the bike-racing crowd.…

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you put what on your oatmeal?!

MY BAE (BREAKFAST I ALWAYS eat) and I had been going steady for three years. Each morning, the same routine: peanut butter, frozen raspberries, chia seeds, and ground flaxseed swirled into a cozy bowl of oatmeal. I’d come to rely on that hearty concoction of fat, carbs, and protein to fuel my body for a packed schedule of college classes and cycling training sessions. Yep, oatmeal and I had a thing. But over time, the spark began to fade. One day, out of nowhere, the oats tasted gluey, the fruit mushy, the peanut butter too sticky. I pushed the bowl away. Maybe I’m sick, I thought. But the sensations persisted. Could it be that I’d been stringing along my bae, unwilling to accept that I was bored? And so I did…