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JUST SOME OF THE STUFF I’VE LEARNED FROM A LIFETIME OF RIDING BICYCLES Get everyone you love on a bicycle at least once. • I leave water in my bottles all the time. Always have. It gains terroir. • You can’t head out for a good long ride and talk through everything going on in your life with a KOM. • One time at the base of the Tourmalet I knew I was fit, then by the time I got to the top I knew I was fat. That’s perspective. • Italian threads in a bottom bracket are more exotic than Italian threads in clothes. • You can get cycling so right you’re wrong, and you can go wrong enough with it that you get all the way to right again.…

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THINGS WE’VE CARRIED BY BIKE // Two 60-pound bags of concrete // A pony keg // A lost kitten // A stack of 20 clean towels // Two 8-foot 2x4s and a bag of potting soil // A giant tripod and camera bag // “A red plastic fireman’s hat—and my birthday suit” // Another bike Swoop Down Hills ▸ FASTER! Be dynamic. “Rigidity is not your friend on descents,” says contributor Selene Yeager—it limits your ability to lean through corners. “Turn your hips and shoulders in the direction you want to go.” When turning, test editor Ron Koch recommends starting wide, then cutting the apex tight, “so you have options on the exit—start inside,and you’re more likely to get pushed wide.” To pick up a few seconds, “pedal through flat spots and…

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the thing that changed it all

“I started cycling in seventh grade. When I was in high school my older brother and I joined the Bear Development Team. That allowed me to ride with better gear. But because we were given stuff by sponsors, I put pressure on myself to perform well. Now I race for Whitman College in Washington State. It’s a club team; we don’t have mandatory practices. At races we play music and dance. It’s made me realize how much I love cycling for me and not because of the pressure of a team or coach.” MAKE IT HAPPEN If riding becomes less fun, try to identify why. Is it your computer? Your training plan? Your group ride? Change it up for a week. Repeat until cycling makes you happy again. MADDIE ORTENBLAD,…

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the art of cool

I have a BFA in multimedia, whatever that means. I didn’t attend a graphic design program. I was lucky in that I knew people who were incredibly good designers. I was able to watch them and see how they assembled things. I was intrigued by logos and posters. I remember being really young and looking at the old logo for the US Postal Service, which was an eagle in profile. I was really confused by it—I couldn’t read what the image was. One day it kind of snapped into place for me. It was like a door opened and I could see things in a different way. When I was little, my dad would put me on the back of his steel Zebrakenko and take me out to East River Drive in…

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totally worth it!

Chris King Headset THE TESTIMONIAL It will outlast me. —Jimmy Cavalieri YOU WON’T CARE THAT IT COSTS $150 Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket THE TESTIMONIAL Yes, you could keep your cards, cash, and phone safe from sweat and the elements by stuffing it all into a sandwich baggie. You could also slither wherever you want to go instead of riding a bicycle. —Colin McSherry YOU WON’T CARE THAT IT COSTS $90–$110 Black Star Messenger Bag THE TESTIMONIAL When I was working as a bike messenger, I paid what was at the time an excessive amount for a custom bag. If you’re going to use something almost every day, in all conditions, and depend on it to make a living, no matter what it is, you should do everything you can to make sure it has all the features you…

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some people say pro golfer camilo villegas would be better at his job if he didn’t ride his bike so much.

That first ride. I did BMX as a kid and loved watching the Grand Tours, but I never got into road cycling until I went back to Colombia after the 2007 PGA Tour season. A good friend said we should go ride this 16-kilometer, 6 percent average grade climb. I loved it. They say to like cycling you better love to suffer. I guess I love to suffer. I bought a bike the very next week…and then another one so I could have one in Colombia and one in Florida where I live in the US. Duking it out with the pros. I knew a guy from high school who rode with a fast group in Colombia. I figured if I wanted to get good I should call him. He invited…