Bicycling November/December 2018

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inside knowledge

MEGAN FAY RIDER, AMERICA’S BEST BIKE CITIES Make every mountain-bike ride better: Pack a cooler with a few Rainiers and stash it in the car to share a cold one with your friends afterward. A.C. SHILTON WRITER, AMERICA’S BEST BIKE CITIES I have one simple tip for avoiding injuries during the holiday season: Bring your bike to Grandma’s and sneak off to ride when you can. I find the likelihood of me injuring an in-law decreases exponentially with every minute I spend out on my bicycle. ANTHONY SIRACUS BIKE ADVOCATE, EVERY BIKE TOWN STARTS WITH A BIKE LANE Learn to DIY! Start with the Park Tools Big Blue Book of Bike Repair, read up, slowly invest in a stand and tools, and learn basic repairs as you go along. It’s deeply empowering to learn to…

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what we’re riding

JENNIFER SHERRY ASSOCIATE TEST DIRECTOR / HAS RIDDEN IT ALL, BUT HER LATEST OBSESSION IS E-BIKES 1 / Blackburn Central Saddle Bag Pannier and Interlock Rear Rack $130 pannier, $120 rack One bike lock, three beach towels, six seltzers, two phones, three beach chairs, one sand shovel, and snacks. It all fit in the bag. And yes, I rode to the beach like this. Still dreaming of that summer ride. 2 / Bare Republic Aloe Vera+Seaweed After-Sun Spray $13 Another summer memory: the feeling of this cooling mist as it soaks in and brings my skin to life. Stocking up for next year. 3 / Mint Triangulate Socks $20 For every made-in-Italy Mint sock sold, a dollar goes to NICA. If you see a design you like, buy it now—once it’s sold out, it’s…

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the selection

1 WE ALL, IF WE’RE LUCKY, live many cycling lives. I’ve been a lean crit racer. A mountain biker who didn’t touch skinny tires for what must have been four or five years. The car-free, care-free impoverished urban romantic. Got really into charity rides and centuries for a bit. Wandered into a spell of what today would be called adventure (and misadventure) riding all over Africa, in Australia, Madagascar, throughout Europe. Gave my heart (and liver) to ’cross. These days, owing to a move to a new town and a schedule that’s made lunch rides tough for me to hit, most of my riding is as a long-range commuter. One thing my 40- to 60-mile round-trip has reminded me is how cycling can be simultaneously not at all and all…

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does gravel require a different type of fitness?

THE FIRST TIME I tried a “gravel” event was back in 2012 at D2R2, the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnée in western Massachusetts. While the name suggests otherwise, it is definitely a “gravel grinder” by today’s standards. I’d heard a lot of buzz about how hard it is, and considering the 112-mile distance, I expected as much. But I shrugged off a friend’s recommendation to prep and pack extra food for the event. I’d done plenty of long, arduous stage races and single-day events—I knew how to suffer. But as I glacially crawled up the final, loose, double-track climb more than 10 hours into the ride, I accepted the hard-earned realization that gravel events are challenging in ways I had not anticipated. Now gravel is exploding in popularity (more than 1,500 riders…

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how to master shifting

SHIFTING IS A lot like skiing: It’s easy to learn and difficult to master. If you’re new to cycling, the concept of shifting gears can be crazy confusing. If you’re an old pro, it’s an intuitive part of the sport that’s as simple as it is necessary. But no matter where you fall on the shifting spectrum, paying closer attention to it can result in improvements as simple as a more effortless spin or something as monumental as a race-winning move. The Easiest Way to Improve: Know When to Shift Aside from learning how to shift, understanding when to shift is most important. Shift to an easier gear on hills or when you’re riding into the wind. Use a harder gear on flats or if the wind is blowing from behind (a…

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the only number that matters when buying a new bike

WHEN WE’RE LOOKING at new bikes, we cyclists love to immerse ourselves in numbers. We fixate on weight, aerodynamic drag, millimeters of suspension travel, and millimeters of deflection. We ponder tire width, rim depth, and rim width. We obsess over geometry tables, scrutinizing the head tube angles, seat tube angles, chain stay lengths. It makes us informed. It makes us confident we’re buying the right bike. But there’s one big problem: A bike is not a number. It is not a dimension, or a measurement. Lightest, stiffest, slackest—these numerical superlatives, quantified in labs and wind tunnels to degrees accurate beyond human perception, are meaningless on their own. Since 1995, I’ve ridden almost every bike that’s claimed to be, at the moment, the -est of something. And not one of these bikes sticks…