Bicycling September 2017

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our favorite ride in arkansas

MOUNT MAGAZINE Arkansas’s highest peak, Mount Magazine, near the town of Paris, reminds us of the high Alps and the roads used by the Tour de France. This classic climb, nine miles long, offers switchbacks and steep grades. It pays you back with stellar views. The climb starts in the town of Havana on Hwy. 309—the Mount Magazine Scenic Byway. The 60-mile Mount Magazine Loop ascends the mountain’s south side. The first two miles gain only 380 feet, making the early part of the climb fairly gentle. But the route quickly reveals its true nature, rising 2,200 feet out of the Petit Jean Valley. There are three long hills, each exceeding a mile in length with grades steeper than eight percent. Ouch. But, dig in, because those upticks are merely a set-up…

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join the ride

ONE REASONI ride is to defy what ’s supposed to happen to a pe rson as a re sult of 1) having a desk job and 2) be ing mortal .P LUS, W HEN I ’ M AT M Y F I T T E S T, I ’M H A P P IE S T(smiling l ike Kelton Wr ight on our cove r). Same for the BICYCLING staff, who share their best training tips on PAGE 24. //T h o u s a n d s o f you a r e a l r e a d y in on the t ime- s a v in g , p o w e rb u i l d i n gMAXIMUM OVERLOADp r o g r am…

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the thing that changed it all

INS IGHTS, IDE A S, AND INSPIR ATION FROM AL L K INDS OF R IDERS WINGING I T I didn’t really know mountain biking existed until my freshman year at the University of Colorado Boulder. I joined the team the next year, racing cross-country on a $600, 26-inch hardtail. One weekend we needed more girls for the downhill race, so I borrowed a full-suspension Yeti and said, “Let’s do it!” I had to walk a few sections, but as I sprinted through the finish line, my heart beating out of control, I was in complete awe: I’d just survived one of the craziest things I’d ever attempted. Now I’ve gone full enduro. I love catching air and flying down the mountain as fast as I can. I dream about it all…

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get in the van!

What was the original inspiration for the trip? PAM: I have to tell you about 2013—it was a crazy year for us. We were at the finish line of the Boston Marathon [when the bombs went off]. We were fine, but it shook us up. Then in July, Jon got hit by a car while he was riding his bike. He recovered, but that experience left the lasting impression that life is short and fragile. On top of that, we were in the throes of fertility treatment, but ultimately were not successful. We came out of that saying, “OK, we’re not going to be parents. What do we do with our lives?” Van life was born from an appreciation for the crap that can go down in life and being psyched…

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10 #vanlife essentials

1 TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE BALLS I’ll use these while driving to relieve pressure. 2 ALL STAYS APP Provides info about safe places to park and camp, and works without cell service. 3 WE BOOST When it looks like we have no cell service, this gives us a signal boost to get a text out. 4 ACTION WIPES Basically bigger baby wipes for when we can’t find a shower. We reuse them to clean the bikes. 5 PEE BOTTLES It’s very disruptive to open the clunky van door in the middle of the night. Pam also uses a GoGirl, a flexible funnel designed to help women pee in compromising spaces. 6 TIRE LEVELERS Place them under your wheels to level out the vehicle before sleeping so you don’t have to have your feet above your head. 7 INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARD Helps us enjoy the…

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oxygen is overrated

T H E B E T T E R Y O U G E T , T H E M O R E F U N I T I S CLIMB! Topping out at 14,115 feet and located west of Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak is arguably the hardest road climb in Colorado: 19.5 miles with 7,175 feet of elevation gain. Roughly 10 miles are above 10,000 feet. In June 2013, my wife, Lisa, and I decided to tackle it. ¶ For six miles, the road gently rose from the mountain’s forested floor. But we kept our efforts in check. Timberline marked the halfway point, where the grade steepened. Silent suffering replaced casual chitchat. No need to waste oxygen on small talk. ¶ The final skyscraping miles were the toughest. Each hard turn…