Bicycling September/October 2018

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inside knowledge

JUSTIN WILLIAMS BIKE RACER, CNCPT P. 30 “Every day won't feel like winning. Remember to understand that the days you lack motivation and still get it done—those are the days that set you apart from second place.” ALVIN ESCAJEDA BIKE RACER, CNCPT P. 30 “When you’re out riding, sprint to every speed limit sign you see. It’s a good way to throw in a couple of hard efforts with a visible ‘finish line’ and can help you dial in how far out you can start your sprint. It’s usually more fun with friends.” BOBBY LEA TEST EDITOR, WHAT WE’RE RIDING P. 12 “For hot days, freeze your bottles the night before so you can enjoy cold drinks during your ride. That does wonders for controlling core body temperature.” CESAR ALVAREZ PHOTOGRAPHER COVER “When you’re photographing bike racers, use the environment. Look…

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taylor rojek

1 / Machines For Freedom Fruits kit $178 jersey, $296 for jersey + vest I’m a sucker for subtly feminine prints and uncommon colors, and this kit has both. 2 / Oakley EVZero Stride Prizm Trail $173 The only tinted sunglasses I’ve ever really liked on the trail. 3 / Trigger Point Grid foam roller $35 Leaning over my handlebar for hours at a time is great for my fitness—but not for my already-tight hamstrings and lower back. Lolling around on my living room floor with a firm foam roller helps it feel better. 4 / Honey Stinger Cracker-n-Nut-Butter Snack Bars $20 for 10-pack These. In almond butter + dark chocolate. SO GOOD. 5 / Lifeproof Fre case $90 I’m rough on my phone. I drop it down stairs, ride with it in the…

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bobby lea

Andre Chaco/Fotoarena via ZUMA Press (Lea); courtesy SRM (SRM PC8); Trevor Raab (Bag, Bike, Shoes); courtesy Thule (Rack); courtesy Coleman (Stove)…

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the selection

1 I WAS GONE FOR just about a year this time, overseeing big brands like Men’s Health and Women’s Health. It was fun. I missed bikes. I wasn’t exactly going to die or anything without so much bikeness in my life, but I wasn’t really living, either. There’s a lot more to the story, and I’ll get it all out there as we go on. For now what matters is that I returned to BICYCLING—for the third time in my career—when Rodale got bought by Hearst and, after I bonded over bikes with Mosaic-owning Troy Young, who’s now the president of Hearst Magazines, he asked if I wanted to get back to where I was supposed to be. I did. I knew I was where I belonged, but after a year away…

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do e-bikes diminish the value of hard-won fitness?

E-BIKES ARE HERE TO STAY. Not everyone is happy about that. I used to be one of them. Why? Because of a nagging, if irrational, concern that e-bikes somehow diminish the currency of my fitness and hard work as a trainer, coach, and athlete. I mean, do you know how long it takes to improve your power just 20 or 30 watts? A full year. Sure, I’ve seen a few total newbies gain 100 watts over 12 months of serious training. But that’s rare. According to Hunter Allen of TrainingPeaks, who tracks this stuff for a living, if you’re already pretty fit, you have to work super hard for at least 8 weeks to gain another 15 to 30 watts—about the amount needed to power an oven light. And even then, you…

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how to achieve the perfect tire pressure

THE EASIEST WAY TO IMPROVE: CHECK YOUR PRESSURE REGULARLY Tires leak air over time. A properly set up tubeless tire, and tires that use butyl tubes (the most common type), leak far less than lightweight latex tubes. But air seeps out of all tires, from as little as a few psi a week to drastic drops overnight. And the rate of loss increases with pressure and in reaction to such outside factors as lower temperatures (about 2 percent vanishes for each 10-degree dip in Fahrenheit). Some of us at BICYCLING check pressure before every ride, some once a week. The important thing is to develop and stick to a habit of regular checkups and top-offs that works for you—if you don’t, your pressure is probably wrong most of the time you…