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Birds and Blooms Extra

July 2021
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Even more of what you love from North America's #1 bird and garden magazine, celebrating the beauty in your own backyard.  Published on the months in between the Birds and Blooms magazine, Extra features vivid photographs, useful tips and expert advice to inform, inspire, and connect enthusiasts who share a passion for backyard birds and gardening.

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my little flock

Seeing my local goldfinches bring their young to my feeders fills me with pure joy. I admire the mama and papa finches year-round, so it’s especially gratifying to watch them raise their families. I serve birdseed throughout the summer, even when natural food sources are plentiful, so I can witness the growing finches make their first trips to the feeder. But baby birds aren’t the only perk of keeping feeders stocked. As Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman explain in “Setting the Summer Table” on page 26, seasonal treats attract colorful guests that usually visit only in the warmer months, like orioles and hummingbirds. While you’re outside topping off the feeders, take a moment to survey your garden. There’s always something to do when the heat of summer arrives. Reading “Be the Best Plant…

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jazz it up

Jazzy Jewel Ruby Hibiscus Hibiscus rosa-sinensis , Zones 9 to 11 Long-lasting ruby blooms add a touch of the tropics to gardens in hot climates. Or if you live in a colder region, grow this frost-tender gem in a large pot on a patio. Light needs: Full sun. Size: 4 to 5 feet tall and wide. Grown for: Bright red, showy blooms that work well in homemade bouquets. Foliage: Glossy green leaves. Water needs: Water weekly or more often in extreme heat, or when grown in a container. WILDLIFE BENEFITS Hummingbirds love this lush beauty. The huge red blooms lure them in, and the sweet treat keeps them coming back for more. Butterflies may stop by as well.…

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hiding in plain sight

Summer tanagers are an explosion of color and look perfectly at home in the tropics, where they spend the winter. But during the warm season, they are found in their core breeding range, which includes the Southeast and stretches all the way into California, with sightings reported as far north as southern Ontario. Roughly the size of red-winged blackbirds, summer tanagers in the western part of their range are 15% larger than the birds in the east. Male summer tanagers are unmistakable. They’re the only entirely red birds found in the United States and Canada. You’d think that it would make them stand out in green treetops, but they can be surprisingly difficult to spot. Females are a leafy greenish yellow, blending in even more. Males about a year old can…

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the feed

“I spotted this summer tanager while walking in the park. He seemed to enjoy the morning as much as I did, singing away for a long time.”Kimberly Miskiewicz RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA VERY SHARP Summer tanagers are clever eaters. People have observed them catching bees and wasps, flying to a branch, and rubbing the insects against it to remove their stingers before gobbling the bugs. GROWING INTO THEIR FEATHERS Young male summer tanagers are tricky to identify, thanks to the tie-dye patterns of their feathers. They wear a splotchy mix of red and yellow plumage.…

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one-pot wonders

1 Brasco Violet brachyscome BRACHYSCOME ‘DBRASC9’, ANNUAL This long bloomer sticks around all the way from spring until frost and features violet blossoms that resemble daisies with their golden centers. The plant’s mounded habit is 12 to 18 inches tall with a slightly smaller width. Why we love it: Not fussy at all, it is both low maintenance and heat tolerant. SOIL MATTERS To grow happy potted plants, it’s essential to select a soil that drains well. Pick a high-quality potting soil with a mix of peat moss or coir, compost, and perlite or vermiculite to ensure your plants get enough air and won’t get waterlogged. 2 Senorita Rosalita spider flower CLEOME ‘INNCLEOSR’, ZONES 10 TO 11 OR ANNUAL A container-friendly, shorter version of an old cottage favorite, this cleome has bright blooms without the thorns or…

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the sky’s the limit

2: GAP PHOTOS/PAUL DEBOIS - DESIGNERS: HELEN J ROSEVEAR & JANE STONEHAM - RHS HAMPTON COURT FLOWER SHOW 20192. Assorted squarewood planters filled withherbs, strawberry plantsand lobelia create a lushliving wall.. 3, 4: PHOTO COURTESY OF GARDENER’S SUPPLY COMPANY…