Blade Complete Knife Guide Spring 2021

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BLADE magazine is the world’s #1 knife publication, covering all aspects of the industry: knifemaking, how-to’s, collecting, legislation and knife rights, and much more. Inside each issue you’ll find: Coverage of the hottest and most collectible handmade knives and their values Complete listings of the industry's most important shows and events Knife collecting tips from the experts The most up-to-date knife legislation info

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enjoy our new format!

Not long after those of you who have read past issues of the BLADE Complete Knife Guide open this one, you will notice an immediate change in format. While past issues have included our exclusive, updated Knife Industry Directory (page 42) containing the contact information of, and other important details about, most of the leading knife, sharpener, knife supply and other companies in the factory realm, the old format otherwise largely followed that of BLADE® Magazine, the world’s No. 1 knife publication. That’s no longer the case. Instead, BLADE Complete Knife Guide Spring 2021 has taken some of today’s sharpest categories and chosen an array of edged and edge-related tools to populate them, including all important specs and other information, and quality, highresolution images of same—all provided by the companies in question.…

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the final frontier?

KA-BAR’s 1313SF Knife is the first in the company’s new USSF line, which also includes another fixed blade, a folder and a breaching tool. An iteration of KA-BAR’s classic USMC fighting/utility fixed blade, this issue’s cover knife and its back story are microcosms of today’s world of knives and social media. “Our USSF line started as an April Fools’ Day joke in 2018,” explained Joe Bradley, KA-BAR Knives sales and marketing manager. “I was about to head home for the day and realized we hadn’t done anything for April Fools’. I had our graphic designer, Rick Galas, create a USSF KA-BAR for me and I posted our creation to all of KA-BAR’s social media accounts before heading home for the day. Little did Bradley know but KA-BAR’s social-media post was about to…

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most addictive of all knives?

There was only a short time in my life when I was attending college that I didn’t carry a knife every day. Nowadays, I would feel naked without one. Everyday carry (EDC) knives represent by far the largest and, to me, most addictive of all knife categories. Each time I consider paring down my collection, a chill goes down my spine. How on earth can you choose? To make matters worse, every year more companies enter the market and release more EDC knives. Consider the EDCs on this and the following pages. Some are new and many come at varying price points. All are worthy of a look to be your EDC—or should I say one of your EDCs? Emerson Knives, Inc. KNIFE: Bullshark DESIGNER: Ernest Emerson BLADE LENGTH: 1.9” BLADE STEEL: 154CM stainless BLADE GRIND: Conventional V BLADE…

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kitchen helpers

KNIFE: Victorinox Swiss Classic Foldable Paring Knife BLADE LENGTH: 4.3 inches BLADE STEEL: A wear-resistant stainless BLADE GRIND: Flat EDGE: Serrated and plain options HANDLE MATERIAL: Polypropylene plastic HANDLE DESIGN: Finger groove for the pinkie on the underside toward the butt LOCK: Linerlock WEIGHT: 1.5 ounces CLOSED LENGTH: 4.3 inches COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Switzerland MSRP: $21 A versatile, utilitarian knife with a keen edge and a grip that is sure when wet is the best friend of both master chefs and day-to-day kitchen cooks. Neither is at their best without a kitchen knife that functions in multiple roles and never lets them down. Though kitchen knives have always been the subject of new and better ergonomics, materials and technology, a continuing surge of interest has given life to more choices for the discriminating consumer. Kitchen knives are simply indispensable implements for slicing, dicing,…

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trail mix of sharp

It seems there are two general approaches when developing a modern hunting knife. First is the universal one where the knife is designed to handle survival tasks, camp chores and even rock the everyday carry. Some of the knife’s eventual owners may never pick up a gun or bow and enter the thery fields of fall in search of game. Nothing wrong with that—after all, you’re heading to the wilds and the knife should handle everything you throw at it. The second approach is more specific. The hunting knife is made for one outdoors person. Typically, he or she has spent decades a field, seen more of the world than a year’s worth of nature documentaries could ever tell, and has opinions about how a knife should best perform. Both approaches yield…

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complete knife guide 2021

EASY-TO-FIND ALPHABETICAL PRODUCT LISTING FIND PRODUCTS AND SERVICES EASY AS 1,2,3 1 The Index at right shows you where each major section begins. 2 Turn to the appropriate section where the knife products are identifi ed alphabetically. An alphabetical listing of sources follows each product category. 3 Go to the Names and Addresses section for contact information of your chosen source(s). With a few exceptions, the sources in the Industry Directory are non-custom industry professionals. For a directory of custom knifemakers, refer to the KNIVES 2021 annual available at…