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Boat International US Edition June 2021

ShowBoats International is the leading magazine for big boat owners in the North American market. Since its launch in 1983 it has established itself as the indispensable guide for discerning, affluent buyers in the multi-billion dollar luxury yacht market. Published 10 times a year from Fort Lauderdale, the heart of the US luxury yachting community, Showboats International is the most authoritative voice, providing the best in luxury yachting and brokerage, written and photographed by the world's leading yachting journalists.

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HODGDON TENDERS US-based company Hodgdon is producing all-electric models of their elegant Venetian line of tenders: the 34ft forward helm version and the 39ft aft helm limousine model (left). Both boats are powered by Vita Power V3 and V4 fully electric powertrains producing 295 horsepower and 590 horsepower, driving them at speeds of 20 to 30 knots for the 34ft version and 25 to 34 knots for the 39ft limo model. POA, LANÉVA On its mission to reinvent the superyacht tender, this Monaco company is using sustainable materials such as flax, cork flooring and recycled Swiss leatherette in its all-electric 26ft dayboat. Under electric power, it can cruise at 15 knots for 40 nautical miles and hit a top speed of 30 knots. From €380,000, CANDELA C-7 Eye-catching doesn’t even begin to describe…

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eye opener

It was late in the Arctic summer. The sun would soon disappear until the following spring, with the ocean’s only source of light the silver sheen from the moon. Diver and photographer Todd Thimios could feel the cuts of a freezing gale through his hood, thick wetsuit and gloves. It would soon be too dangerous to dive. He was about to turn in for the day when suddenly a pod of killer whales broke the ocean’s surface. The orcas appeared playful as they rode the swells, the bulls on the outer perimeter and females closer to the center, minding their young. Thimios watched the pod for a while and when the whales appeared comfortable with the boat and humans on deck observing them, he quietly slipped into the water just 600…

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Mike Jones Mike has been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years and during that time has worked with some of the biggest brands in the superyacht industry. He now runs marine specialist agency Waterline. For this issue, Mike shot Geist (page 80). What was the biggest challenge this shoot presented? To capture and do justice to the incredible curves of the interior, showing the depth and intricacy of the design and build. We worked a lot with the lighting to portray the unique shapes as best we could The most unusual location you have ever done a shoot? In Svalbard with the sloop Firebird. It’s a jaw-droppingly beautiful wilderness and the sun didn’t set the whole time I was there. We sailed in uncharted waters and scaled unnamed peaks The most amazing experience you’ve ever…

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members’ logbook

You’ve been assisting after the La Soufriére eruption on St Vincent. How did you first become aware of it? The sheer size of the ash cloud and height of it was daunting, following live news reports of the evacuation of the northern part of St Vincent, while calls from our hotel staff to assist with housing and support of their family members made it clear it was serious Could you see the ash cloud from Bequia? Yes, reaching an estimated height of 50,000ft, despite us being 25 miles to the volcano, it was very clear. Thankfully Bequia and the Grenadine Islands have been largely unaffected. However, in subsequent eruptions some of the ash cloud reached Bequia and other islands and more blew towards Barbados. A layer of ash covered everything, and it remained…

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coming out of the dark

The world is going to hell in a handcart. But right here, right now, none of that matters. Because I’m in a Zodiac, out on the water on a brisk summer’s day, and there’s a basking shark incoming. It is huge – bigger than the 18ft RIB – and heading straight towards me, the blade of its dorsal fin slicing through the surface skin of the sea. The water is calm and so clear that I can see the mottles on its skin, the gashes of its gills, the snub tip of its nose. Then it opens its gigantic mouth to scoop up gallons of Atlantic seawater rich in plankton and I get a view right into its body, at the pinky-white pillars of its baleen plates, its cavernous mouth.…

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BORNEO RAINFOREST This 140 million-year old jungle in the world’s third-largest island is one of South East Asia’s prime wildlife-watching destinations. Start your journey in Sabah and cruise the Kinabatangan River, looking out for elephants and proboscis monkeys. Don’t miss diving around Mabul and Sipadan islands, and end your trip watching turtles laying eggs on the beaches of Lankayan. AMAZON RAINFOREST Representing more than half of the world’s remaining rainforest, the Amazon spans nine countries and is home to 16,000 species of tree. The Peruvian Amazon can be visited in superyacht style on board Aqua Expeditions’ new 2O-suite Aqua Nera, whose inaugural voyage is planned for this month. SINHARAJA FOREST RESERVE, SRI LANKA A UNESCO World Heritage Site, south-west Sri Lanka’s Sinharaja Forest is a biodiversity hotspot populated by endemic species of flora and fauna…