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for women who eat, not ladies who lunch.

INGREDIENTS: 2 Slices Rye Bread3 tbsp. Secret Sauce7 oz. Carnegie Deli Pastrami1 oz. Salami2½ oz. Coleslaw1 Half-Sour Pickle To make your very own sandwich named after the comedienne who’s truly earned it, start off with two slices of freshly baked rye bread. Spread one side with our secret sauce. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s Thousand Island dressing!) Pile on a heap of thinly sliced, genuine Carnegie Deli pastrami. Then, add a little Midge Maisel spice with a few slices of salami. Next, add a layer of house-made coleslaw. And just before you top it off with that last piece of rye, lather on another layer of the secret stuff. Okay, now you can add the bread. But remember, no sandwich worth its salt is complete without a pickle! In this case throw a crunchy,…

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editor’s letter

Party Corner SHOULD WEDIM the lights a smidge more? And what about ice—do we have enough ice? No, of course not, we can never have too much ice. And wait, who chose this playlist? When it comes to throwing a party, my wife, Simone, and I can be a bit…particular. Especially during the holidays, when expectations climb and everyone’s calendar jams up with competing engagements. But there is nothing I enjoy more than a good holiday party: the glistening ham (yes, there must be a ham), the punch bowl (the primary cause of your next-morning hangover), the twinkling tree (says the nice Jewish boy), and Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra on the speakers (you really can’t go wrong with either). It all starts with the guest list. Which, invariably, leads to the discussion…

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A PERSONAL, PASSIONATE Wish List FROM BA STAFFERS Go Big or Go Home Real talk: Most mortars and pestles may as well be decorations. Because if you’re the kind of ambitious home cook who actually fantasizes about fragrant, lovingly pounded curry pastes and Alice Waters–approved aiolis, you’re going to need something a whole lot bigger than that dinky marble pill crusher gathering dust on your counter. And this 12-inch ceramic workhorse from Korin is The One. It’s sturdy yet lightweight with grooved interior walls for efficient grinding, and it’s capacious enough that you won’t send peppercorns flying all over the kitchen when you use it. And if you don’t end up using it as often as you think, it makes a pretty fruit bowl too.…

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a cut above

I’m that diner who inspects every glass, plate, and piece of cutlery. When I saw these Tableware’s Not Dead steak knives from maker Roland Lannier at NYC’s Contra, I knew I had to have them. Their slick shape looks modern yet classic. Their straight-edge blades (yes, the more curved side is the dull side) make a clean slice, not a ragged tear. I’ll be gifting them to my friends in need of some oomph in the tableware department. Then they’ll be ready to host a dinner party that will pass any picky guests’ inspections. Myself, of course, included.…

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better by the bucket

All this time that I’ve known and loved Maldon salt—the crunchy, diamond-shaped flecks from the southeastern coast of England without which no casually fanned steak would be complete—I’d never imagined it was sold by the bucket—3.3-pound bucket to be precise. I could tell you that I purchased this bucket because it was economical, or because the salt stays fresher in a sealed container than in a box I’m too lazy to ever fully close. But the real reason I did it is because without the satisfaction that comes from that ever-so-fragile crunch of flaky sea salt, my food is incomplete. And nothing scares me more than shaking that crinkly bag inside the little Maldon box and realizing, Oh no, I’m out.…

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smooth around the edges

I was a carpenter before I was a cook, and I still have a woodworking business. I know quality woodwork when I see it, and too many people don’t have the good stuff. That’s why I give beautiful handmade pieces from artisans I respect. Like this walnut serving bowl from designer Scott Alexander of Warren, PA, and these spoons from Jack Gerard and Genevieve Barrere of Four Leaf Wood Shop in Ojai, CA. Go ahead and slide them into the center of a table to serve a gorgeous salad. My friends get to enjoy great craftsmanship, I get satisfaction knowing they’re using the good stuff, and we all get to support small businesses. Everybody wins!…