Bon Appetit February 2019

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the healthyish issue

Daniela Soto-Innes reimagines Mexican cuisine…Turmeric by the people, for the people… How to handle that 4 p.m. snack craving…Folk is the all-day café with heart…Yardy pushes restaurant culture out of its box…The Native American entrepreneur who’s preserving wellness’s past and future… The spirit we’re gonna go ahead and call healthy…A designer moving past midcentury monotony… Fast-casual restaurants go to the source…CBD caramel…Your skin should eat well too…Clothing to dye for (organically, of course)… A natural wine worth talking about…The illustrator changing the way we see women…Cook like Cortney Burns, the chef who doesn’t cook like anyone else ON THE COVER Photograph by Danielle Levitt. Food styling by Frances Boswell. Wardrobe by Doria Santlofer. Hair and makeup by Timothy Aylward. PHOTOGRAPH BY ALEX LAU. ON COVER: TIMOTHY AYLWARD USING CHRISTOPHE ROBIN HAIRCARE AND MDNA…

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i get it now

EARLY ON I REALLY THOUGHT IT was all just going to be about grain bowls and green juice. I was on a work trip to Las Vegas, of all places, sitting poolside at one of those ginormous resort/casinos, where servers always seem to magically appear bearing baskets of nachos and pool-safe aluminum bottles of light beer. This was April 2016. Bon Appétit’s then publisher, Pam Drucker Mann, asked if I thought we could launch a site inspired by our annual start-the-year-fresh Healthyish issue. Absolutely. That was my short, honest answer. Seemingly everyone I knew at the time, especially my mostly millennial staff, was cramming in yoga classes before or after work, swilling kombucha, downloading meditation apps, yet still finding time to go out every night (hence the ish). Who needed a focus group? It…

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full steam ahead

How to buy—and make the most out of—a rice cooker, the unofficial appliance of the BA Test Kitchen I swiped right on my Zojirushi rice cooker years ago and have never looked back. The sleek machine has taken up permanent residence on my station in the Bon App Test Kitchen, a gently burbling constant at the center of a roomful of cooks in motion. Several mornings a week, the first thing I do when I get to work (well maybe the second, after brewing coffee) is make a big batch of rice or mixed whole grains for family meal, the lunch our kitchen team cooks and eats together every day. When everyone is hangry a few hours later, all we have to do is quickly reheat a leftover protein, scramble some…

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go tropical

THINK BACK TO early December, when your heart was full of optimism as you pictured all the festive treats you’d bake this winter. Cinnamon buns every morning. Apple galettes every night. Won’t we be warm and cozy! Well, guess what: Winter is here, and the enthusiasm that inspired you to lug your stand mixer down from the top of the fridge has been replaced with a closetful of long underwear and a heart full of despair. But despair not, because a trip to the tropics is just around the corner, baby. That’s right: hyper un-local (but very much in-season) tropical fruit is here to delight your dinner-party guests and save you all from your seasonal affective disorders. Slices of tangy pineapple, spears of ripe mango, and rounds of neon-pink “what-is-that?” (it’s dragon…

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mortars, masks, and more

Mind the Grind I collect mortars and pestles ($38 for 8" granite set; I have 14 so far, from Iran, Italy, Thailand, and more. I won’t use anything else to make pestos or crush whole spices. When Life Gives You Whole Lemons… I can’t stop making this whole-lemon dressing that uses the skin, pith, and flesh. It shines splashed in salads and drizzled over fish and chicken. Get the recipe at Quench in a Pinch If I could afford it, I would use the Biologique Recherche Masque VIP 02 ($146; every day. It’s my savior when I need an ultra-hydrating pick-me-up but can’t escape to the spa. Souped-Up Soy Sauce I love this white tamari from Nitto Jozo ($14; because it’s slightly sweeter and less overpowering than the usual stuff. I use it…

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for the love of beans

PARENTS LOVE TO SHARE war stories of the obviously delicious things their children refuse to eat (such as freshly baked apple pie in a flaky buttery crust, in my three-year-old daughter’s case). Then there are the foods they ask for (a “shandwich” the same child requested for lunch) only to flat-out decline moments later (“I no like shandwiches”). We joke about how impossible it is that we could create a human being who doesn’t like hot dogs or tater tots, but I would like for the sake of this story to boldly go where I don’t think enough essays about feeding kids have gone before: I want to own my children’s pickiness. Guys, I was a picky eater as a kid. I didn’t like meat. I didn’t like cooked green vegetables.…