Bon Appetit August 2018

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simple state of mind

“Hey, Carla, how do you make that watermelon drink you mentioned on our podcast?” This was a couple weeks back, and I wasn’t talking to Carla Lalli Music, our food director; I was texting her. Sure enough, 48 seconds later… “Purée seedless watermelon, sieve, pinch of salt, chill, serve with lime wedge.” If all this sounds a little abrupt, well, I’m going to be honest with you: It’s how most of us here at Bon Appétit cook. At least during the month of August, when we (hopefully) escape to a farmers’ market to get what looks good and then spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. It’s cooking without cooking. And it’s this mind-set that inspired the Simple Issue and, in particular, our “How Chefs Do Simple” pages, where we texted some of…

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bring the tropics home

BURNING QUESTION Does This Shirt Make Me Look Like Tom Selleck? “Pick your Hawaiian shirt like you would your favorite pair of jeans. Tight or baggy? Vibrant or faded? I prefer mine loose-fitting with a wrinkled collar, good color, and a bold print, soft and worn-in as if I stole it off Magnum P.I.’s back. For the Pool Burger squad, we source an array of old and new Hawaiian shirts. Big ups to Two Palms out of Honolulu!” —RYAN SMITH, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, McGUIRE MOORMAN HOSPITALITY, AUSTIN BUY THIS RUM “The thing I love about Plantation Pineapple Stiggins’ Fancy Rum ($35) is that you get a nice pineapple flavor, but it’s not overly sweet or artificial. I’ll use it in place of white or aged rum in a daiquiri or swap it in for brandy in…

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boozy bowl etiquette 101

LIVE A LITTLE Does the idea of sucking from a twisty straw make you cringe? “Steer into the skid and embrace it,” says Owen Thomson of D.C.’s Archipelago. “Ninety-nine percent of the time people will look at your drink with jealousy. People usually see someone’s flashy bowl on fire and say, ‘I don’t even need the menu—just give me that.’” CONSULT THE PROFESSIONALS These drinks can be deceptively alcoholic. “Ask about ABV [alcohol by volume],” says Chris Elford of Navy Strength in Seattle. “Some people are trying to get their swerve on; some just want to enjoy the night.” LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH “I have to tell people not to touch or drink the dry ice, which seems like common sense, but all of my bartenders have to say it,” says Brian Miller of The…

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2 he sells seafood by the seashore

Bob’s Clam Hut in Kittery, ME, does a strong hustle every summer, feeding Route 1 travelers all the fried goods they’ve driven so far for. The Hut is staffed mainly by students riding high on the spirit of summer break and lobster rolls. We spoke to Parker Sikora, Colby College student and model employee, on what life is like behind the counter. • What were you looking for in a summer job? I joined the team in May 2015. I reached out to a friend who was working at Bob’s already. She was actually my prom date her senior year. I said, “Why do you go back to this place every summer?” And she was like, “Come find out.” • How do you deal with the seafood smell? There’s a tradition we have when…

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3 cbd and chill

THE 360 It’s not often that your fashion friends and arthritic grandfather get obsessed with the same thing, but suddenly everyone we know is talking up CBD, a.k.a. cannabidiol. The chemical component found in marijuana and hemp is non-psychoactive—in other words, it won’t get you high—but still delivers the relaxing sensation that pot is known for. And that’s why it’s showing up, oh, everywhere, from face serums to organic chocolates. CBD, MEET FDA Cannabis has long been used for treatment, from 19th-century tales of Queen Victoria using CBD-rich tinctures for cramps to a controversial 2012 case in which a five-year-old was treated for seizures with CBD oil. FAST-FORWARD TO TODAY The Food and Drug Administration unanimously voted to recommend approval of Epidiolex in April—the first-ever prescription CBD medicine, which would be used to treat severe…

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4 thin is (finally) in

Do you remember that decade of chef-driven burgers, with thick patties showered in toppings no one asked for, like shaved truffles or blue cheese? As someone who’s spent years (and four books and a TV show) traveling the country researching burgers, I’m very familiar with this “gourmet” stage. Which is why I couldn’t be happier about the return of a more traditional thin burger. At Little Jack’s Tavern in Charleston, SC, a charred patty is blanketed with American cheese and cradled by a squishy sesame bun. The Washington Post lovingly called the iteration at D.C.’s Little Pearl—cheddar, butter lettuce—“pretty much everything a Big Mac aspires to be.” Emily in NYC, which rode to fame on its super-thick burger with cornichons, now serves two 3.5-oz. griddled patties with…pickles at sister spot…