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just when you thought they were out…

With actors, all we’ve ever really wanted is a reason to believe. A reason to believe their madness, their gullibility, their charm, their capacity for heroics or simply their good looks. Back in the Seventies, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino almost made you believe they could fly; they were men who looked like they came from the cigarette end of the city, playing men who looked like they still lived there. Men who didn’t have to shout about their past, who didn’t have to land the first punch, only the last. Just as it is recognised that American cinema was at its best during the first six years of the Seventies, so it is acknowledged that during that time De Niro and Pacino were the only two actors capable of…

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gq contributors

Charlie GRAY Photographer Charlie Gray shot Robert De Niro for this month’s cover story, ahead of the release of The Irishman, a film that sees De Niro reunited with Martin Scorsese, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino. “I have wanted to photograph Mr De Niro ever since I watched his films as a teenager,” says Gray, “and if it wasn’t incredible enough photographing the great actor in New York, I got to ad-lib a scenario straight out of Goodfellas with him.” Chris AYRES GQ contributor Chris Ayres met poker player turned high-net-worth Instagram star Dan Bilzerian in Bel-Air to try to fathom the man behind the playboy veneer. “When I profiled Bilzerian for GQ in 2015, he refused to take part,” says Ayres. “So imagine my surprise when I got an invitation to sit…

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flamenco r&b… who knew?

She has the most-viewed music video by a female artist of 2019 so far (900 million views and counting), her lyrics have been lovingly translated in Oprah’s magazine, O, she has been cooed over by everyone from Dua Lipa to Pharrell Williams (who is now collaborating with her) and her most recent album won five-star raves across the music press. As one reviewer put it, the record was “the calling card of a unique new talent”. And yet on paper, Catalan-born artist Rosalía (full name Rosalía Vila Tobella) was not a shoo-in for global stardom: the 26-year-old’s genre of choice is flamenco; she sings in Spanish; and her concept album, El Mal Querer, is based on her university dissertation about a Medieval romance, telling the story of a maiden locked…

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facebook’s digital currency has big plans for you

On 18 June 2019, a video appeared on Facebook. Over images of people plying their trades and counting banknotes, a soothing voice announced the launch of an organisation whose aspiration was to create a global digital currency called Libra. “Join us as we move towards a world where money works for everyone,” the voice said. What the voice did not say was that Libra’s architect was also the platform where the video had been uploaded. Facebook had indeed designed Libra, but it made sense to gloss over its role: after the Cambridge Analytica uproar, the social network had become the world’s favourite techno-villain, blamed for everything from data breaches to being used for Russian information warfare. One might have expected Facebook to keep a low profile, listen to governments and…

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big time operators

Chances are you already have a dress watch. And you almost certainly own a classic sports timepiece (think TAG Heuer Carrera or Breitling Navitimer). The likelihood is, however, that you don’t have one of these military-inspired vintage bad boys in your collection. Styled up to look like the tool watches of the past, but imbued with as much high-spec intelligence as their hardworking forebears (the brilliantly compact Khaki Pilot Pioneer, for instance, features a matte 33mm dial to avoid unnecessary glare and contains an ultra-reliable H-50 hand-wound movement), wear yours with a spot of this season’s military-inspired outerwear for full-on high-flying GI vibes.…

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how brad pitt proved i’m not ‘post-clothes’

Did you ever love a shirt? At that age when all the shirts you own have been chosen by your mother, I gazed breathless upon the shirt of my dreams: a sky-blue button-down Ben Sherman with salmon-pink pinstripes that belonged to my friend David Peck’s big brother, a major dude of 16 who told us that if we wanted to understand the Vietnam War then we should listen to Jim Morrison and The Doors. His shirt introduced me to the secret power of clothes. All at once I understood completely what good clothes can do for you. I saw how clothes can be an armour against the world and give you boundless confidence and stiffen your spine as you move through this life. I believed that wearing that sky-blue button-down Ben…