Issue 12

Welcome to the home of Cacique, the magazine that celebrates all things Caribbean, brought to you by interCaribbean Airways. Cacique aims to highlight and inspire leadership, community, entrepreneurship and endeavour across the Caribbean. At interCaribbean we take pride in connecting people across the Caribbean, and we hope Cacique will showcase the creativity, energy, ambition and zest for life we see across this beautiful region.

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apoyándonos unos a otros

Bienvenidos a la más reciente edición de Cacique. Con los programas de vacunación en pleno apogeo, es de esperar que pronto podamos volver a la “normalidad”, al menos en lo que respecta a viajar. Nosotros en interCaribbean apoyamos el reciente Día Nacional de Vacunación en las Islas Turcas y Caicos, The instamos a todos los que puedan a vacunarse también. Realmente salva vidas. Como todos nosotros en la región, continuamos enviando nuestro amor y apoyo a la gente de San Vicente, quienes viven bajo la nube de cenizas causada por la erupción del volcán La Soufrière en Abril. Estamos haciendo todo lo posible para ayudar mediante nuestros servicios aéreos. Puede leer de primera mano como la comunidad caribeña se ha unido para ayudar a SVG en la página 14. En otra sección…

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supporting each other

FREE PLEASE TAKE AWAY THIS MAGAZINE TO ENJOY AND SHARE Welcome to the latest edition of Cacique. With vaccination programmes in full swing, we can hopefully start getting back to ‘normal’, travel wise at least. Here, at interCaribbean, we supported the recent National Vaccination Day in Turks & Caicos – and urge all of you who can to get vaccinated too. It really saves lives. Like all of us around the region, we continue to send our love and support to the people of St Vincent, who’ve been living under the ash cloud caused by the eruption of La Soufrière in April. We are doing everything we can to assist with our air services. You can read a firsthand account of how the Caribbean community has rallied to SVG’s aid, on page…

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Have you joined Cacique Rewards? If not, join today to start earning points on your flights with interCaribbean Airways (and soon other partners). Points are awarded for each flight you take with us. Sign up at www.interCaribbean.com BRING YOUR FURRY FRIEND ALONG interCaribbean welcomes all family members on board, including pets. Bring your best friend in the cabin with you, for a small furry fare. Read more at www.interCaribbean.com/ travel-information//pet-travel.html ON YOUTUBE Subscribe to our YouTube channel to find out all about our destinations, hear our latest news and learn about our offers.…

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news in brief

MORE CITIES ADDED TO ONLINE CHECK-IN Online check-in is now available on Nassau, Barbados, Tortola and San Juan, and for domestic flights in the Turks & Caicos. Skip the long lines at the counters and head directly to the boarding gate if you are a hand-carry passenger or those who have only a roll-aboard bag that may require a check tag at the boarding gate. Your flight will be open for check-in 36 hours before departure (24 hours for San Juan). To check in online, go to interCaribbean.com and select ‘My Bookings’ and enter your last name and confirmation number/record locator; select ‘Check-in’, then ‘Boarding Pass’ to print it (or send it via email to print) for presentation at security check points and boarding gates. PRE-PAY YOUR SECOND BAG Pre-pay your second bag on…

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beard necessities

Enter The Mane Essentials, a company dedicated to making natural beard grooming products for men. “Created,” say cofounders Dane Currency and Sharon Shukor, “out of a desire to produce all-natural beard grooming products for bearded men of all ethnicities. Those who also have the passion that we have for beard care.” Made with ingredients carefully sourced to provide the maximum health and wellness benefits, the brand off ers beard oils, balms and washes in a variety of scents. The Mane details: Beard grooming kits are available from stockists in Barbados or via Instagram, @themaneessentialsltd…

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book club

60 SECONDS WITH… LISA ALLEN-AGOSTINI The Trinidadian writer, editor and comedian chats about her latest release, domestic noir novel The Bread the Devil Knead, among other projects The Bread the Devil Knead covers (among many other things) the protagonist Allie’s road towards recovery from abuse. What do you hope your readers come away with? Allie is in many ways an ‘ordinary’ woman. From the outside you would never guess the hell she endures in her apparently perfect relationship. I’d like readers to consider that there’s no one way a woman in a violent relationship looks. Abuse happens to all kinds of people, and they respond in all kinds of ways. Allie carries with her an expectation that she will be ill-treated by her men, a view many Caribbean people share. Gender-based violence is so common,…